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  • Does the thymus affect dysthymia
    joy of living is imparted to the child by the bonding process. the thymus helps in developing antibodies and setting up the immune system and its function lessens through puberty until it effectively atrophies at maturity. my thesis is that a lack of bonding interferes with the action of the thymus leading to dysthymia (Greek for bad state of mind), elsewhere described as 'chronic discontent (5 hours ago)
  • I have mild myasyhenia gravis and have recently had heart surgery. could surgery, or anesthetics aggravate or exacerbate myasthenia gravis symptoms?
    I was also given intravenous antibiotics prior to and during surgery. i am wondering if this could have exacerbated Myasthenia Gravis symptoms that are usually controlled by mestinon. (5 hours ago)
  • has diltiazem caused anxiety in anyone else?
    I have had the implant for 7 years. Recently the doc was concerned about more frequent palpations and my blood pressure was up. So first I was put on a couple blood pressure pills, but just a couple weeks. Then they took me off of those and put me on the Diltiazem. When anxiety skyrocketed and I ended up in the hospital, they put me on the Lorazepam. It worked pretty well for a day or two. But the anxiety is creeping back up. I took a cup of CalMag this morning and it helped bring it down to reasonable. Is it possible that the medication is what is causing the serious anxiety? I have never been anxious like this. And it fill me with adrenaline and then I just feel worse. (5 hours ago)
  • Has anyone taken brags vinegar with protonix ? was there any problem?
    I am wanting to see about taking magnesium once a day for blood pressure. I was wondering if anyone does that? Also has anyone tried taking Braggs apple vingear while on protonix. How did it go? Or have you replaced protonix with Braggs apple cider vinegar. Lastly has anyone weaned off protonix? How did you do it? (6 hours ago)
  • How do i get back my memory
    I have lost some of my memory due to taking temazepam. How can I restore my memory back again? (7 hours ago)
  • Chemical burn after sotradecol injection for varicose veins
    sotradecol injection as sclerosing agent for varicose veins of leg - causing severe chemical burns, swelling and multiple big bullas or blebs (7 hours ago)
  • Pots, cardiogenic syncope, fibromyelga, ostioarthirytis is it possible to have all these conditions
    Is it possible to be diagnosed with POTS, Fibromyalga, Barlows Syndrome, and Cardiogenic Syncope and general unidentified genetic connective tisssue disorder? Is this the cause of various surgeories ie spinal, gall bladder, bladder, uterus, apendix, herneas, and I have had numerous deceases/ infections, and viral illnesses and alergiess. To mention some Glandular Fever, Herpyzoster,Shingels, endorcaditis, Hypertitis A, Chronis cystitis, kidney infection, blood toxic, chronic bronchitis. Please excuse the the incorrect spelling I do not know how to spell some of these illnesses I have been diagnosed with during the past years. (8 hours ago)
  • Can taking progesterone or t3/t4 hormones cause gout to flare? i am not suffered for years. i just started taking meds to recieve estrogen pellets and the pain is back.
    2. T3/T4 sustained released 25mcg/25mcg, 3. Testosterone biest 50-50 (sg*)0.625/0.5mg/ml gel

    The severe toe pain started after I started taking the above 3 prescriptions It has not been a full 2 weeks. (I have stopped taking all). The knots on my fingers appeared after I started taking dietary supplements from physician's office in December. Which are adrenal support (which I took daily) and just a few adrenal stress. I didn't open several other bottles (9 hours ago)
  • Want to take shan zha b52 tablets for first time can i take this safely if i am on tywnsta medication for high blood pressure 40/5mg
    I am currently on high blood pressure medication tywnsta
    i am interested in taking tablets for weight loss just purchased Shan Zha B52 tablets has 200mg hawthorn berry and 180mg hawthorn flower tips and leaves. I was wondering if it is safe to taked this when i'm on medication for high blood pressure (11 hours ago)
  • Cymbalta r/t autonomic neuropathy
    Answer: Please stay as far away from benzodiazepines as possible. They are highly addictive, and their adverse-effects makes the ones you're dealing with now seem like cotton candy! (in some countries, unless prescribed for seizures, they are only allowed to be prescribed for 4-6 weeks - one can become addicted in that short of a time, and it takes YEARS to undo the damage & addiction...if even recognized in that period of time).

    Please consider herbals & natural treatments for your issues - there are very effective natural treatments that can replace any/all pharmaceuticals. (12 hours ago)

Recent reviews :

  • Hair loss happening on linzess
    I've been taking 145 mg of Linzess for about 4 months and have noticed my hair is getting so much thinner. I really noticed it the third month I was on it. It's a FABULOUS FABULOUS medicine for us who have CIC, but I don't want to be bald before I'm 50!!! (8 hours ago)
  • Roaring in the ears from tramadol (taken with dexamethasone)
    It seems the roaring in my right ear happens more around taking the tramadol (2-3/day). Of course, I have a (5) day regiment of dexamethasone at (2/day) so maybe there's a connection. This was prescribed by my GP ( highly regarded) for severe lower back bulging disc pain and down left leg. Also prescribed tizanidine for muscle spasms and gabapentin for, maybe nerve swelling? Both at 2/day but I take less of these two.

    Back pain much better but have the roaring in right ear and can't sleep much. Also doing the Dr recommended exercises daily. Will follow up with chiropractic if this doesn't get me there.

    This is a chronic condition, maybe 20 years, no specific injury, just an accumulation of doing dumb things in my youth. (11 hours ago)
  • Meloxicam and dialtizam taken together at same time....
    Response: thx Kennedy...but I did not...nor do I need a hospital when this am there four hrs and sent home with nothing wrong...I hv GERD,,,,hiatis hernia....indigestion....deudonitis....and diverticalae.....I just wanted to know whether the pain in my side under from that or gall is not the least I don't think so...anyways thx for ur answer...thought was nice...oh I am from Toronto Ontario Canada ..... (15 hours ago)
  • Trazadone ruined my life for twenty years now!!!!
    I was given 25 mg of trazodone and told that because I had back pain it would help me from the third day that I took it I started walking around my house saying I feel like a zombie I feel like a zombie and then I had a sexual partner to after just three days we were together and he asked me was wrong with me because when he would go in and out I would just dry him up because I had this weird rye and white discharge inside of me that I have now still to this day have had every single day except for when I take bromocriptine when I take bromocriptine it goes away in two days I'm clear as a bell and my libido starts to come back as well other than that doctors tell me I'm crazy I didn't have a doctor to be on bromocriptine and I got headache some bromocriptine so I'm going to an Endo chronologist actually on Monday and I'm going to see what they have to say about all of this. I would love to be part of a study to find out what they did to me and didn't do to me what this drug trazodone did to me so drab drastically I never knew a drug could just add my life like that I cried for three years because my sex life was done over. And then after that all the doctors keep telling me I'm crazy oh trazodone wouldn't do that oh no known no oh you're crazy walls galactorrhea crazy in the discharge for 20 years crazy it is everything I try to tell them crazy with the endometriosis crazy oh my God where the fibroids crazy screw the doctors to try to tell us that it's ridiculous they heard us and then they lie to you bull poop! (18 hours ago)
  • Guttate psoriasis from implanon (contraceptive implant)
    I have suffered from mild Plaque Psoriasis on and off my whole life. It's never affected me too much and is usually is an inconspicuous place. I have only used hormone contraceptives once - when I was 16 I was on the pill.
    About 4 days after having Implanon put in, the point where it was inserted turned into Psoriasis as it was healing. There was a line of psoriasis travelling along the skin where the implant was as well as dots of Psoriasis all over my arm. Within a few days I had Psoriasis spots all over my body head to toe - the worst case I've ever had. It got worse on my arm and the implant area was unbearably itchy. I thought it may have been caused from something else and have just been waiting the last few weeks for it to improve but it has just got worse. I went to the doctor today to get the implant removed due to other side effects (loss of sex drive, mood swings etc) and she said I was having a major allergic reaction to the implant. She said she had never seen anything like it and will be reporting it. I'm sure there's a lot of people with a history of Psoriasis using Implanon without this side effect. When I initially searched the internet for any other cases I couldn't find any so I thought I'd put it out there. I've finally got the implant removed and will not be using hormone contraceptives again. (2 days ago)
  • Cordyceps hallucination
    Experience a slight hallucination and lacks the ability to focus while reading hours after taking 3 Cordycep capsules about 1g each (2 days ago)
  • Weighted feeling in legs
    I was prescribed tizanidine for lower back pain. I have sciatic nerve issues and fibromyalgia. I also have ptsd and just started remembering skiing accident that I had 19 years ago at age of 15 where I suspect concussion and sinal injury that was left untreated do to to medical neglect (waiting on x-ray results). I thought I was having muscle memories until I seen commercial about varicose vein removal and how weighted or heavy leg feelings where disappeared after surgery. I have very noticeable and thick as a snake varicose veins in my legs. I was looking up side effects I have been having dizziness, numbness in back, nausea, trouble bm while taking pill and hot flashes when messing a dose. I thought why not check deep vein thrombosis (which I suspect I have because of varicose veins). Low and behold there are others with this problem. So now I can add that to list. When I miss a dose my legs feel weighted down. I have only been on tizanidine for 1 month and 2 weeks. Very low dose to start 2mg 3x day. Only other meds are vitamins and metformin (which I am on another break from for 3 days now). I feel side effects of tizanidine are worse than benifits. (3 days ago)
  • Ulcerative colitis from avastin
    Developed ulcerative colitis four days after Avastin injection in eye for myopic degeneration. (3 days ago)
  • Meloxicam and dialtizam taken together at same time....
    Response: So your taking protonix with the medication's that your on plus your taking Garcinia cambgia right and you've been having problems . The reason i ask cause I take protonix but it's the generic Pantoprazole and if you having elevated heart beats you need to go call for an ambulance what state are you in maybe i can help you find a doctor that knows what he is doing I don't know all the meds your on but you need medical attention now. (3 days ago)
  • Keflex linked to coughing blood?
    I was put on a week-long course of cephalexin/Keflex for an upper respiratory infection. It's been 5 days and I'm still coughing up blood. Before I started the medication I was starting to cough up a little, but now it's becoming worse. I did read that antibiotics for pneumonia or TB can cause coughing up blood, but I wasn't sure about Keflex. (3 days ago)

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