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  • Dementia from lyrica?
    I am a 50 year old female. I take 300mg lyrics a day.recently I have no short term memory stomach problems the left side of my face is numb 95% of the time but the head attacks are only down to once or twice a week .memory loss or the worse pain ever?I'd rather give birth.not a good trade off.are ot ... (41 minutes ago)
  • Ear pain from allopurinol 100mg
    Response: Hi, I have checked my uric acid level in the evening of my second day of taking Allopurinol it was 11.7mg before going to bed. I woke up alot better, not really any pain. No pain in ear and no pain in feet etc... I took my 1 tablet allopurinol 100mg and 1 tablet arcoxia. I check my uric acid lev ... (2 hours ago)
  • Ear pain from allopurinol 100mg
    I have just been prescribed 100mg Allopurinol. 1 a day. I am in my second day of taking these tablets. I have begun to get get a sudden pain in my ear. I have never in all my years have ever had such a pain. I know the only change that has happened around me is taking these tablets. I have sto ... (17 hours ago)
  • Profolol side effects-will not use again
    It is slightly more than 24 hours since profolol alone was given to me for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I woke up quickly but very sleepy and tired. Forced to get in wheelchair and leave asap. Slept when I got home all night. The next day was very disoriented, lightheaded when I sat up or got up and ... (18 hours ago)
  • Michael my son died as a result of kolopin & ambien
    Response: Wow i am extremely sorry for your loss. No parent should ever have to bury their child. I agree with the other posters that it all just became too much for him to handle. Who knows, perhaps there were some hidden issues he was not sharing with anyone. Medicine is evil and personally i prefer the ... (19 hours ago)
  • Bone pain localized to poison ivy rash
    I am having a moderate to strong reaction to poison ivy exposure. I have a localized rash with blistering, swelling and inflammation similar to cellulitis. The rash has been progressing for about a week. The blisters are not weeping or oozing. The area is cleaned daily with neem oil soap. Coincid ... (21 hours ago)
  • Duexis and hullinications seeing things that dont exist and the feeling of something touching me
    after 30 days of taking dexuis I started to have hallunications of people following me and touching me.... ... (23 hours ago)

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