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Crohn's disease Depression
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Multiple myeloma Multiple sclerosis
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Stress and anxiety Type 2 diabetes

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  • Prescribed drugs side effect
    I have been on these 2 drugs (Gabapentin and Baclofen) prescribed by my gp for osteoarthritis and nerve damage in my full back.Now also suffering from the grief of losing my beloved companion Harvey (dog),I was diagnosed with deep depression. I was given fluoxetine and have been taking this for alm ... (3 hours ago)
  • Humira: my experience
    I have had some form of arthritis probably since birth. My father and maternal grandfather had some form of arthritis. I began to realize pain in both ankles if I stood or walked too long. I began taking many NSAIDs when I was around 22. I've done gold, prednisone (twice), plaquenil, butazoidin, ... (23 hours ago)
  • Severe night sweats and hot flashes with cymbalta?
    I am 24 years old and I have been having severe night sweats for about the last 2 and a half years. I have been on Cymbalta for about 4 and a half years. These night sweats are so severe that I typically wake up 2-4 times a night drenched in sweat where I have to change the sheets, get a new blanket ... (1 day ago)
  • Seizure patient was on depakote for 16 years now on keppra 1500 mg.
    I am 28 years old and been off depakote for 5 months. I started keppra to control my seizure disorder, which works great. But for the past year I have developed osteoarthritis in my thoracic, si joints, and lumbar. I get alot of muscle hypersensitivity and pain. Can any of this be due to long term ... (2 days ago)
  • Ms relapse - changed to copaxone in april
    I've never joined one of these sites but saw this site. I have had MS for 14yrs but changed to Copaxone in April, had a relapse last week and wondered how others were getting on with it. I have a puffy left calf/ankle which can be a side effect of Copaxone - have others had this - can you reduce the ... (2 days ago)
  • I switched to armour ,it's not synthetic.
    I went off after 7 years on it when I discovered a link to a higher rate of lung cancer. I switched to Armour and it handled the hypothyroidism way better. ... (3 days ago)
  • Not a great experience
    I was on norvasc for two months and had to go off because of severe swelling of feet and legs. Also rapid heart beat and very profuse sweating. it was horrible. It also raised my blood pressure. after going off BP dropped by @least 10 points both diastolic and systolic. ... (3 days ago)
  • High blood pressure - find the right medication
    I was going through the menopause with all the usual drama when I started feeling awful. Doc said that my blood pressure was through the roof and prescribed Lisinopril. This gave me technicolour dreams and a runny nose, so he switched me to Losartan. This made me soooo tired that I didn't want to ... (3 days ago)
  • Xanax bed wetting will it stop and do i wear diapers or die
    Response: Hi l shorts. I understand chronic pain and doctors not really helping. What you need is hypnotherapy. It seriously can stop your pain and usually finds the root of it. I am now studying to become a clinical hypnotherapist and also I haves seen one before. If you can find a "new age" hypnotherapist t ... (4 days ago)
  • Aggression with law enforcement officers who use provigil
    I'm a former police officer. I say former because on the second day of ever taking provigil, I flipped out and kicked a handcuffed arestee. After 10 years of being an award winning police officer I totally lost it after taking this drug. needless to say, I immediately quit taking the pill; however, ... (4 days ago)
  • The fear that follows an attack of vertigo
    I awoke one morning and it appeared my furniture was moving in the room. Everything was spinning. I have a ringing in my left ear. Went to an ENT who threw my condition into the catch 22 pile and said I had Meniere Disease. I would not accept that after I researched the horrible ailment. I soug ... (5 days ago)
  • Finasteride and knee swelling
    taken finasteride 1 mg since 5 years, knee swelling both sides since 1,5 years. MRT without pathologic findings. stopped finasteride since 3 weeks. No more Knee swelling. ... (5 days ago)
  • Concerned and worried
    I want to know why I have got such a big hair loss when I had a fantastic head of hair before I started taking these drugs I also have a dry cough I have been told its asthma I dont accept this as the inhaler dosent do anything for me why ďont doctors take notice of our concerns I want soneone to b ... (5 days ago)
  • My son got itp after stopping malerone
    He got ITP in 2010 after stopping Malerone. After 5 days he got red spots on his knies and later all over his body. The doctor in Vietnam recognised it as ITP. He got Prednison and blood cells. ... (6 days ago)
  • Synthroid (generic-levothyroxine) lymphocyte increase
    Response: I have been taking Synthroid medication for the past 9 years, is it safe to take cambodia carcia. I am pretty healthy but would like to loose about 10-15 lbs, I like to do yoga and try to get a 5k run in at lunch times.. ... (1 week ago)
  • Trigeminal neuralgia after use of phentermine
    Response: I was just diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and I was taking Phentermine too for about 2 months. I never thought it was the Phentermine since I couldn't really find anything online about that. ... (1 week ago)
  • Former mirena user/ epileptic / never again
    Response: I want to share the story about what resulted upon the removal of my Mirena IUD on June 14th, 2010 at 2:30pm. Happened to be the same night I awoke at 2:00am with uncontrollable seizures. What happened to me almost resulted in dying. The Dr’s dont say it…YET, but I know my body, I know in my ... (1 week ago)
  • Neurotin and venous insufficiency
    I have been on neurotin/gabapentin for 8 years with in the last 3 years I have developed venous insufficiency with reoccurring ulcers near my ankle bones both on the medial and lateral sides of the ankles.I have endured 2 ablations. The first in the left leg for the lesser saphenous vein and one on ... (1 week ago)
  • Savella & synthroid hell!
    Response: I take meds for bipolar & thyroid. Oh can I relate to sweating. I can't wear any sweater as a few years ago. Last year at thanksgiving table I was dying. Just dripping sweat face every wear.couldnt stand cracked door pulled down screen. It was 20 degrees out ahh that felt great. Short lived(: ... (2 weeks ago)
  • Cymbalta side effects
    This summer I was put on Cymbalta 65mg because of anxiety. Boy what a mistake (at least for me). I went from a fairly normal life to a life of depression, suicidal thoughts, vertigo, nausea, pain the the back and neck, no energy, no appetite, fatigue, withdrawal from life, fear of dying etc, etc, ... (2 weeks ago)

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