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  • Please i just want someone to talk to.. i have nowhere else to turn
    Response: Dear Luke,

    I am so very very sorry to hear about your sister. I don't know how it must feel..only you can know the horror and pain of it. DON'T blame yourself. If you had the power you would have stopped it. You didn't agree with the act.You tried. You were 18 then, only a child. I look ... (1 day ago)
  • Miralax injured my child
    My son was diagnosed with relfux as an infant. He was hospitalized with Salmonella at 16 months. Shortly after he was diagnosed with IgA deficiency and gluten intolerance, suspected celiac. At 4, he was diagnosed with Megacolon by the head of Pediatric Gastroenterology at UVA and was put on a Mir ... (2 days ago)
  • Celebrex causing dry eye
    I have been taking Celebrex for years For pain. I believe it causes my dry eye. Was treated for corneal ulceration a few years ago, but never found out cause and have been using Systane drops for dry eyes ever since, with relief. Last month, I was off work for a 3 weeks, so I skipped the celebrex th ... (3 days ago)
  • After drinking betecol(yogur including phytosterol) , eyedry occur
    I am youg but my cholesterol level is high, specificaly LDL is very High(201)

    So i tried drinking BENECOL(sort of yogurt including Phytosterol) and then LDL decrease to 131. It was amazing. but i suffered dry eye. This symptom is very serious. ... (3 days ago)
  • Irregular heartbeat with duexis
    I went to my podiatrist for heel spur pain in both feet. He prescribed Duexis for three months. I began having severe palpitations after 1 week of taking this drug, 800mg, three times a day. ... (4 days ago)

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