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Our original studies have been used by 200+ peer-reviewed medical journals. We are also featured on Washington Post , eWeek , and VentureBeat. At this moment, healthcare professionals and patients can research 352 million outcomes of drugs, vitamins and supplements. We use data reported since 1977 till to date. 44 million people have studied on eHealthMe. Start to use now.

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Common drugs:
Acetaminophen Aspirin
Atenolol Avandia
Avonex Celebrex
Chantix Coumadin
Crestor Diovan
Effexor Enbrel
Folic Acid Forteo
Fosamax Furosemide
Humira Hydrochlorothiazide
Ibu Ibuprofen
Lasix Levothyroxine Sodium
Lipitor Lisinopril
Lyrica Metformin
Methotrexate Mirena
Neurontin Nexium
Norvasc Omeprazole
Paxil Plavix
Prednisolone Prednisone
Premarin Prilosec
Profen Remicade
Seroquel Simvastatin
Synthroid Tylenol
Tysabri Wellbutrin
Xanax Zide
Zocor Zoloft

Common conditions:
Acne Ankylosing spondylitis
Arthritis Asthma
Atrial fibrillation/flutter Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Back pain Bipolar disorder
Birth control Blood pressure management
Breast cancer Chronic myeloid leukaemia
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Constipation
Convulsion Crohn's disease
Depression Diabetes
Epilepsy Erection problems
Gastrooesophageal reflux disease Headache
Hepatitis c High blood cholesterol
High blood pressure Hiv infection
Hormone replacement therapy Hyperlipidaemia
Hypothyroidism Ill-defined disorder
Insomnia Joint pain
Lung cancer - non-small cell Migraine
Multiple myeloma Multiple sclerosis
Osteoporosis Pain
Parkinson's disease Preventive health care
Primary pulmonary hypertension Prostate cancer
Psoriasis Psoriatic arthropathy
Quit smoking Rheumatoid arthritis
Schizophrenia Sleep disorder
Stress and anxiety Type 2 diabetes

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  • Turmeric and atrial fabrillation
    I am a "health nut" who has always avoided any and all tobacco and alcohol, am on no medication, am on a reasonably purer diet (organic foods etc.,) and daily take and assortment of vitamins, minerals and a few herbs like garlic and saw palmetto. I had recently began taking therapeutic doses of Tur ... (15 hours ago)

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  • Zoloft
    Hey! I don't see ringing of the ears listed under the many potential side effects listed for Zoloft. Is there any other reason it might be happening? Are you a pilot or a roadie? :) It sounds like the other side effects are enough to see about changing your medication, though. The ear ringing is get ...
  • High Blood Cholesterol and Dark Circles Under Eyes
    Hey! I'm not sure about correcting dark circles, other than getting enough sleep and using a good concealer. Hopefully others will join soon and be able to share information!
  • Buspar and Dry Eye
    Hopefully more people will join soon and be able to give feedback. Glad you are going to a specialist, but that really stinks!
  • Methotrexate
    Hello, I am looking for help with taking methotrexate for polymylagia rheumatic,I already have divticulous and I am having a bad time with my stomach being so upset i can't leave the house.
  • Anxiety
    Good! That's always helpful. Desperate times call for brave acts, and getting help would be a hard, but rewarding action.
  • Naproxen
    I think this group should grow pretty quickly. It's a new site and you are the Naproxen group Charter Member! *applause and cheering*
  • Laryngitis and Symbicort
    Are you seeing a gp or an allergy/asthma specialist?
  • Proteinuria
    Hey, Sligo! The groups aren't very full yet as we are just starting up, but the hope is that you will be able to connect with similar diagnoses or meds or conditions and find help. :)
  • Benlysta
    I'm new to this group, not sure exactly how this works?
  • Pristiq
    It will stop. Well, it did for me, anyway. At two weeks I felt better, as far as the inability to feel like I could even lift my arms and legs(from depression). Then between 3-4 weeks I didn't feel nauseous all the time.
  • Interstitial Lung Disease and Cellcept
    Hi Sarah, I just started and have nothing to report. Thanks for getting back to me.
  • Weight Gain and Antidepressant Therapy
    Anyone else having trouble with weight gain on prestiq?
  • Depo-provera and Vasculitis
    I have cerebral vascultits, and am getting the depo provera shot Wednesday morning. I was just wondering how safe it can be?
  • Atenolol and Fear Of Public Speaking
    I am going to take this for the first time on Friday and I'm worried it won't work.
  • Suicide Attempt
    I'm so sorry, JJJ. I'm here as a facilitator so I don't have any personal experience with which to offer support. I know that depression and hopelessness is very real, but it is also treatable. That's why I asked if you are under a doctor's care- if you are currently under treatment and still feelin ...
  • Methyldopa and Triamterene And Hydrochlorothiazide
    Hey Kizzy! Sorry I had to log off last night! I'm good! :)
  • Asthma
    Welcome, everyone! How's your asthma during this transition into fall?

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