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  • Can fosamax cause hand contractures?
    I took 3 doses of Fosamax and experienced moderate to severe hand contractures 8 months later. I also experienced sensitivity, puffiness, and redness in both hands within 5 days of the first dose. My doctor was not concerned. He said my body was simply adjusting to the drug. Has anyone had a sim ... (4 hours ago)
  • Can i take any pain medicine with coumadin
    Answer: I've been on Coumadin for 10 years and have pain issues. You have 1 over the counter choice, Tylenol. Aleve, aspirin, (NSAID) all of them will put u at risk for abdominal bleeding and unexplained bruising. Prescription narcotics with or without Tylenol hopefully will be made available to youi if ... (7 hours ago)
  • When my dizziness will be ended???
    I played shuttle after a longtime and got right hand pain from fingers to elbow. The very next day met a neurologist and he prescribed a muscle relaxant tablet named "ARFLUR MR". I just had only one tablet in night and from the very next day morning, I felt drowsy and vommitting sensation and when ... (13 hours ago)

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  • Paxil side effect of a monior
    my daughter 14 years old had some problems with dizziness. the doctor felt it was due to anxiety. so he gave her paroxetine. she started the medication and she complain that head hurt . she took it for three weeks and on fourth week she was in school and started shaking arms. than was taken to nurse ... (2 hours ago)
  • Simultaneous polyarthralgic synovitis following flu symptoms
    Adding to the list of those with severe synovitis following the flu. Having never before experienced such symptoms and having no underlying rheatologic cause, i was shocked by initially experiencing severe polyarthralgia affecting specic joints. These symptoms only occured following resolution of t ... (6 hours ago)
  • Psoratic arthritis and trigeminal neuralgia
    hi i suffer from psorisis and psoratic athritis i was just diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia i was looking for the connection between the two and i see that there is one from your study the thing is all 13 people in the study said to have psoriatic arthropathy yet only one said to have psoratic a ... (23 hours ago)

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