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  • Short term memory loss from biaxin
    This was my third round of antibiotics for a severe sinus infection that spread to the lymph nodes as well as leaving me with thrush and a horrible genital yeast infection. I also had issues of Candida under my breasts, under my armpits, and my upper inner thighs.

    The Biaxin did cure ... (8 hours ago)
  • Keppra side effects , nasal congestion, coughing, no taste and smell, latyngitis
    I have been on this drug for 4 months and have never felt so awful. I lost my sense of smell and taste right away. My nose is always congested. This past weekend I lost my voice.
    I can not sleep due to either my nose totally blocked or running like a tap.
    Some days I ache like I have a ... (18 hours ago)
  • Getting gout while taking liptor?
    My doctor told me that my recent blood test indicated that my cholesterol was high and that he wanted to put me on Lipitor. I agreed, because I want to fix this health problem. After taking the drug (LIPITOR) I noticed that I was getting dry mouth and that my feet were cramping I never experienced t ... (1 day ago)
  • Gabapentin side effects
    I've been on Neurontin fro 1 month and the side effects have been the same occasional dizzy spells, drowsiness, anger, mood swings, stuttering, slow response time. My least favorite and most bothersome to me is my disorganized thoughts. Daily activities and conversations are difficult at times. ... (1 day ago)
  • Do not take lamictal or seroquel while pregnant.
    I had a miscarriage at around 8 weeks. I am a healthy 20 year old with absolutely no health conditions besides bipolar disorder. No one in my family has ever had a miscarriage in my family, and I'm convinced it was the drugs. Ladies, do NOT take these while pregnant. ... (1 day ago)

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