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  • I have been talking vitamin b12 for the past week. instead of gaining energy it has been making me feel very sleepy and weak. why is this happening.
    Answer: Have you checked your thyroid? has to be free t3 and t4 with antibodies. Just checking TSH, t3 and t4 doesn't always show up accurately. You won't absorb your vitamins if your thyroid isnt working. You also need to balance b12 with all the b vitamins cause you will come up deficient in the other ... (3 hours ago)
  • Concerta and extreme rage
    My 18yr old son has been on 54mg of Concerta for 5+ years now, he suddenly started complaining to me that he was not feeling that it slowed him down like usual to concentrate ect he said it made him depressed down. He stopped taking it for over 3 weeks, then randomly yesterday he decided to take it ... (8 hours ago)
  • Can a spleenectomy cause a hiatal hernia
    Answer: I also have a hiatal hernia, i was told to take Zantac when there is a flare up, it has an H2 blocker which is a second kind of antihistamine blocker, it works on the lining of the stomach where as the others( zyrtec,allegra, etc work on a different system) it works well, also you might find w ... (12 hours ago)

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