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Common drugs:
Adderall 20 Ambien
Amlodipine Besylate Atenolol
Celexa Chantix
Clonazepam Concerta
Crestor Cymbalta
Diovan Effexor Xr
Hydrochlorothiazide Lamictal
Lexapro Lipitor
Lisinopril Lorazepam
Lyrica Metformin Hydrochloride
Metoprolol Tartrate Nexium
Omeprazole Percocet
Phentermine Hydrochloride Pravastatin Sodium
Pristiq Prozac
Ramipril Simvastatin
Singulair Synthroid
Topamax Tramadol Hydrochloride
Trazodone Hydrochloride Vyvanse
Wellbutrin Xl Xanax
Zoloft Zyrtec

Common conditions:
Acne Allergies
Arthritis Asthma
Atrial fibrillation/flutter Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Back pain - low Bipolar disorder
Bipolar i disorder Bipolar ii disorder
Birth control Blood clots
Blood pressure management Depression
Diabetes Dysthymia
Enlarged prostate Epilepsy
Erection problems Fibromyalgia
Gastroesophageal reflux disease Generalized anxiety disorder
Headache High blood cholesterol
High blood pressure Hypothyroidism
Insomnia Lipids abnormal
Major depression Migraine
Obesity Pain
Panic disorder Restless leg syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis Sleep disorder
Stress and anxiety Type 2 diabetes
Weight abnormal Weight loss

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  • Xanax xr lives up to it's claim.
    I get annoyed reading so many negative reviews of Xanax XR. I assume those come from thrill-seeking drug addicts. Therapeutically I find Xanax XR to be a genius idea - and it works like it should. Xanax was aleady long-established as (probably the most) effective anti-anxiety & anti-panic agent, that also does wonders for things like 'social phobia'. But the problem was always that Xanax wore off too quickly, leaving the patient in a state of wanting more. I know, I was one of those patients. Then came along Xanax XR: meant to deliver the same drug over an extended period of time. It does that just fine, I don't need to carry around a bottle of pills to have my next dose at-the-ready. Xanax XR does the job for a solid 8-12 hours (I give a range because I never actually counted the hours.). The best part is that I feel the first beneficial effect only 30 minutes after taking Xanax XR - I don't have to wait 2 hours. It's forumlated well. Sorry that drug junkies can't get a 'rush' from it. But it is Xanax and it does last all day. (3 hours ago)
  • Coughing up blood after using symbicort inhaler
    First time I used Symbicort Inhaler, I immediately coughed freely, but noticed it was bright red, blood. Second time I used it- same thing. Third time I used it, I coughed about an hour later a larger amount of blood in phlegm. I'm reluctant to use the medication any further-I will consult my doctor after the weekend. (16 hours ago)
  • My finger tendons broke on prednisone
    Twelve years ago I was put on prednisone for sudden hearing loss. The prednisone helped the hearing loss (for as long as I took the drug; hearing loss returned after I stopped the prednisone.) But I kept getting ruptured tendons in my fingers, which I had to splint to use. I couldn't figure out why in heck this was happening. My doctor(s) didn't have a clue. I suspected the ruptures might have to do with prednisone. Now I know they were caused by it. When I stopped the prednisone, the tendon-ruptures stopped, too. This should be Must Tell information for any doctor who prescribes this dangerous drug. (19 hours ago)
  • Terrible excessive sweating from hydrochlorothiazide
    I guess I fit the profile of who gets excessive sweating from HCTZ. I am a 65 year old female and suffered from excessive sweating for two years. With just very little exertion, I would pour sweat from the top of my head. It would run into my face and all over my hair. My hair would be ringing wet. I had heavy perspiration in the groin area and down my back also. I had to change clothing 2-3 times a day and wash up or shower that many times also. The doctor tried changing my Cymbalta and put me on Wellbutrin instead. It did absolutely no good. I went off the wellbutrin and back onto the Cymbalta. I did some research and saw that HCTZ could cause excessive sweating. Both my doctor and my pharmacist said that they had never heard of that. I went off the HCTZ, and my sweating stopped almost immediately. My doctor and my pharmacist were very surprised. I'm one of those people who frequently have different reactions to drugs than are typical. If you're having excessive perspiration and are on HCTZ, try going off of it. It just may be the culprit! (20 hours ago)
  • Blepharospasm caused by zolpidem
    Used for three years before I started to develop blepharospasm. (1 day ago)
  • Does paxil use cause lymphoma or other types of cancer
    I have been taking Paxil daily since 1997. For 14 years, I have had severe itching, a constant low grade fever with chills and night sweats. The itching is constant and so extreme that I scratch until the top layer of skin is gone, leaving a large area of scabs. The lymphoma tumors just appeared 6 weeks ago. I was also recently diagnosed with myeloma. I feel that Paxil may be to blame. I do not have a family history of cancer. I have been taking Trazodone at bedtime for 14 years also, which might also be a cause. (1 day ago)
  • Do not take trazodone
    I trusted a dr who mr that trazodone as safe.inow am impotent . Ease do not prescribe t o men . (2 days ago)
  • Avapro back pain and other symptoms along the way.
    Been taking avapro for last 6 years and every now and then a weird symptom surfaces.
    In the begining it was tiredness no energy, then it was several near misses on the hiway because the drug interfered wih my brain/ vision, then unexplained bruising, mental fog,severe thirst,dry cough,not very good bp control, slows urination, and when my dosage was upped I now have middle back pain and front rightside pain ...not diagnosed yet but i feel my gallbladder is acting up. (2 days ago)
  • Hair loss on estrace vaginal cream
    I was given Estrace cream for vaginal dryness in 2013. I found I got a head surge, dizziness, and foggy/scattered thinking when I used the 1 mg. dosage. I didn't use it as often as prescribed (2x weekly).
    In 2014, my doctor was very concerned about my vaginal dryness. I left the office feeling that I needed to use the product more regularly. It only took 3 weeks and my head was itching intently. I have spoken to one other woman who had the same symptoms. It started at the back of my head and spread to the rest of the scalp. Then my hair started falling out all over. I have lost a ton of hair. Dermatologist said it was the Estrace and to stop using it. Hair loss did not stop. Did get hair loss to stop by using progesterone cream. I don't think the estradiol is bad, just too much on a menopausal body without balancing it with progesterone. My thought is to use a much smaller amount than normally 1 mg. prescribed. (3 days ago)
  • Hydrochlorothiazide made me pour sweat
    Hydroclorothiazide made me absolutely pour sweat for two years. My doctors could not find out what was causing the problem. It took little exertion for me to start dripping sweat. My hair would be absolutely soaked...especially in the summer, but if I was cleaning house in the winter also. I finally did my own research and proposed to my doctor that HCTZ was the problem. He did not agree with me, but agreed to let me go off of it for a short time. The profuse sweating stopped almost immediately. (3 days ago)

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