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I have been forgetting things since using baclofen i had to start writing things down on a daily ... Oct, 23, 2017
Has anyone stopped taking baclofen and their hair started growing back in? Aug, 22, 2017
I am 40 year old male taking baclofen for muscle pain, avodart for hair loss and olmetic for ... Aug, 20, 2016
I have been on several meds for years. the ones listed and a few others, prednisone, ... Apr, 05, 2016
I want to know which is the best medication for sciatic pain. i was on robaxin but now workers ... Mar, 18, 2016
My condition is a rare one i'm paralyzed fromthe waist down but i can move my legs a nice amount. Jan, 23, 2016
I'm on suboxone/subutex for opiate withdrawals & 2 stop opiate cravings. i have muscle spasms in ... Jan, 04, 2016
Death this site sucks...its like thumping on tombstones...nothing but hollow responses... Dec, 15, 2015
I have excessive blurring in one eye, occasionally it will have slight burning like when you are ... Nov, 24, 2015
My son, 54, committed suicide while on baclofen. no one saw this coming and it was very unlike ... Nov, 24, 2015
I am desperate to find some help, my son is 13 years old with cerebral palsy he was born ... Nov, 02, 2015
I had a stroke (brain bleed) 12 1/2 yrs ago, and just had a craniotomy and removal of an ... Oct, 24, 2015
Hi, i've had a baclofen pump since 2005 and recently significantly decreased the daily lioresal ... Sep, 26, 2015
I step into a warm tub and right away my skin begins to feel itchy. i used to get little tiny ... Aug, 26, 2015
My question is does seroquel and baclofen have to both be taken everyday in order to stop ... Jul, 30, 2015
I noticed an increase in the frequency of headaches and also a noticeable increase in vision ... May, 18, 2015
Please help. i had the morena put in after my 3.5 son was born. had it taken out 2 yes later, ... Mar, 11, 2015
I would like to know if i can take these two medicines at the same time or if that is a bad idea. Feb, 18, 2015

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