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I want to start taking tumeric for my extreme joint pain, but i'm worried i might experience a ... Jun, 24, 2017
Looks like there is already a similar group. did you send me email about my entry? also i joined ... Jun, 21, 2017
Hi my name is deb. i just turned 50 in july and have been taking tegretol since age 9 for ... Sep, 04, 2016
I have degenerative arthritis in the c1-c2 area. has anyone had a fusion at this level? what ... Aug, 04, 2016
The past month or so been terrible ive not slept. ate or lived as i usally. this is because i ... Apr, 09, 2016
I have been on several meds for years. the ones listed and a few others, prednisone, ... Apr, 05, 2016
Can i safely take boswellia serrata for knee osteoarthritis? i have chronic kidney disease and ... Apr, 03, 2016
I have been on cataflam for maybe 6 years,for osteoarthritis, particularly in my knees and feet. ... Mar, 15, 2016
Rheumatic fever as a child ,heart murmur, st vitus dance,polio, 13 pregnancies (6 births) , ... Feb, 02, 2016
I am a 53 year old female and was injured working with very violent, low functioning children ... Dec, 25, 2015
I have degenerative disc disease, and myofascial pain syndrome. i take a flexaril 5mg at night, ... Dec, 01, 2015
I cannot take anti-inflammatory medications because i've had lap band surgery and have lost over ... Nov, 19, 2015
Severe oa pain, began to take a cannabis tincture, which seemed to help a bit with the pain. ... Nov, 12, 2015
I am an active, healthy young(turned 50 last week). never had any health issues before my new ... Aug, 06, 2015
Can you take both uceris and imuran together? i started taking uceris for uc, it worked worked ... Jul, 19, 2015
After 1-1/2 weeks on 7.5mg mobic i developeda tingling raw sensation in my mouth and multilple ... Mar, 04, 2015

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