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I had severe attack of pancreatius requiring a 3 day hospital stay. Nov, 10, 2016
A bad fall in 2006. required pain management mris, numerous tests and a cervical and lumbar ... Oct, 03, 2016
I have been tossed around between doctors , at my wits end .my foot dropped over two years ago , ... Sep, 27, 2016
I have been using norco during my monthly cycles for several years. i do not drink any ... Aug, 15, 2016
Lower back pain with stress fractures in spine.woke up one morning &could not walk. spent 1month ... Apr, 11, 2016
Hello everybody ! this is the part of my day of which i'm feeling much better ! thusly, i ... Dec, 25, 2015
I feel tired all the time. i have fallen once and had 6 stitches in my head. i have banged my ... Dec, 17, 2015

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