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Question: Can ginko biloba120 mg and b 12 500 mg be taken together

Asked by christine on Jul, 17, 2013 at 7:46 pm
Age: 45   Gender: female
Conditions: Tinnitus
Medications: Zolpidem Tartrate
Number of patients like christine on eHealthMe: 1,310





went to bed one night woke up with ringing in right ear only, 1 week later anxiety started, also could not fall asleep so i was put on sleeping pills ..... nausea lost of weight bloating, and pressure followed... MRI was good, ear test scored 100 on both ears, blood test was done and they found the H pylori bacteria so i've been on prevpac medication for the past 5 days had the ringing for 1 month now and the sound changes and at times seems like it want to reconnect or something ???? other than that i'm in perfect health, i have a GI appointment soon so they can look in my my stomach....

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  • Does clonazapam cause tinnitus or ringing in the ears?
    Patient fell a year ago and injured her neck and broke a bone in her arm. Has had severe pain in her neck. Getting acupuncture frequently. Recently tried to change medication from Valium to Clonazepam, and developed severe tinnitus. She said she only missed two days of Valium. She also says she has skipped days without taking valium and never had a problem. She says Clonazepam caused the tinnitus. I can't find anything that states a side effect of clonazepam is tinnitus.
  • Can xeralto and an antihistimine cause dizziness, shortness of breath, tiredness, etc.
    I also take a blood thinner, xeralto, for a-fib. I have been using a mouthwash of an antihistimine antacid mix for a day and a half.
  • Would the tinnitus abate with if i discontinue methotrexate?
    I've just begun my 4th year of Methotrexate for Rheumatoid issue, but it also alleviated my psoriasis. I am hesitant to discontinue because the benefits are great. However, the tinnitus is becoming unbearable and almost maddening. I will more likely consider talking to my doctor about changing medications if 1. The tinnitus subsides with the discontinuance of Methotrexate and if 2. Other rheumatoid medication would not have the same issues with tinnitus. Just discovered the possible connection minutes ago and am eager and hopeful. Please help. Thank you. -Celeste
  • Does anyone have persistent, ringing tinnitus while taking this drug? (1 answer)
    I was prescribed Atenolol years ago for tachycardia. I took it for many years with little to no side effects, aside from tiredness. I began having PVCs and later was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My doctor put me on 5 mg. Bystolic and the tinnitus started. I took it about 1 year. My BP wasn't ideal, so he upped it to mg. and the ringing worsened. It's much louder. The report says this drug isn't ototoxic, but I never had tinnitus before taking it. Anyone else????
  • What can i take for a headache when i am on lexapro (1 answer)
    lexapro started only a week ago, feel tightness in jaw and headache, sleeplessness, not sure if lexapro is good for me if i cannot ever take an aspirin or tylenol for sleep.
  • Is trazodone and trazodone hcl the same ? with trazodone i dont stay asleep so i also take 5mg of zolpidem and some nights cut it in half
    Trazodone doesn't work without ME also taking zolpidem
  • I have ringing in the ears. is there anyway of getting rid of it? (1 answer)
    I feel this tinnitus was induced from my taking the norgesic forte, that I no longer take for tension headaches. But I do take over the counter aspirin. Can the tinnitus ever go away?
  • Does anyone else have peripheral neuropathy? anyone have pn with lichen sclerosus? i have pain in hands, feet and face. (1 answer)
    Pain much worse at end of day and when I overdo. Sleep difficult - but essential! Feel so much better if I get 6+ hours. At the moment, very distressed by swollen lips (mostly inside mouth) and tissue surrounding eyes. I'm sure I have some arthritis in my fingers and toes. I also have had lichen sclerosus on my skin for nearly 20 years. Have had the PN for 15 years or so. I'm afraid that the medications can actually make the condition worse. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!
  • What can i do to help my wife who is on ambien and sometimes has horrible restless leg syndrome?
    She will take her meds like a hour and a half before actually going to sleep. The Zambian that is and sometimes she has uncontrolled restless leg syndrome. She has to move them a certain way and everything. This last time it lasted a hour and a half. I was just wondering if there is anything I could do to belp.?
  • Nimotop for curing tinnitus? (1 answer)
    i have tinnitus and the doctor is giving me nimotop 30 mg is this good?
  • Can this medication cause the ears to ring?
    I developed tinnitus about one year ago. I understand that there is no cure for it. I'm researching it myself. I'm also in a research program that requires me to wear small ear generators. It doesn't seem to help at this time.
  • Have you taken levothyroxine and noticed a ringing in your eyes after taking the medication.
    Never had ringing before taking Levothyroxine for thyroid problem.If you have experienced the same please respond when and if you had the same.Thanks
  • Does zoloft cause ringing in the ears, like tinnitus? i've been on it for a month and noticed the ringing in the ears about a week ago, and it's just constant ringing and it's driving me insane. (1 answer)
    I've been on most of the medications for more than a year and it hasn't been that bad getting used to them. But I've been on Zoloft and ambien for about a month now, and I've been noticing a lot of side effects. The one I just recently noticed and that has been driving me completely insane, is the ringing in the ears. It's been about a week now and I just don't know what to do anymore. If it is the Zoloft then I can finally just stop taking it and make this stop. If anyone has an answer or knows what to do, PLEASE help. I'm at my wits end.
  • Tinnitus sufferers using buspar ,did ringing get worse
    I am on Zoloft & ringing has been bad last 7 days..dr thinks BuSpar would be milder, just heard scary stories of worse ringing...any help appreciated
  • Can ambien causing euphoria and the jitters
    After taking the ambien to help me sleep I feel euphoric and jittery rather than calmed. I take an anti-depressant in the morning composed of M folic acids.
  • Omeprazole or pantoprazole?
    I take an oral contraceptive, Diane-35 ED, which is not in the list of drugs to choose from on this site.

    Recently, the medication I was taking for my stomach ulcer (Omeprazole) became unavailable in my country of residence and was replaced by Patoprazole. I started taking it yesterday morning and by midday today the side effects were unbearable. I am nauseous, have diarrhea, and a very severe headache. This didn't happen with Omeprazole. Do you think this is a drug interaction or is there some difference between the two that I am perhaps sensitive to?
  • Can ambien or phentermine cause a subarachnoid hemmorage
    Subarachnoid hemmorage, no anuerysms found. Discharged after 16days. Have occasional headaches.
  • Can a failed lap nissan cause tinnitus
    Can a failed lap Nissan cause tinnitus. I have one and I noticed that I no longer have the huge amount of flatulence that I used to - I seem to have an air dynamic that is "off" in my body/head and it is causing tinnitus in one ear. Can this be possible?
  • Can botox help fmd disease?
    I,had fmd in 2010 took blood.thinners to help,with it. I haven't had any problems until now. My neck is starting to hurt again. I was just wondering if botox helps in any way.
  • What foods aggreviate or reduce tinnitus



  • After being on zoloft (sertraline) for 19 years, i now notice multiple side effects and i want to get off (2 answers)
    I have been on Zoloft (sertraline) for 19 years for chronic depression. When I first started taking Zoloft, it made a huge positive impact on my life. It was a miracle drug for me. I believe it saved my life.

    Ten or so years ago it suddenly stopped working. My doctor had me try several other SSRIs-- Paxil, Prozac, Celexa. None worked. After a few months I went back on Zoloft and like magic it worked again.

    Six or so years ago, I wanted to get off sertraline to see if I could live without it. I made the mistake of dropping it cold turkey and not consulting my doctor. I experienced the infamous "brain zaps," vivid and violent dreams, anxiety, anger, and depression. On the other hand, I had more energy, lost weight, slept great, and had increased libito/more satisfying sexual response. Still, my anxiety and anger were intense. My family rightfully became fed up with my unpredictable behavior and after several weeks I started taking the medication again. Life returned to normal.

    Over the last several years I have experienced tinnitus, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, night sweats, and diarrhea. I am occasionally anxious or depressed, but nothing severe or unmanageable. The tinnitus has become particularly pronounced over the last several weeks. I am not certain that these symptoms are related to sertraline, but I would like to find out. I would like to stop taking sertraline once again. I know that I must taper off very slowly. I also plan to do so under the supervision of my general practitioner.

    My questions are many. Has anyone else been on sertraline for as long as 19 years and successfully quit? Is there a drug that will help soften the sertraline withdrawal symptoms? Should I be unable to quit sertraline, are their other SSRIs that might have fewer side effects? Should I do this with my GP's help or should I seek the help of a psychiatrist?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • Toxicology level for gabapentin were 55 mcg/ ml can that cause respiratory arrest?
    Had just started Gralise 600mg tablets 2 days prior to respiratory arrest. Hydrocodone he had been on for a month (both were used for complex regional pain syndrome which he had just gotten due to a fall). All other medicines he had been on for 2 years. Toxicology report was 55 mcg/ mL for Gralise (gabapentin) and .29mcq/mL for hydrocodone.
  • What medications cause hair loss
    Been experiencing hair loss for several months and the loss has increased the last couple of months. My doctor ran thyroid test and it was normal. The loss has been gradual and it is not breaking off, but coming out at the root.
  • Will ativan make tinnitus worse? (1 answer)
    I have tinnitus and need to know if i take ativan will it make tinnitus worse? Tinnitus is ringing in the ears. thank you.
  • Are any of you having problems with your legs and knees freezing and other symptoms of nerve damage? (1 answer)
    The only way my knees and legs get warm is when i stretch out in bed to go to sleep. Putting a heater in front of them does no good at all. alcohol works for a little while but then the freezing starts all over.
  • Are there any reports of extreme dry mouth?
    Since having an aortic valve replacement via TAVR (newer technique)I have had various medications added to my schedule. For the last several months I seem to have a very dry mouth problem. I have given you a few that I am taking at the present time that I thought might have some effect on my dryness condition now.
  • I have been taking ambien for years my doctor just gave me flomax to take is it safe to take together
    I have had bladder issues for years and I just went to a urologist two days ago and he gave me a prescription for Flomax (generic) and I also take 2 zolpidem tartrate to fall asleep. I asked him in the office if the new med would interfere with any of my usual medications and he said they shouldn't, but now I am a little hesitant to take them together tonight. Should I wait?
  • Is tinnitus known to be a effect of nortriptyline, crestor, clopidogrel, or metoprolol? (1 answer)
    I am taking these drugs and wonder if they are contributing to my tinnitus, in particular Notriptyline or the combination of all four drugs.
  • Concerned about possible rebound rls with daily rx for rls
    I've suffered with RLS for many years, before I knew it had a name and before my doctors took me seriously about it. The only thing I knew was that taking antihistamines would start an episode. This lasted from around 16 yrs old to about 35. I have also suffered from migraines that were infrequent until I turned 29. While my migraines are awful, I have had an increase in RLS that has been nearly unbearable at times. This began to get worse as I started decreasing long term narcotic for chronic daily migraine after being on it for a few years. I have tried mirapex, Requip, and Neupro, and also stayed on Klonopin as there might be a RLS benefit. I have pretty consistently gotten worse with RLS. I wonder about rebound effects, and also combining mirapex with Requip? If anyone has info I'd like to read about it.


  • Tramadal & ambien: rather severe it one or the other or both? (1 answer)
    Taking Tramadol 2x/day..50mg I think. Ambien 1x/night to help sleep. Depression...feels like he is going to die...brings him to tears. Working but very worried. No appetite. Family problems going on for some time but always able to handle in the past..actually somewhat better at present. But depression remains. Originally took T. for back problems a year or so ago. When last prescription ran out he was in terribly shape...said like a deep dark hole he was in. Had refilled and better. Afraid to stop Tramadol ... fear of getting worse so doesn't want to go to Dr who might say stop Tramadol. Could it be Ambien interaction?
  • Ringing in the ears from taking arimidex or prozac?
    just started both of these drugs and not sure which one is causing ringing of the ears......from
  • Does anyone take both viibryd and zoloft together?
    I am now taking 10mg of Viibryd. I tried 20 and have too much anxiety and irritability. I went off 100mg of zoloft. During the transition, I just started one and went off the other at the same time. I actually felt better the first week than when the zoloft wore off. Just wondering if anyone takes another med with the Viibryd such as zoloft?
  • Has anyone go chronic tinnitus from piroxicam ? (2 answers)
    I was prescribed, for the first ever time, Piroxicam (NSAID). This was for a groin strain. I could not get to see my family GP of 20 years (he claims he won't prescribe the drug) and at short notice I was able to see a GP whom had been in Aust. for about 6 months.

    After taking only 5 tablets at the prescribed 1 per day, I suffered from severe disequilibrium ( described at the time as Vertigo), acute Tinnitus, headaches and feeling nauseous. I was assured by the prescribing Dr. that the Tinnitus would go away after about 6 months.

    22 months later I still have acute tinnitus (approx. 6,272 Hz at about 85-90 Db - constant)

    Neuromonics has been prescribed and I am now about 7 weeks into the 6-8- month program. No change as yet, (Increase if anything)

    I describe it best as like Chinese Water Torture, and I have made 3 attempts at Self Slaughter (to quote Stephen Fry's description) during the last few months. I have seen ENT's, a Neurologist and psychiatrist and have spent 6 weeks in mental health care clinic.

    I was advised on 19-8-13 by my ENT that there is nothing they can do.

    Is there anybody out there whom has had the same re-action to Piroxicam ?
  • What type of bacteria does losartan grow in a uti side effect?
    What type of uti (bacteria) growth occurred with losartan?

    How many people experienced orthostatic hypotension and fever?
  • Will hearing and vision problems improve if i stop taking neurontin?
    I have experienced hearing loss and an echo of all sounds , also blurred vision since starting Neurontin several months ago.
  • How does nortriptylin help with gastritis
    My doctor had prescribed nortriptyline for my gastritis, but doesn't seem to be helping. I take tablets but could take 3. Is this a good medication for my condition?
  • How can i get off taking dalmane 30mg
    i have been suffering with very loud buzzing in my head @ have to take two 30mg dalmane to sleep.if i dont have any dalmane to take my boby goes into shock.
  • Can provigil be prescribed for someone with general anxiety and high bp
    I was given provigil years ago, and it helped me so much with being up and alert all day. Insurance after 2 years decided not to cover it anymore. I did take clonazpam as well as lunesta at that time. I have been taking propanolol for 5 years now to control my blood pressure. I am a anxious person in general, but I don't have overwhelming anxiety attacks anymore. Sadly I take the klonipin basically because I have been on it for so long. My body has become addicted, and the physician says the only way they feel that would be safe to get off would be to go in house for monitoring because of the risk of seizure. I still with Ambien sleep 4 hours if I'm lucky. Now at 3 in the afternoon it's so hard to stay awake. I'm absolutely worthless the last two hours at work, and I'm so tired until I lay down and my mind starts racing. I don't even want to mention to my current physician if it's not a possibility. My bp is under control with my medicine. I have never found a medication that can keep me asleep 6 hours straight. I'm tired and irritable, and frustrated that I'm to fatigued to get what I need to do done. I can remember life was better and I was a happier person when I was on provigil before. I'm tired of being tired.
  • While on cymbalta does an occasional alcohol drink affect the patient as far as memory loss?
    Just wondering, having approximately two to three alcohol drinks per month, would that increase or cause short term or long term memory loss while taking the Cymbalta? I am taking 120 mg. once a day. Does that seem like a lot?
  • Daily dosage increased from 80 to 160 mg, then leg cramps started. does dose matter?
    Liver Transplant 5/2011 with uncontrolled hypertension and aortic stenosis seeking help with severe leg cramps. Took Diovan for months but when doc increased dose to 160 mg, the leg cramps hit me bad. Sometimes both legs get cramps at the same time and I can't walk them off. I had leg cramps before transplant so thought at first it was my HCC destroying my new liver, but searching the Internet leg me to look at the BP meds too.
  • Is it possible, the patient can go to coma due to urinal system (rectum) injury?
    Patient is in coma since last 4 months due to urinal system (rectum) serious injury. Please suggest best medicine or treatment. Please help!!!
  • I need some advice for klonopin wd after 10 years of having taken it. currently taking 1.5-2 mg daily.
    I suffer (or so the dr. says I suffer) from Fibromylagia, IBS, and Polyarthralgia. One doctor said I had RA--just unbelievable. There are no naturopaths or homeopaths within 100 miles of me. I want to get off all meds. (even the MS I take for HBP bc I think my BP is high due to these drugs) eventually and find herbs, exercise, meditation/yoga to help me get healthy and take the place of Big Pharma. My Dr. won't do this for me due, and I believe it's due to fear of the potential fallout of WD . After I'm off the Clonazepam, Zolpidem is next. I want my life back. I missed SO much work this year without pay. Glad to still have my job!!! I am taking a few months off and know this is the time to do this, but need support and hope I can find it here. Thanks for any help/advice you can offer me.
  • Can vyvanse cause ocd
    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 8 years ago and have been stable on my medications for 6 years now. Over the years I have discovered new issues such as social anxiety disorder and ADHD. I recently noticed over the past few months that I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies. These seem to be getting worse. Am I just being paranoid? Is this caused by one of my medications? Is this something I should talk to my doctor about? I don't want him taking away any of my current meds.
  • What is dyspnoea is this hair loss
    trying to find out if use of drugs ambien cr and lortab have caused my hair loss. Dyspnoea was on list but don't know what that is?
  • What kinds of rashes are reported
  • Does smoking marijuana while being treated for periperal artery disease worsen the disease?
    I've had two bi-femoral bypass grafts that have failed due to over-healing. I have a stent in my left leg and the right leg has had to find it's own blood flow as a stent couldn't be introduced. I have burning pain in my toes in the right leg. It is like the pain I had when my toes turned black 3 years ago and I discovered I had PAD. I quit smoking cigarettes immediately
  • What is the condition to be on all these medications, and is it safe?
  • I am in crohn's remission for 7 years. can i take nsaids?
    I had surgery for Crohn's flare in March, 2005 and was weaned off steroids and Pentasa over the next several months. Since October, 2005 I have been free of Crohn's symptoms. I had a CT scan last year that showed minimal small bowel thickening, which is unchanged for the past 5 years and causing no symptoms. I am not taking any medication. I avoid certain foods such as tomatoes and onions and suppliment with Juice plus. I was recently diagnosed with sciatica but am afraid to take NSAIDs. Is there a risk of Crohn's flare after all these years if I take naproxen?
  • I had a heart cath about 4 years ago and now have a hernia that has developed near the entry site in my groin. could the two be related?
  • Is there anything i can take for sunblock while taking hydroclorothizide?
    I develop a red itchy rash while in the sun using sunblock and taking Hydro. I would like to have some sort of protection from the sun , as I tend to be outside a lot. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!

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