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Common Meniere's disease (meniere's disease) symptoms in men

This is a real world study of common symptoms of Meniere's disease among men. The study is created by eHealthMe based on 306 reports from FDA and social media.

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On Oct, 21, 2014: 306 reports are studied for Meniere's disease in men

Common symptoms and complications in men:

Boys of age: 0-1
Boys of age: 2-9
Boys of age: 10-19
Men of age: 20-29
  1. Fever (2 reports)
  2. Pain in jaw (2 reports)
  3. Muscle rigidity (2 reports)
  4. Tremor (2 reports)
  5. Oropharyngeal pain (2 reports)
  6. Extrapyramidal disorder (2 reports)
Men of age: 30-39
  1. Tremor (9 reports)
  2. Back pain (8 reports)
  3. Mouth ulcers (8 reports)
  4. Jaw disorder (8 reports)
  5. Insomnia (8 reports)
  6. Broken bone (8 reports)
  7. Aseptic necrosis (7 reports)
  8. Otitis (7 reports)
  9. Gingival ulceration (6 reports)
  10. Toothaches (5 reports)
Men of age: 40-49
  1. Dizziness (8 reports)
  2. Headache (5 reports)
  3. Fever (4 reports)
  4. Delirium (4 reports)
  5. Nausea and vomiting (4 reports)
  6. Feeling abnormal (4 reports)
  7. Back pain (4 reports)
  8. Nausea (4 reports)
  9. Chills (4 reports)
  10. Tremor (4 reports)
Men of age: 50-59
  1. Breathing difficulty (3 reports)
  2. Heart palpitations (2 reports)
  3. Renal atrophy (2 reports)
  4. Vision blurred (2 reports)
  5. Joint pain (2 reports)
  6. Taste - impaired (2 reports)
  7. Fatigue (2 reports)
  8. Dizziness (2 reports)
  9. Balance disorder (2 reports)
  10. Asphyxia (2 reports)
Men of age: 60+
  1. Uveitis (6 reports)
  2. Dizziness (5 reports)
  3. Cognitive disorder (4 reports)
  4. Acute kidney failure (4 reports)
  5. Cancer pain (4 reports)
  6. Appetite - decreased (4 reports)
  7. Pancytopenia (4 reports)
  8. Disease progression (4 reports)
  9. Fever (4 reports)
  10. Hypotension (4 reports)

Common symptoms and complications by gender:

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