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Would you have Gluten intolerance (Celiac disease - sprue) when you have Agitation?

We study people who have Gluten intolerance (Celiac disease - sprue) and Agitation from FDA and social media. Find out below who they are, other conditions they have and drugs they take.

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Agitation (state of anxiety or nervous excitement) (latest reports from 316,145 patients) can be treated by Mirapex, Requip, Ativan, Clonazepam, Seroquel, Ropinirole Hydrochloride.

Trend of Agitation reports

Gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance (spectrum of disorders, including celiac disease and wheat allergy) (latest reports from 9,977 patients) has been reported by people with high blood pressure, depression, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, high blood cholesterol.

Trend of Gluten intolerance reports

On Oct, 28, 2014: No report is found.

Do you have Agitation and Gluten Intolerance?

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- support group for people who have Gluten Intolerance

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Can you answer these questions (Ask a question):

  • Why 10 mg daily after b/f gives nauseating restlessness by afternoon.
    (Asked by a 60 year old man who has Feeling Of Despair, Restlessness, Nausea, and takes Effient)
    Had Angioplasty consisting of one drug eluting stent of 25 MM in Diagonal and Ballooning of OM nine(9) months ago.

  • What to do i am an ms patient having asd large secundum
    (Asked by a 30 year old man who has Heavy Headed, Restlessness, Immune System Disorder, Impotence, Headache)
    i am 30 years old. jobless from last two years so always think about my health.

  • Does prazosin relieve tardive dyskensia ?
    (Asked by a 42 year old woman who has Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Celiac Disease - Sprue, and takes Novolog)
    Used Zoloft for 9 straight years. Now only take insulin. This is the only drug that is not addictive or dangerous like antidepressants are. . . Any thoughts?

  • Is xarelto gluten free?
    (Asked by a 63 year old woman who has Celiac Disease - Sprue, DVT, Pulmonary Embolism)
    DVT & PE in February 2013. 6-month follow-up today. My doc said I'll be on Coumadin for life. 95% sure I'll switch to Xarelto if it's GF. Is it? Thanks.

  • Please can you help me identify why my skin has broken out since i stopped smoking?
    (Asked by a 40 year old woman who has Psoriasis, Celiac Disease - Sprue, and takes Indian Tumeric, Vitamin E)
    I took Chantix for 9 days a day after quitting but stopped taking these. I was also on Limecycline for 2 weeks at the same time and stopped these at the same time as the chantix. I had a rash on the top of my back, then on my face and neck which was difficult to see, but it felt like tiny little ...

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  • Generalised anxiety relief for me
    (Posted by a 32 year old woman who has Social Avoidant Behaviour, Agitation, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and takes Viibryd)
    It's been almost a year on Viibryd. I have not had the brain fog/lack of personality I had with Zoloft, I feel like myself and not a zombie. It was a slightly rough start the first two weeks of it due to some increased agitation and insomnia but at a snap of a finger that was gone. I'm on a mild dos ...

  • Still ill after several years
    (Posted by a 43 year old man who has Sweating, Headache, Vertigo, Restlessness, Throat - Sore, Pain - Joints, Fatigue - Chronic, Tinnitus, Chronic Sinusitis, and takes Beconase Aq)
    I became ill several years ago. It all started with a head cold that lasted a few months and left me with Tinnitus and chronic sinusitis. After a nose operation and many visits to the doc and hospital, I am no closer to felling better or being cured. My doc gave me Beconase Aq at first and th ...

  • Epilepsy and depression drug side effects
    (Posted by a 42 year old man who has Epilepsy, Generalized Tonic-clonic Seizure, Myoclonic Epilepsy, Partial Seizures, Constipation, Sleeplessness, Fatigue, Depression, Weight Gain - Unintentional, Gums - Bleeding, Agitation, Aggression, and takes Valproate Sodium, Lexapro, Topamax)
    42yo male having infrequent seizures since he was 19yo. Was recently placed on Neurontin and Topamax after a single seizure. This combination of meds appeared to increase the frequency of seizures ( from 1 every few years unmedicated, to 1 every month ). Dosage being increased after each seizure. ...

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  • A study of side effects of Risperdal for a patient with Agitation. The patient has Iron Deficiency Anemia
    Comments: swallowing difficulties, very pale, blood work was 4.5 out of 10. Was told he needed 4-5 pints of blood immediately. Three pints got his levels up along with IV Iron. Endoscope showed a hiatal hernia at the base of esophagus, two stomach ulcers that are healing, acid reflux, biopsy showed bacteria ...
  • A study of side effects of Depakote for a patient with Agitation. The patient has
    Comments: I have been using depakote and respirdol since i was a child. when i was about 14, the psychiatrist took me off of risperdol and substituted abilify. I did very well on abilify, but i just couldn't eat, not even my favorite foods. This went on for months until my foster mom read that depakote could ...
  • A study of side effects of Mirapex for a patient with Restlessness. The patient has Hallucinations, Mixed (sensations that appear real but are created by your mind -mixed)
    Comments: In this email, I am talking about my husband. The mania just keeps getting worse. I work out of town all week and when I get back in town. He has had hallucinations for about ten years of the fifteen years he has been on the medication. At first I didn't know what it was and I have been trying to ge ...
  • A study of drug interactions between Xanax Xr, Cymbalta, Lamictal for a patient with Panic Attacks, Depression, Agitation. The patient has Balance Problems, Double Vision, Drug Withdrawal Syndrome, Withdrawal Weakness - Xanax, Severe Derpession- Xanax Withdrawal, Anger- Cymbalta Overdose, Racing Thoughts- Cymbalta Dosage Too High, Long-term Memory Loss, Sleeping Problems- Xanax Withdrawal, Depersonalisation, Crying Spells- Xanax Withdrawals, Drug Addiction
    Comments: I have been on xanax for 3 years off and on. I was first put on the drug due to my panic attacks years ago. Yes, it was the only thing that helped at the time but let me tell you i wish i never was prescribed this evil drug. I started having strange sympotms almost a year and a half ago. Balance pro ...

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