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Review: could Narcolepsy cause Bladder incontinence (Urinary incontinence)?

We study 3,317 people who have Narcolepsy from FDA and social media. Among them, 17 have Bladder incontinence (Urinary incontinence). Find out below who they are, other conditions they have and drugs they take.

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Narcolepsy (brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally) (latest reports from 9,455 patients) can be treated by Provigil, Nuvigil, Xyrem, Modafinil, Ritalin, Dexedrine.

Bladder incontinence

Bladder incontinence (inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination) (latest reports from 107,910 patients) has been reported by people with multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, depression, pain.

On Sep, 3, 2014: 3,307 people who have narcolepsy are studied. Among them, 17 (0.51%) have Bladder Incontinence. They amount to 0.02% of all the 107,584 people who have Bladder Incontinence on eHealthMe.

Trend of Bladder incontinence in narcolepsy reports

Gender of people who have narcolepsy and experienced Bladder incontinence * :

Bladder incontinence75.00%25.00%

Age of people who have narcolepsy and experienced Bladder incontinence * :

Bladder incontinence0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%10.53%26.32%57.89%10.53%

Severity of the symptom * :

leastmoderateseveremost severe
Bladder incontinence0.00%0.00%0.00%100.00%

Top co-existing conditions for these people * :

  1. Depression - chronic (1 people, 5.88%)
  2. Depression - major (1 people, 5.88%)
  3. Hypothyroidism (1 people, 5.88%)
  4. Chronic fatigue syndrome (1 people, 5.88%)
  5. Chronic insomnia (1 people, 5.88%)
  6. Chronic pain (1 people, 5.88%)
  7. Migraine (1 people, 5.88%)
  8. Ibs (1 people, 5.88%)
  9. Asthma (1 people, 5.88%)
  10. Anxiety (1 people, 5.88%)

Most common drugs used by these people * :

  1. Xyrem (17 people, 100.00%)
  2. Testosterone (4 people, 23.53%)
  3. Estradiol (3 people, 17.65%)
  4. Montelukast sodium (3 people, 17.65%)
  5. Prozac (2 people, 11.76%)
  6. Iodine (2 people, 11.76%)
  7. Lipitor (2 people, 11.76%)
  8. Modafinil (2 people, 11.76%)
  9. Albuterol sulfate (2 people, 11.76%)
  10. Lithium carbonate (2 people, 11.76%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (13 hours ago):

  • My doctor put me on Nortriptyline while I was suffering from Shingles and had severe depression, itching, and nerve pain on July 27, 2014. Today is Aug 2, 2014 and I have been having urinary bladder difficulty not emptying while going to the bathroom for about 2 weeks. The last three days have been the worst. Today I am having pain when urinating at the very end when I am patiently letting my bladder empty. My Shingles are gone. Thank you for your input.


  • From this study (2 weeks ago):

  • Bones in toes and fingers have changed. Swelling in fingers and toes. Numbness in hands and feet. Tingling in hands and feet. Pain in hands and feet and knees.


  • From this study (1 month ago):

  • Was given this drug to aid in passing kidney stones following a lithotripsy procedure. Everything was fine until the urine cleared and no stones or particles were present in the urine strainer. I haven't been able to leave the bathroom for about four hours because I can't stop peeing. Sometimes it is just a dribble but it has also flowed normal. Hopefully this wears off soon since it is keeping me from getting any rest.


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