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Review: could Prostatitis cause Blood in stool?

We study 1,132 people who have Prostatitis from FDA and social media. Find out below who they are, other conditions they have and drugs they take.


Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) (latest reports from 10,422 patients) can be treated by Cipro, Bactrim Ds, Flomax.

Blood in stool

Blood in stool (latest reports from 11,564 patients) has been reported by people with irritable bowel syndrome, ill-defined disorder, depression, weight loss, high blood cholesterol.

On Sep, 28, 2014: No report is found.

Do you have Prostatitis and Blood In Stool?

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (3 weeks ago):

  • I have been taking doxycycline for less than a week to treat a prostatitis condition. Five days into the course of drugs I have received reduced hearing in my left ear and a sense of fullness/fluid blockage. Is this related? I have stopped taking the drugs as of today


  • From this study (2 months ago):

  • Doctor seems to think I have epididymitis due to a swollen testicle and constant pain in testicle. He gave me doxycycline for 23 days. I'm only half way through but was in a lot of pain so started to take naproxen which seemed to work instantly. However since I've been taking the naproxen (orally) I have been experiencing about half a tea spoon of blood on my toilet paper, and a stinging while I'm going for a poo.


  • From this study (2 months ago):

  • I have taken omeprazole for a few years for acid reflux that's occurs daily at all tines during the day. After using short term ppi like tuna I eventually moved to one a days. I use generic brand omeprazole. I stopped taking it after reading side effects my reflux is still there but not as severe as before but what may be coincidence I started having blood in my stool. Bright red both in the stool and on toilet paper sometimes I only release blood instead of stool. I have stomach cramps now. This problem has lasted for a couple weeks now getting worse as far as cramps. It does not appear to be a lot of blood which is hard to notice because any small amount turns the water red. If I were to guess the amount I would say about ten drops sometimes worse and sometimes none at all.


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  • Is fish oil supplement good for those with prostatitis
    our friends just told us they heard it on health news that fish oil supplements aren't good for those with prostatitis, but they can't tell us in details that's why e wanted to make sure and we want to hear it straight from the experts

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