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Would you have Gastric ulcer when you have Sepsis?

Summary: Gastric ulcer is found among people with Sepsis, especially people who are female, 60+ old, also have Duodenal ulcer, and take medication Omeprazole.

We study 7 people who have Gastric ulcer and Sepsis from FDA and social media. Find out below who they are, other conditions they have and drugs they take.

You are not alone: join a mobile support group for people who have Sepsis and Gastric ulcer >>>


Sepsis (a severe blood infection that can lead to organ failure and death) (latest reports from Sepsis 54,795 patients)

Gastric ulcer

Gastric ulcer (stomach ulcer) has been reported by people with osteoporosis, high blood pressure, pain, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis.(latest reports from Gastric ulcer 31,695 patients)

On Nov, 27, 2014: 7 people who have sepsis and Gastric Ulcer are studied.

Trend of Gastric ulcer in sepsis reports

Gender of people who have sepsis and experienced Gastric ulcer * :

Gastric ulcer85.71%14.29%

Age of people who have sepsis and experienced Gastric ulcer * :

Gastric ulcer0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%10.00%90.00%

Severity of the symptom * :


Top co-existing conditions for these people * :

  1. Duodenal ulcer (5 people, 71.43%)
  2. Adrenal insufficiency (5 people, 71.43%)
  3. Stress ulcer (4 people, 57.14%)
  4. Cerebrovascular accident prophylaxis (3 people, 42.86%)

Most common drugs used by these people * :

  1. Omeprazole (7 people, 100.00%)
  2. Hydrocortone (5 people, 71.43%)
  3. Maxipime (5 people, 71.43%)
  4. Ciprofloxacin (5 people, 71.43%)
  5. Tagamet (5 people, 71.43%)
  6. Vancomycin hcl (4 people, 57.14%)
  7. Gentamicin sulfate (4 people, 57.14%)
  8. Calciparine (4 people, 57.14%)
  9. Cordarone (4 people, 57.14%)
  10. Clopidogrel (3 people, 42.86%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

Do you have Sepsis and Gastric Ulcer?

You are not alone! Join a mobile support group:
- support group for people who have Gastric Ulcer and Sepsis
- support group for people who have Gastric Ulcer

Could your drug cause:

Other conditions that could cause:

Can you answer these questions (Ask a question):

  • Omeprazole or pantoprazole?
    (Asked by a 39 year old woman who has Hormone Level Nos Abnormal, Hypothyroidism, Tinnitus, Migraine With Aura, Blood Pressure Fluctuation, Insomnia, Ulcer - Stomach, and takes Lasix, Topamax, Levothyroxine Thyroid, Inderal, Pantoprazole)
    I take an oral contraceptive, Diane-35 ED, which is not in the list of drugs to choose from on this site. Recently, the medication I was taking for my stomach ulcer (Omeprazole) became unavailable in my country of residence and was replaced by Patoprazole. I started taking it yesterday morning a ...
  • Can u take metformin with stomach ulcer medication
    (Asked by a 22 year old woman who has Stomach Ulcer, and takes Metformin)
    I went to the doctors on friday cause i had an colonoscopy an they found out that o had 1 bleeding ulcers n 2 more stomach ulcer an they put me on 5 different medication an wanted to know if i can take my metformin with y stomach ulcer pills
  • I have a peptic ulcer and my blood pressure goes up and down is this normal .i usually have prefect blood pressure. what is causing this to happen.
    (Asked by a 51 year old woman who has Peptic Ulcer, and takes Pepcid)
    I have been on a bland diet for a peptic ulcer last night i tried to eat regular food and my blood pressure spiked up to 158/107 for just a few mins and came down but it has been going up and down. Is this normal?
  • Can ulcer cause the right side of the stomach to be slightly swollen
    (Asked by a 48 year old man who has Ulcer, Hypertensive)
    I have managed BP for over twenty two years now. Recently developed ulcer with a swollen right side of my abdomen (slight)
  • Is blurred vision related to clopidogrel, micardis and omeprazole?
    (Asked by a 60 year old man who has Heart Fibrillation, Hypertension, Blood Clots, Low Potassium, Stomach Acid Test, High Choresterol, and takes Micardis, Clopidogrel, Omeprazole)
    Vision gets blurred in bright light. Glare on road driving car. Watching TV. Looking at computer screen. When the activity is not stopped I will get dizzy, lose balance and must lay down. Condition disappears after rest and closing eyes.

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  • Skin burn feeling and heart racing
    (Posted by a 32 year old woman who has Ulcer, and takes Prilosec Otc)
    On day 12 of taking the Prilosec I started to feel like I had a terrible sunburn on my arms and legs, it progressively got worse over the next 24 hrs and included intermittent extremely rapid heart rate.
  • Sepsis hallucinations misdiagnosed
    (Posted by a 69 year old woman who has I, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain, Scar-tissue Adhesions, Bowel Blockage, Sepsis, Sepsis Hallucinations, and takes Clonazepam, Dilaudid)
    I was admitted to the hospital at 10 p.m., with a total bowel blockage caused by scar-tissue adhesions. I had first gone to the ER at 3 a.m. that morning, but the ER doc misdiagnosed my condition as constipation. I was in extreme pain and also too weak to tell my husband when he first came home t ...
  • Bone infections involving my teeth crohns and prednisone over the past 12 years
    (Posted by a 54 year old woman who has Acid Reflux, Thyroid Disorder, Ulcer - Stomach, Restrictive Pulmonary Disease, Intestinal Resection, Diverticulitis, Crohn's Disease, and takes Vitamin D, Synthroid, Prilosec Otc, Pravastatin Sodium, Asacol Hd)
    Dentist [2] tell me the abscesses are in the bones and I've had several root canals, bridges, bone surgeries that last 3 years, teeth became so mobile after the bone economy I had them pulled and now a partial one month ago. Bone loss etc. I don't have the ridges in my mouth that most Crohn patients ...

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    Comments: Sprix may seem ideal as a way to bypass the notorious gastrointestinal effects of NSAIDs - but these effects are a serious risk, no matter how the NSAID gets into your system. I learned this the hard way. If you do want to take Sprix (or other ketorolac), talk to your doctor about supplementing it w ...
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    Comments: My stomach cramps when I haven't eaten in a while and it cramps when I eat. I've been very stressed lately and I know all of my "stress" is going to my stomach so there's probably a lot of acid in there. So I took the Wellbutrin to calm the stress but my stomach started cramping again.
  • A study of side effects of Zofran for a patient with Sepsis. The patient has Nausea (feeling of having an urge to vomit)
    Comments: Intravenous treatment with Vancomycin and zofran for crippling nausea. Five weeks treatment uneventful. Bactrim added for three days. Creatinine increasing. Severe nausea unresolved by the zofran, 4 mg. every eight hours. Changed to 8 mg. loading dose and two subsequent 8mg doses, now nausea is con ...
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