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Topamax, Latuda, Klonopin for a 32-year old woman

Summary: 443 female patients aged 32 (±5) who take the same drugs are studied.

This is a personalized study for a 32 year old female patient who has Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder. The study is created by eHealthMe based on reports from FDA and social media.

What are the drugs

Topamax (latest outcomes from 24,570 users) has active ingredients of topiramate. It is often used in migraine.

Latuda (latest outcomes from 497 users) has active ingredients of lurasidone hydrochloride. It is often used in bipolar disorder.

Klonopin (latest outcomes from 31,263 users) has active ingredients of clonazepam. It is often used in stress and anxiety.

What are the conditions

Bipolar (mood disorder) can be treated by Lamictal, Lithium Carbonate, Seroquel, Abilify, Lamotrigine, Depakote. (view latest reports from 43,111 patients)

Anxiety disorder (excessive, uncontrollable, unexplained and often irrational worry) can be treated by Xanax, Klonopin, Clonazepam, Lexapro, Zoloft, Ativan. (view latest reports from 10,324 patients)

On Nov, 28, 2014: 443 females aged 32 (±5) who take Topamax, Latuda, Klonopin are studied

Topamax, Latuda, Klonopin outcomes

Information of the patient in this study:

Age: 32

Gender: female

Conditions: Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder

Drugs taking:
- Topamax - 200MG (topiramate): used for 6 - 12 months
- Latuda - 80MG (lurasidone hydrochloride): used for 6 - 12 months
- Klonopin - 1MG (clonazepam): used for 1 - 6 months

eHealthMe real world results:

Drug effectiveness over time :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
Topamax is effective0.00%
(0 of 3 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(1 of 5 people)
(4 of 7 people)
(2 of 2 people)
(1 of 3 people)
(0 of 2 people)
Latuda is effectiven/a100.00%
(1 of 1 people)
Klonopin is effective0.00%
(0 of 2 people)
(2 of 3 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(6 of 7 people)
(1 of 7 people)
(2 of 3 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)

Most common drug interactions over time * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
Dyspnoea (difficult or laboured respiration)Weight IncreasedAsthenia (weakness)Thyroid Nodule (a growth (lump) in the thyroid gland)Psychotic DisorderNephrotic Syndrome (kidney disease with proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, and oedema)Impairment Of Speech (inability to speak (adult))Nausea (feeling of having an urge to vomit)
Tongue Disorder (disease of tongue)Postpartum Depression (depression suffered by a mother following childbirth)Hepatic Enzyme IncreasedUrinary Tract InfectionGallbladder InjuryIntentional OverdoseMenopause (end of monthly cycles in women)Completed Suicide (act of taking one's own life)
Non-accidental OverdoseMental Disorder (a psychological term for a mental or behavioural pattern or anomaly that causes distress or disability)Autoimmune Disorder (a condition in which the immune system attacks the body's normal substances and tissue)Fatigue - Chronic (long feeling of tiredness)Cholecystitis Chronic (long lasting infection of gallbladder)Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry;)Infertility FemaleHeadache (pain in head)
Muscle Spasms (muscle contraction)Fatigue (feeling of tiredness)Infertility FemaleHoarseness Or Changing VoicePainYellow Fever (acute viral circulation system bleeding disease)Akathisia (a movement disorder characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness)Pain
Oedema Peripheral (superficial swelling)Dysarthria (speech disorder)Sudden Hearing LossSinusitis (inflammation of sinus)Bipolar Disorder (mood disorder)Exhaustion, Fatigue, Lethargy, Tiredness, Weariness (feeling of tiredness)Short-term Memory LossType 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Intraocular Pressure IncreasedChest PainDeafness NeurosensorySwallowing DifficultyCholelithiasis (the presence or formation of gallstones in the gallbladder or bile ducts)Headache - Tension (head pain due to tension)Autoimmune Disorder (a condition in which the immune system attacks the body's normal substances and tissue)Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin)
VomitingDizzinessMenopause (end of monthly cycles in women)Edema (excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body)InjurySuicide AttemptMemory ImpairmentDepression
Papilloedema (optic disc swelling)Homicide (human killing another human)Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin)Glucose Tolerance Impaired (blood glucose is raised beyond normal levels, but not high enough to warrant a diabetes diagnosis)Borderline Personality DisorderLoss Of ConsciousnessConvulsion (muscles contract and relax rapidly and repeatedly, resulting in an uncontrolled shaking of the body)
PoisoningDisorientation (disability in which the senses of time, direction, and recognition of people and places)Glucose Tolerance Impaired (blood glucose is raised beyond normal levels, but not high enough to warrant a diabetes diagnosis)Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin)Bile Duct Stone (stones in the common bile duct)Feeling Hot And ColdWeight Increased
White Blood Cell Count IncreasedDepressed MoodDizzinessMovement Disorder (neurological syndromes where they may be excess of movement or a paucity of movement that is not connected to weakness)Memory ImpairmentFoot, Leg, And Ankle SwellingVomiting

* Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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Common symptoms:

Women of age 30-39 with Bipolar:
  1. Rashes (453 reports)
  2. Weight increased (417 reports)
  3. Type 2 diabetes (393 reports)
  4. Diabetes (347 reports)
  5. Insomnia (324 reports)
  6. Nausea (288 reports)
  7. High blood cholesterol (285 reports)
  8. Depression (276 reports)
  9. Fatigue (249 reports)
  10. Stress and anxiety (240 reports)
Women of age 30-39 with Anxiety Disorder:
  1. Stress and anxiety (240 reports)
  2. Headache (196 reports)
  3. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (156 reports)
  4. Dizziness (96 reports)
  5. Nausea (90 reports)
  6. Chest pain (75 reports)
  7. Fatigue (74 reports)
  8. Type 1 diabetes (73 reports)
  9. Type 1 diabetes mellitus (73 reports)
  10. Lymph follicular hypertrophy (69 reports)

NOTE: The study is based on active ingredients. Other drugs that have the same active ingredients are also considered.

WARNING: Please DO NOT STOP MEDICATIONS without first consulting a physician since doing so could be hazardous to your health.

DISCLAIMER: All material available on eHealthMe.com is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider. All information is observation-only, and has not been supported by scientific studies or clinical trials unless otherwise stated. Different individuals may respond to medication in different ways. Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, but no guarantee is made to that effect. The use of the eHealthMe site and its content is at your own risk.

You may report adverse side effects to the FDA at http://www.fda.gov/medwatch/ or 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088).

If you use this eHealthMe study on publication, please acknowledge it with a citation: study title, URL, accessed date.

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