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Review: Diflucan and Valtrex

This review analyzes the effectiveness and drug interactions between Diflucan and Valtrex. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 1,504 people who take the same drugs from FDA and social media, and is updated regularly.

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What are the drugs

Diflucan (latest outcomes from 17,693 users) has active ingredients of fluconazole. It is often used in vaginal yeast infection.

Valtrex (latest outcomes from 16,433 users) has active ingredients of valacyclovir hydrochloride. It is often used in genital herpes.

On Oct, 13, 2014: 1,504 people who take Diflucan, Valtrex are studied

Diflucan, Valtrex outcomes

Drug combinations in study:
- Diflucan (fluconazole)
- Valtrex (valacyclovir hydrochloride)

Drug effectiveness over time :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
Diflucan is effective33.33%
(2 of 6 people)
(2 of 2 people)
(2 of 2 people)
(0 of 1 people)
Valtrex is effective50.00%
(2 of 4 people)
(2 of 2 people)
(1 of 1 people)
(4 of 4 people)
(0 of 1 people)

Most common drug interactions over time * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
PneumoniaSepsisGraft Versus Host DiseaseDrowsinessBreath OdourHiatus HerniaWeight DecreasedPain
Renal Failure AcutePyrexiaPyrexiaGamblingHepatic FailureVitamin D DecreasedPyrexia
Febrile NeutropeniaThrombocytopeniaBlood Alkaline Phosphatase IncreasedLiver Function Test AbnormalVomitingMusculoskeletal DiscomfortNausea
PyrexiaFebrile NeutropeniaGamma-glutamyltransferase IncreasedSuicide AttemptWeight DecreasedDepressionAnxiety
SepsisVomitingDepressionPalpitationsHerpes SimplexInsomniaVomiting
NeutropeniaCytomegalovirus Test PositiveAcute Graft Versus Host DiseaseAnxietyGastrooesophageal Reflux DiseaseSuicide AttemptDiarrhoea
AnaemiaViral Haemorrhagic CystitisCholelithiasisBiliary DyskinesiaGastritisNightmarePneumonia
ThrombocytopeniaInterstitial Lung DiseaseDrug IneffectiveGallbladder Non-functioningDrowsinessHallucination, AuditoryAnaemia
PancytopeniaBlood Alkaline Phosphatase IncreasedCerebral ToxoplasmosisPainGerdHerpes ZosterFatigue
RashWhite Blood Cell Count DecreasedAnxietyCholecystitis ChronicDehydrationGastric DisorderFebrile Neutropenia

Drug effectiveness by gender :

Diflucan is effective44.44%
(4 of 9 people)
(2 of 2 people)
Valtrex is effective66.67%
(6 of 9 people)
(3 of 3 people)

Most common drug interactions by gender * :

VomitingFebrile Neutropenia
Febrile NeutropeniaPain
Osteonecrosis Of JawDiarrhoea

Drug effectiveness by age :

Diflucan is effectiven/an/a0.00%
(0 of 1 people)
(2 of 4 people)
(0 of 3 people)
(1 of 2 people)
(2 of 2 people)
(1 of 4 people)
Valtrex is effectiven/an/a100.00%
(1 of 1 people)
(1 of 2 people)
(2 of 4 people)
(1 of 2 people)
(3 of 3 people)
(1 of 4 people)

Most common drug interactions by age * :

DizzinessVomitingFebrile NeutropeniaChest PainFatiguePainPyrexiaPneumonia
FatigueDiarrhoeaBlood Bilirubin IncreasedNauseaAnaemiaPyrexiaPainPyrexia
Type 2 Diabetes MellitusMental Status ChangesPlatelet Count DecreasedDiarrhoeaDehydrationAnxietyAnxietyFebrile Neutropenia
Chest PainHypoxiaHaemoglobin DecreasedNeck PainDyspnoeaNauseaBack PainNausea
Cerumen ImpactionEpistaxisBlood Creatinine IncreasedAstheniaMulti-organ FailureOsteonecrosis Of JawVomitingDiarrhoea
Blood Cholesterol IncreasedSinusitis FungalRenal Failure AcuteCholecystitisGastrointestinal HaemorrhageGeneral Physical Health DeteriorationNeutropeniaAsthenia
Blood Triglycerides IncreasedTachycardiaAnxietyAbdominal Pain UpperNeutropeniaAnaemiaAnaemiaThrombocytopenia
Bundle Branch Block RightDisseminated Intravascular CoagulationPyrexiaPainProctalgiaVomitingOsteoarthritisVomiting
Back PainFebrile NeutropeniaDiarrhoeaDyspnoeaHyperglycaemiaHypertensionNauseaFatigue
AcidosisPneumoniaSepsisOedema PeripheralHeadacheFebrile NeutropeniaHypokalaemia

* Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

Do you take Diflucan and Valtrex?

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    by counting out the grains and decreasing over a one year period
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Complete drug side effects:

On eHealthMe, Diflucan (fluconazole) is often used to treat vaginal yeast infection. Valtrex (valacyclovir hydrochloride) is often used to treat genital herpes. Find out below the conditions the drugs are used for, how effective they are, and any alternative drugs that you can use to treat those same conditions.

What is the drug used for and how effective is it:

Other drugs that are used to treat the same conditions:

NOTE: The study is based on active ingredients. Other drugs that have the same active ingredients are also considered.

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