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Review: Advil and Ciloxan

This review analyzes the effectiveness and drug interactions between Advil and Ciloxan. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 401 people who take the same drugs from FDA and social media, and is updated regularly.

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What are the drugs

Advil (latest outcomes from 22,807 users) has active ingredients of ibuprofen. It is often used in headache.

Ciloxan (latest outcomes from 274 users) has active ingredients of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride.

On Aug, 30, 2014: 401 people who take Advil, Ciloxan are studied

Advil, Ciloxan outcomes

Drug combinations in study:
- Advil (ibuprofen)
- Ciloxan (ciprofloxacin hydrochloride)

Drug effectiveness over time :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
Advil is effective16.67%
(1 of 6 people)
(2 of 4 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)
Ciloxan is effective44.44%
(4 of 9 people)
(1 of 3 people)

Most common drug interactions over time * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
ParaesthesiaPainDiarrhoeaCoronary Artery DiseaseChest PainHepatic FailureCholelithiasisPain
Deep Vein ThrombosisGeneral Physical Health DeteriorationDiabetes MellitusHaematuriaUrinary Tract InfectionPainInjury
HypoaesthesiaAnxietyEmotional DistressCerebrovascular DisorderHepatotoxicityFatigueAnxiety
General Physical Health DeteriorationCholecystitis ChronicGastrooesophageal Reflux DiseaseCerebral InfarctionDrug IneffectiveGallbladder DisorderNausea
Muscle SpasmsInjuryHypertensionAngina PectorisDeep Vein ThrombosisGastrointestinal DisorderOsteonecrosis Of Jaw
Oedema PeripheralEmotional DistressSpinal DisorderHerpes SimplexHepatitis AcuteCardiac DisorderAbdominal Pain
Renal Failure AcuteSystemic Lupus ErythematosusAcute Myocardial InfarctionHyperlipidaemiaHepatic EncephalopathyDyspepsiaAnaemia
Pneumonia NecrotisingRheumatoid ArthritisObesityUrinary Tract InfectionCholestasisPyrexia
AnxietyArthralgiaFearColitisRenal PainBack Pain
Pain In ExtremityCarpal Tunnel SyndromeOccult Blood PositiveSleep Apnoea SyndromeVomiting

Drug effectiveness by gender :

Advil is effective22.22%
(2 of 9 people)
(1 of 4 people)
Ciloxan is effective25.00%
(2 of 8 people)
(3 of 4 people)

Most common drug interactions by gender * :

AnaemiaWeight Decreased
VomitingBack Pain
Osteonecrosis Of JawOedema Peripheral
Abdominal PainNeck Pain
DyspnoeaChest Pain
Bone DisorderIntervertebral Disc Degeneration

Drug effectiveness by age :

Advil is effectiven/an/a0.00%
(0 of 3 people)
(0 of 6 people)
(3 of 11 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 10 people)
Ciloxan is effectiven/an/a33.33%
(1 of 3 people)
(2 of 5 people)
(1 of 11 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(1 of 1 people)
(0 of 10 people)

Most common drug interactions by age * :

n/aRhinitisHeadachePainAbdominal PainInjuryPainPain
PollakiuriaAbdominal PainPain In ExtremityHodgkin's DiseaseAnaemiaAnxietyAnxiety
Otitis MediaCholecystitis ChronicAnxietyPainPainInjuryBack Pain
Sudden DeathGallbladder DisorderCholecystitis ChronicFatigueUrinary Tract InfectionDyspnoeaOsteoarthritis
VomitingAbnormal FaecesInjuryInjuryBone DisorderVomitingFatigue
Upper Respiratory Tract InfectionBiliary ColicVomitingArthralgiaOsteonecrosis Of JawOsteonecrosis Of JawOedema Peripheral
Unresponsive To StimuliNauseaMuscle SpasmsWeight DecreasedOsteoarthritisHypoaesthesiaOsteonecrosis Of Jaw
Otitis ExternaAnxietyCholelithiasisScoliosisVomitingAbdominal PainHypoaesthesia
MalaiseThroat TightnessAbdominal PainNeuroendocrine CarcinomaSpinal OsteoarthritisPyrexiaWeight Decreased

* Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (2 years ago):

  • Most of these drugs were reported under MedWatch by me. I am sure the hospital in Atlanta was notified about red yeast rice (monascus purpureus)upon admission for rectal bleeding.
    Once you have stevens johnson syndrome you never, never get over it. After 14 radiation treatments, I was burned internally and externally with the same bullous rashes over the entire pelvis.


  • From this study (2 years ago):

  • i was diagnosed with pneumonia 2/28/12. took z-pack for 5 days. Then diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis on 3/12/12 and took metronidazol for 7 days. Also on 3/12/12 was started on Cipro 500mg for 10 days. As well as started on Celexa (generic)20mg/day and Mucinex 1200mg 2xday. Also taking Clonazepam .5mg up to 3x day as needed for anxiety- which have taken as needed for years. About 3/19/12 started breast tenderness which i still have with some possible swelling as well. On 3/19/12 i had a blood draw which i found today that my liver enzymes are elevated (AST-51 ALT-57) also LDL is normal , total cholesterol is normal, HDL is low-28 and triglycerides high-174. I was on weight watchers and exercising regularly before this all began on 2/20/12. I weigh 198lbs now but have been off work and resting this whole time due to on going pneumonia (waiting on latest chest xray results which will hopefully release me back to normal activities). Could all these meds (especially Celexa) have caused this liver enzyme problem, and why the continued body soreness and breast tenderness?


  • From this study (3 years ago):

  • I have been taking Seroquel for years and all was fine, until I mixed it with Rivotril, Ibuprofein, and Acetaminophen.


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