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Review: Celexa and Mucinex

This review analyzes the effectiveness and drug interactions between Celexa and Mucinex. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 344 people who take the same drugs from FDA and social media, and is updated regularly.

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What are the drugs

Celexa (latest outcomes from 30,661 users) has active ingredients of citalopram hydrobromide. It is often used in depression.

Mucinex (latest outcomes from 5,824 users) has active ingredients of guaifenesin. It is often used in cough.

On Oct, 13, 2014: 344 people who take Celexa, Mucinex are studied

Celexa, Mucinex outcomes

Drug combinations in study:
- Celexa (citalopram hydrobromide)
- Mucinex (guaifenesin)

Drug effectiveness over time :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
Celexa is effectiven/an/a0.00%
(0 of 3 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(1 of 2 people)
(0 of 2 people)
(1 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)
Mucinex is effective25.00%
(1 of 4 people)
(1 of 3 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)
(0 of 1 people)

Most common drug interactions over time * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
DeathFatigueMalaiseDiabetic NephropathyMesenteric Vein ThrombosisDyspnoean/aDyspnoea
FallTesticular FailureHypertensive NephropathyGlucose Tolerance ImpairedCholecystitis ChronicChest PainPneumonia
BlindnessRosaceaCoughHypoglycaemiaPortal Vein ThrombosisPulmonary EmbolismAsthenia
Back PainCor Pulmonale ChronicSleep Apnoea SyndromeType 2 Diabetes MellitusPain In ExtremityDeathPain
PneumoniaRash GeneralisedMusculoskeletal DisorderDiabetes Mellitus Inadequate ControlIntestinal InfarctionPyrexia
Chest PainSwellingRenal Failure ChronicDiabetes MellitusAbdominal PainAnxiety
GlossodyniaDrug HypersensitivityCor Pulmonale ChronicHypotensionGallbladder DisorderChest Pain
Dental PlaqueRenal Failure ChronicFatigueBradycardiaSplenic Vein ThrombosisAnaemia
Dry MouthMusculoskeletal DisorderTesticular FailurePalpitationsOedema PeripheralBack Pain
PhotophobiaRestless Legs SyndromeRosaceaAtrial FibrillationPalpitationsChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Drug effectiveness by gender :

Celexa is effective12.50%
(1 of 8 people)
(1 of 2 people)
Mucinex is effective25.00%
(2 of 8 people)
(0 of 2 people)

Most common drug interactions by gender * :

DyspnoeaChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Chest PainAsthenia
PainBack Pain
AnxietyNeuropathy Peripheral

Drug effectiveness by age :

Celexa is effectiven/an/an/a0.00%
(0 of 3 people)
(1 of 1 people)
(0 of 9 people)
(1 of 7 people)
Mucinex is effectiven/an/an/a0.00%
(0 of 2 people)
(1 of 5 people)
(1 of 9 people)
(0 of 7 people)

Most common drug interactions by age * :

Cleft Lip And Palaten/aCompleted SuicideRenal FailurePneumoniaPainDiabetes MellitusAsthenia
Pregnancy NosOverdosePseudomonas InfectionMucosal InflammationRib FracturePneumoniaDyspnoea
DeathMulti-organ FailureVenoocclusive DiseaseBone Density DecreasedBack PainAnaemia
Respiratory FailureRenal FailureStress FractureAnxietyPneumonia
SepsisFluid OverloadHip FracturePancytopeniaDizziness
Pulmonary EmbolismDyspnoeaOsteopeniaNeuropathy PeripheralPyrexia
Stenotrophomonas InfectionPyrexiaFatigueVomitingChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
IleusGallbladder DisorderChest PainPainAnxiety
Enterococcal InfectionAcute Myocardial InfarctionDrug IneffectiveOsteonecrosis Of JawBack Pain
PyrexiaCerebrovascular AccidentDyspnoeaMusculoskeletal PainHypotension

* Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

Do you take Celexa and Mucinex?

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (3 years ago):

  • i was diagnosed with pneumonia 2/28/12. took z-pack for 5 days. Then diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis on 3/12/12 and took metronidazol for 7 days. Also on 3/12/12 was started on Cipro 500mg for 10 days. As well as started on Celexa (generic)20mg/day and Mucinex 1200mg 2xday. Also taking Clonazepam .5mg up to 3x day as needed for anxiety- which have taken as needed for years. About 3/19/12 started breast tenderness which i still have with some possible swelling as well. On 3/19/12 i had a blood draw which i found today that my liver enzymes are elevated (AST-51 ALT-57) also LDL is normal , total cholesterol is normal, HDL is low-28 and triglycerides high-174. I was on weight watchers and exercising regularly before this all began on 2/20/12. I weigh 198lbs now but have been off work and resting this whole time due to on going pneumonia (waiting on latest chest xray results which will hopefully release me back to normal activities). Could all these meds (especially Celexa) have caused this liver enzyme problem, and why the continued body soreness and breast tenderness?


  • From this study (4 years ago):

  • Have taken 20 mg Namenda for two weeks. Right away experiencing extreme weakness, flulike symptoms. X-rays, blood, urine all normal. Prior to Namenda, very tired in the morning and slightly weak all day. Lots of phlegm buildup even when taking Mucinex.


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Complete drug side effects:

On eHealthMe, Celexa (citalopram hydrobromide) is often used to treat depression. Mucinex (guaifenesin) is often used to treat cough. Find out below the conditions the drugs are used for, how effective they are, and any alternative drugs that you can use to treat those same conditions.

What is the drug used for and how effective is it:

Other drugs that are used to treat the same conditions:

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