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Review: taking Warfarin and Celebrex together

Summary: drug interactions are reported among people who take Warfarin and Celebrex together.

This review analyzes the effectiveness and drug interactions between Warfarin and Celebrex. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 3,724 people who take the same drugs from FDA and social media, and is updated regularly.





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What are the drugs

Warfarin sodium has active ingredients of warfarin sodium. It is often used in blood clots. (latest outcomes from 49,213 Warfarin sodium users)

Celebrex has active ingredients of celecoxib. It is often used in arthritis. (latest outcomes from 74,547 Celebrex users)

On Feb, 8, 2015: 3,724 people who take Warfarin Sodium, Celebrex are studied

Warfarin Sodium, Celebrex outcomes

Drug combinations in study:
- Warfarin Sodium (warfarin sodium)
- Celebrex (celecoxib)

Drug effectiveness over time :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
Warfarin Sodium is effective33.33%
(1 of 3 people)
(1 of 3 people)
(0 of 2 people)
(2 of 3 people)
(4 of 6 people)
(4 of 4 people)
(5 of 5 people)
Celebrex is effective25.00%
(1 of 4 people)
(3 of 5 people)
(0 of 2 people)
(1 of 5 people)
(2 of 6 people)
(1 of 4 people)
(0 of 1 people)

Most common drug interactions over time * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
HaemorrhageCerebrovascular AccidentMyocardial InfarctionMyocardial InfarctionCerebrovascular AccidentCerebrovascular AccidentHaematomaPain
Atrial FibrillationChest PainDeep Vein ThrombosisDyspnoeaCardiac Failure CongestivePain In ExtremityCardiac DisorderAnxiety
Myocardial InfarctionNauseaPainChest PainPulmonary EmbolismMelaenaInternational Normalised Ratio IncreasedDyspnoea
Cerebrovascular AccidentFallEmotional DistressCerebrovascular AccidentMyocardial InfarctionDrug IneffectiveRenal Failure AcuteAnaemia
DyspnoeaDizzinessInjuryDizzinessHaemoptysisMuscle SpasmsPyrexiaOsteonecrosis Of Jaw
Diverticulum Intestinal HaemorrhagicDehydrationHypoaesthesiaGoutDyspnoeaContusionCoagulopathyInjury
International Normalised Ratio IncreasedHaemorrhageGastric UlcerInternational Normalised Ratio IncreasedPainPeripheral Artery AneurysmHypotensionFatigue
Cardiac Failure CongestiveInternational Normalised Ratio IncreasedElectrocardiogram Qt ProlongedHaemorrhageGastrointestinal HaemorrhageCondition AggravatedHaemoglobin DecreasedNausea
Hypovolaemic ShockNeutropeniaLower Gastrointestinal HaemorrhageBlood Cholesterol IncreasedGastrointestinal Haemorrhage NosAortic AneurysmInternational Normalised Ratio DecreasedBack Pain
PneumoniaDeathAstheniaBack PainChest PainBalance DisorderMusculoskeletal PainFall

Drug effectiveness by gender :

Warfarin Sodium is effective60.00%
(9 of 15 people)
(8 of 11 people)
Celebrex is effective35.29%
(6 of 17 people)
(2 of 10 people)

Most common drug interactions by gender * :

Osteonecrosis Of JawPneumonia
OsteoarthritisOsteonecrosis Of Jaw
InjuryAtrial Fibrillation
ArthralgiaCardiac Failure Congestive

Drug effectiveness by age :

Warfarin Sodium is effectiven/an/an/an/a50.00%
(1 of 2 people)
(2 of 2 people)
(5 of 25 people)
(9 of 21 people)
Celebrex is effectiven/an/an/an/a50.00%
(1 of 2 people)
(1 of 2 people)
(3 of 25 people)
(3 of 21 people)

Most common drug interactions by age * :

Oedema PeripheralDrug IneffectivePulmonary EmbolismChest PainPainPainPainPain
Urine Colour AbnormalOesophagitisChest PainPulmonary EmbolismInjuryBone DisorderAnxietyAnxiety
MyalgiaMucosal InflammationOedema PeripheralDyspnoeaPain In ExtremityAbdominal PainOsteonecrosis Of JawFall
Hepatic Cancer MetastaticHerpes ZosterDrug Effect DecreasedAbdominal PainAnxietyOsteomyelitisAnaemiaAnaemia
Blood Lactate Dehydrogenase IncreasedDisease RecurrenceParaesthesiaInternational Normalised Ratio IncreasedAnxietyNauseaInternational Normalised Ratio Increased
ArthralgiaCerebrovascular AccidentFeeling AbnormalPain In ExtremityFatigueAtrial Fibrillation
International Normalised Ratio IncreasedAbdominal DistensionOsteonecrosis Of JawDepressionDyspnoea
HypoaesthesiaHaematuriaOsteoarthritisFallCardiac Failure Congestive
AtelectasisSplenomegalyDeep Vein ThrombosisDyspnoeaFatigue
AstheniaPleural FibrosisOedema PeripheralInfectionInjury

* Some reports may have incomplete information.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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  • Sodium phosphate sensitivity - chlortrimaton helps
    When I eat meat or any product with Sodium Phosphate in it, either in one large dose or cumulatively I get all of these symptoms. It gets worse if I eat it in consecutive meals and/or days. Taking Chlortrimaton eases the symptoms. The Doctor says this is not an allergy but is a sensitivity to Sodium Phosphate. There are other meat tenderizers and preservatives that have one or more of the symptoms listed but I have not been able to identify them.
  • The effect of magnesium citrate on coumadin
    the combination of coumadin and magnesium citrate guarantees too low INR
  • Not a great experience
    I was on norvasc for two months and had to go off because of severe swelling of feet and legs. Also rapid heart beat and very profuse sweating. it was horrible. It also raised my blood pressure. after going off BP dropped by @least 10 points both diastolic and systolic.
  • Celebrex is absolutely terrible (1 response)
    I got a three-day trial pack from my doctor on July 12. On July 13, I got my period, which lasted eight days and was extremely heavy and painful (and I usually have to switch out super-plus tampons and an overnight pad every 6-7 hours, so heavier than that is impressive). No pain relief for my hips/knees/back.

    I finally got insurance sorted out a week and a half later and started my 30-day supply. I got my period (again! And once more heavy and painful!) on July 30, and am currently on day 8. No sign of it slowing or stopping. Still no pain relief, and it's been close to two weeks. I can't take my Tramadol or ibuprofen, and all I'm getting out of the Celebrex is weight gain, worsening depression, and period problems.

    If there was a rating system on this site, Celebrex would get as close to negative points as it would allow.
  • Losartan cause deep vein thrombosis
    have had two knee surgeries ,a lumbar decompression, after this three surgeries start taken Losartan potassium and two months later have had a lumbar fusion after this I suffered a Deep Vein Thrombosis, continues taken Losartan for more of year and half, I notice is a bad combination when my older physician increase high dose of Warfarin I was losing mi Vision and stopped Losartan by my self and my vision is great now. my new physician told me that is OK that I had stopped taken Losartan. and I strongly believe that this cause me the DVT.

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (1 year ago):

  • Items in section 3 are currently under evaluation. Most began to emerge, subtly, approximately 11 years ago and have intensified over the past 2-3 years. Myelomalacia involving a 9.5-cm segment of the posterior column of the spinal cord was demonstrated on MRI 2 weeks ago.


  • From this study (2 years ago):

  • I tried to modify my first report but couldn't t so I must add that my main problem at this point is low blood pressure. my range is now between 103-to 110 high and my low is 60 -75. Pulse varies from 47 to 60.I also have arrhythmia which I think is due to excessive dehydration under physical exercise because of the medication zestortetic which is also a 2 way medication one being water reduction. I am not sure if this low pressure is what causes me to be fatigue all the time and no resistance to physical work. when I do well my blood pressure is up in the 130,s. so I assume that's part of the problem. My doctor is worried about the combination of Celebrex and Coumadin but no adverse reaction as of yet. In fact Celebrex fixed my back completely and did not alter my INR and stools are normal. Because of my doctors concerns my intake of Celebrex was reduced to 100 mgs in the morning and 100 mgs at night. My back pain returned and is severe. I am looking for an alternative. I must add that my low blood pressure happened after an arrhythmia episode and never returned to normal.


  • From this study (2 years ago):

  • My assumption is that when I train at the gym or work physically hard and sweat the zestoretic which is part water eliminator is too much. I assume blood pressure and water retention in my case should be separate. My doctor has concerns with celebrex and Coumadin but I have not seen any change in the inr because of it and no stomach or bleeding in the stools.This Celebrex really does wonders for me. I take the 200 mg in the morning and 200 at night. The 100mg Celebrex is not strong enough to be effective.


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Complete drug side effects:

On eHealthMe, Warfarin Sodium (warfarin sodium) is often used to treat blood clots. Celebrex (celecoxib) is often used to treat arthritis. Find out below the conditions the drugs are used for, how effective they are, and any alternative drugs that you can use to treat those same conditions.

What is the drug used for and how effective is it:

Other drugs that are used to treat the same conditions:

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