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From FDA reports: drug interactions between Tarceva, Omeprazole

This is a study of Tarceva, Omeprazole drug interactions. The study is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 585 people who take the same drugs and have drug interactionsfrom FDA.

On Sep, 16, 2014: 585 people who reported to have interactions when taking Tarceva, Omeprazole are studied

Trend of Tarceva, Omeprazole's drug interactions, side effects, and effectiveness reports (2781839)

Information of the patient in this study:

Gender: male

Conditions: Lung Neoplasm Malignant

Drugs taking:
- Tarceva: used for < 1 month
- Omeprazole

Drug interactions have: Brain Neoplasm, Haemorrhage, Hemiparesis, Insomnia, Malignant Neoplasm Progression, Ulcer

eHealthMe real world results:

For people in general (regardless of gender or age):

Comparison with this patient's adverse outcomes:

InteractionNumber of reports
Brain Neoplasm (tumour of brain)4 (0.68%)
Haemorrhage (bleeding)24 (4.10%)
Hemiparesis (weakness on one side of the body)2 (0.34%)
Insomnia (sleeplessness)10 (1.71%)
Malignant Neoplasm Progression (cancer tumour came back)74 (12.65%)
Ulcer (stomach ulcer)14 (2.39%)

Most common interactions experienced by people in the use of Tarceva, Omeprazole:

InteractionNumber of reports
Rash (redness)90
Nausea (feeling of having an urge to vomit)84
Dehydration (dryness resulting from the removal of water)80
Malignant Neoplasm Progression (cancer tumour came back)74
Decreased Appetite (decreased appetite occurs when you have a reduced desire to eat)54
Pyrexia (fever)52

Most common interactions experienced by people in long term use of Tarceva, Omeprazole:

InteractionNumber of reports
Disease Progression4
Sudden Death4
Central Line Infection (infection by central line in icu)2
Blood Pressure Diastolic Decreased2
Pleural Effusion (water on the lungs)2
Pericardial Effusion (fluid around the heart)2

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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Complete side effects:

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