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Review: could Depo-provera cause Depression?

We study 9,927 people who have side effects while taking Depo-provera from FDA and social media. Among them, 714 have Depression. Find out below who they are, when they have Depression and more.

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Depo-provera (latest outcomes from 10,337 users) has active ingredients of medroxyprogesterone acetate. It is often used in birth control.


Depression (latest reports from 1,155,565 patients) has been reported by people with quit smoking, multiple sclerosis, pain, osteoporosis, high blood pressure.

On Oct, 13, 2014: 9,918 people reported to have side effects when taking Depo-provera. Among them, 714 people (7.20%) have Depression.

Trend of Depression in Depo-provera reports

Time on Depo-provera when people have Depression * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ years

Age of people who have Depression when taking Depo-provera * :


Severity of Depression when taking Depo-provera ** :

leastmoderateseveremost severe

How people recovered from Depression ** :

while on the drugafter off the drugnot yet

Top conditions involved for these people * :

  1. Contraception (232 people, 32.49%)
  2. Endometriosis (36 people, 5.04%)
  3. Depression (33 people, 4.62%)
  4. Blood cholesterol increased (21 people, 2.94%)
  5. Asthma (20 people, 2.80%)

Top co-used drugs for these people * :

  1. Accutane (45 people, 6.30%)
  2. Lexapro (35 people, 4.90%)
  3. Effexor (35 people, 4.90%)
  4. Paxil (30 people, 4.20%)
  5. Seroquel (27 people, 3.78%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

** Reports from social media are used.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (2 years ago):

  • Carmen on May, 4, 2012:

    My experience with Depo has been a nightmare/horror story that seems to never end. I physically look and feel different compared to before my shot. First let me say that I took this shot a few times when I was about 17/18 years old. Didn't 'think' I had any side effects back then.... Had the shot for the first time since then back in September of 2010....NEVER AGAIN! Let me add to the past by saying now with all of the side effects I began experiencing within 2 weeks of that September 2010 shot, I now realize I DID have side effects when I was younger, I just didn't realize it then. My whole life my vision was 20/20 until I was about 18/19/20. My eyes began bothering me, felt blurry all the time, was having alot of headaches. Found out I suddenly had a stigmatism that I never had before. I've had circulation problems all through my 20's. So fast forward....2 weeks after my shot in September of 2010, I began experiencing horrifying hair changes and I began bleeding. It was 'that time of the month' after that every single day through January of 2011. Yes, 4-5 months of bleeding every day!


    Carmen on May, 4, 2012:

    (The rest of my comment continued from above) My hair? My hair became extremely extremely disgustingly greasy and slowly became thinner and thinner. Before that, my hair was beautiful, thick, naturally curly/wavy. The kind of hair that I could wear curly or straighten with a flat iron. Once I finally realized the cause, I didnt' go back for my second shot! I realized when researching my hair issues....I was HORRIFIED! Also at that time...I had lost all of my pregnancy weight from giving birth to twins just 7 months before this. That August I was teeny tiny. I ate right and exercised all of that pregnancy weight off. My whole life I never ever had problems with my weight. After a baby I would lose the weight if I ate right and exercised. Well, within the first 6 months of depo for me, I gained 10-20 pounds. Ok, so I tried to stop my hair problems. I'm still fighting these problems almost 2 years after that shot. I have some other health issues that I wonder if it could be related to the shots when I was younger. Heart issues, breathing issues, back issues. The back issues just started this past year. Where it's hard for me to sit up straight. Fast forward to now. I've managed to control my hair even though it will never be the same again. I use organic shampoos only, preferably anything with Green Tea. It helps a lot if you have this problem with oily hair which I NEVER had until 2 weeks after that shot in September! My hair texture has also changed like someone else commented. My hair seems stringy and dry now, along with a little bit oily inspite of the organic shampoo that thankfully helps because it could be so much worse! At one point I avoided conditioner for almost a year!


    Carmen on May, 4, 2012:

    (sorry, there was more to my comment....continued from above...this is it though :) Before this experience my hair was the opposite, I would struggle to tame my mane because it was so thick, etc. As for my weight, I am disgusted. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to lose this 10-15 pounds. I lost 5 or so but can't get the rest off. I want to vomit when I look at myself. I'm also severely bloated ALLL day no matter how much or little I eat! It seems like I gain weight just from breathing! Mood problems. I already have mood issues, so this shot made them worse. That is pretty much under control now though. Within the past year, I also started having problems with my legs, bad circulation problems through my whole body with veins. Even my arms. But my legs also had bad edema at one point. I take Horsechestnut and it helps my circulation a lot. If I miss a pill my legs ache. My legs were in a lot of pain. My knees started bothering me a lot too, I can feel what my mother says sounds like 'calcium deposits'....a strange noise my knees make. Like a popping noise? when I move them a certain way. Not all the time. I started taking Tums as a calcium supplement recently too. Another thing I do with my hair is I take a prenatal helps with the hair loss problem!!! Helped a lot actually. I feel like I look really old and terrible lately. This didn't start until after the depo. Hopefully I will be able to get back to the old weight and hair make me want to cry sometimes because I'm trying and trying but my hair is just not the same. My belly looks like I'm 3 months pregnant sometimes from the bloating. Doesn't make you feel so pretty.... :(


    Carmen on May, 4, 2012:

    I should add my age....and years. Sorry, I realized it was a bit confusing with my time line. First shot was back in 1996. I had at least 3 - 4 back then if not more. I am 33 now. Was 17 when I had my first shot. So I had a few shots at 17/18. Then took birth control pills after that or abstained. September of 2010 took depo for the 'convenience'. Let me tell you young ladies something....the convenience is soooo NOT worth it! Your best bet honestly? is to abstain! seriously....with all the side effects of the pill and the's scary. Stroke...heart attack...breast cancer...bone density loss. None of these seem real until it happens to you. I know I would think 'not me'. ehhh wrong! It got not worth it.


    Marie on Nov, 9, 2012:

    I first got it when I was 17. I took it for a couple of years and experienced stiff joints like arthritis and also had vision problems. My eyes were mostly just sensitive to light and reading things close up made them tired and strained. Although I could see it was like it made me tired trying to see and then the headaches would start. Now I am 33 and I got the shot a few years ago and ever since then I have had a world of weird problems that are just like multiple sclerosis symptoms. My legs go numb at night when I lay on my back or side( I have to sleep on my stomach). I have to get up and walk around and stomp my feet to get the feeling back. My eyes still drive me crazy and have gotten worse to the light sensitivity. I get miserably tired alot especially in the evenings. Its like I can't even think right sometimes.I always prefer to be in a dim room with as little lights on in the background as possible. I wear sunglasses now to drive at night. I feel tingling in my face usually once or twice a day. I have weird feelings in my head and get bad headaches often. I've tried to run for exercise to maybe make the exhausted feeling better and my legs would burn and itch while running. I am also sensitive to drinking warm or hot drinks. It makes me feel light headed and my vision seems worse. I know its all crazy but I was absolutely healthy and never complained about anything before I used this birth control. I recently read where the depo shot increases the level of glutamate in the cerebrospinal fluid which is also increased when you have multiple sclerosis. Some women have been diagnosed with MS while on the shot and they get off of it and some have gotten better and told they no longer have MS. So I am thinking that the longer someone is on this shot the worse things will be and that it is causing nerve damage. Optic neuritis is one of the first signs of MS and I believe the shot must cause it also!


    Elizabeth on Dec, 6, 2012:

    I started experiencing many of the symptoms you listed right around my 30th birthday. I am 47 now. I was diagnosed with MS after a long, hard battle to get a diagnosis. Because I was female with a long history of deptression, I was basically told it was in my head. I went through 3 spinal taps, every type of testing known. I weent to Mayo and they lost my records! There is NO definitive test for MS. Sometimes an MRI shows a lesion right away. Other times, it takes awhile. Naturally, I had no lesions, confirming it was all in my head. My symptoms were treated (and sometimes they were awful), but I felt placated. After 7 years, I finally showed a lesion. Pretty sad that I was excited! I finally thought to ask my neurologist how many people with MS never have lesions? His response --5%. I said "So why couldn't I have been that 5% all along? He didn't answer. This is an exceedingly long way to say listen to your body. Don't ignore the strange feelings. I don't know about other health issues, but with MS, the sooner the treatment, the slower the progression. And BTW, my neurologist and I have developed a mutually trusting relationship and I am virtually free all these years later! Be well!


    Karlsa on Feb, 22, 2013:

    Hi, I'm 44.. took my first Dapo shot on 04/10/10 until 10/03/2012. I had some spotting and irregular bleeding like thr times, loss weight, perhaps mood swings, nothing major. About 2 or 3 months after I quit, I started having MS symptoms, my left leg and arm are numb, tingling, 24/7, extreme fatigue, loss of vision, lost strength on my hands, etc 100% MS symptoms; I'm going to have a Neck MRI to check for MS and now I wonder if it was caused by long dapo provera usage. I never experienced this symptoms before in my life nor does anyone in my family ever had it either.


    Melissa on Mar, 12, 2013:

    I was a depo provera user for 6 years. I wish I knew then what I know now. I am 40 years old.I have not had a depo shot in about 2 years now. After a couple bone density scans my doctor said I had low bone density and wanted me off depo immediately. I never got another shot. Since then I have had excruciating pain when I lay down. I get strong sharp pains and not heat not cold help me. I got xrays done on my arms and my legs to show nothing, all my blood tests were fine. MRI shows I have degenerative disc disease, bulging disk and spinal stenosis. Research shows people over 50 usually get spinal stenosis.Horrifying at my age especially wnen no one in my famiy has similar issues :(


    Melissa on Mar, 12, 2013:

    Try to get a lumbar spine MRI done too thats what showed what all my problems are......degenerative disk, spinal stenosis etc.


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