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Review: could Eligard cause Cyp2d6 polymorphism?

Summary: there is no Cyp2d6 polymorphism reported by people who take Eligard yet.

We study 238 people who have side effects while taking Eligard from FDA and social media. Find out below who they are, when they have Cyp2d6 polymorphism and more.

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Eligard has active ingredients of leuprolide acetate. It is often used in prostate cancer. (latest outcomes from Eligard 630 users)

Cyp2d6 polymorphism

Cyp2d6 polymorphism (latest reports from Cyp2d6 polymorphism 12 patients)

On Dec, 21, 2014: No report is found

Do you have Cyp2d6 Polymorphism while taking Eligard?

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  • Your experience with eligard
    (Asked by a 76 year old man who has Prostate Cancer Metastatic, and takes Eligard)
    I started out with Firmagon in April 2013. They decided that I could be alergic to it after my belly swelled up and turned red. Switched to Eligard January 2014. The eligard causes more unwanted symptoms than the Firmagon. I would like to just stop taking this drug even though it has reduced ...

  • I am a 38 yr old who was treated for endometriosis with 6 mos. of lupron. my body hasn't been the same since, 5 years later. is there a link between lupron & thyroid disfunction & infertility?
    (Asked by a 39 year old woman who has Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Higher Than Normal FHS Levels, Infertility Female, and takes Lupron)
    I was healthy and active before going on Lupron (against my better judgement). During the time I was on it I experienced hot flashes, night sweats, waking up to got to bathroom, frequent urination, flaking of scalp skin, loss of hair, weight gain, and a foot injury that came out of nowhere. It's b ...

  • Lupron and rheumatoid arthritis
    (Asked by a 47 year old woman who has Lung Disease - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Hot Flashes, Vascular Dementia, and takes Lupron)
    I took Lupron off and on for many years due to a medical condition and now my joints hurt so bad and lock and pop so bad. I took Lupron injections for a total of 24 months, could this be the cause if such pain in my joints and if so what can I do to prevent it from getting worse? And chronic breathi ...

  • Will joint pain, night sweats and hot flashes go way?
    (Asked by a 48 year old woman who has Uterine Fibroids, Endometriosis, and takes Lupron Depot)
    I have joint pain in finger joints, wrists, elbows, severe in hips, ankles, feet, knees. I also have night sweats, hot flashes, stiffness and can't sleep long. I had three one month Lupron Depot shots followed by a three month dosage. The symptoms got really bad after the three month dosage. Wil ...

  • I'm experiencing lack of strength and stamina while on luprondepot. i've had hdr with ebrt and september will be 6 mo. of lupron. i'm supposed to get 2 years of the drug but feel lousy. any thoughts?
    (Asked by a 77 year old man who has Prostate Cancer Stage Iii, Pacemaker, and takes Lupron Depot)
    I'd like to stop taking Lupron Depot at the end of the 6 month period and forgo the entire 2 years of shots. My quality of life has greatly diminished since it's a struggle to do even mild exercise, and I'm concerned about heart complications and bone fractures while on the drug. I've been an activ ...

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  • Lupron for prostate cancer and the efects on tia
    (Posted by a 70 year old man who has Prostatic Specific Antigen Increased, and takes Lupron)
    got a shot on friday had a tia that best buddy had done the same thing and didn't wake up the next morning (4 months ago )he had a stroke i am scared to take this anymore..

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  • A study of side effects of Lupron Depot for a patient with Endometriosis. The patient has Ketonuria (ketones in urine)
    Comments: Urine has smelled like I ate asparagus for past 2 weeks. (None has been actually eaten) Got second lupron shot 22.5 mg about 3 weeks ago and that evening slipped on ice and fell on injection site. Onset of odor was preceded by sharp tin foil taste in mouth for about 4 days that occurred when eating ...
  • A study of drug interactions between Rapaflo, Gemfibrozil, Azor, Lupron for a patient with Urine Output Increased, Total Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Decreased, Prostate Cancer Stage I. The patient has Muscle Aches
    Comments: within the last six months I have experienced achy joints and muscles. My scalp breaks out in a rash I have itchy spots on chest and upper abdomen. My B-12 is low and white blood count was low. I had one doctor treat me for one month for Lyme disease with no help, and I have a lot of the side effect ...
  • A study of side effects of Lupron for a patient with Endometriosis. The patient has Jeannie Wesley
    Comments: 2004 Feb. injection of sample drug, march 2nd injection, stopped due to pain in the beginning felt crazy and mean, now disabled with sever bone pain, back pain, memory loss etc This was given for a cyst on my RT. overy, uterus and left overy removed in 2000 therefore given off label, I had a great j ...
  • A study of side effects of Lupron Depot-3 for a patient with Fibroids. The patient has Bone And Joint Pain
    Comments: eight weeks post hysterectomy, all my joints and bones started to ache. Then same time developed carpal tunnel syndrome to both hands. Still had hot flashes, palpitations insomnia .
  • A study of side effects of Lupron Depot-3 for a patient with Endometriosis. The patient has Joint Pain
    Comments: Fatigue, depression, joint pain, muscle aches, blurry vision, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure.... I was very healthy prior to Lupron injections for endometriosis...Now I have been diagnosed with all these things

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