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Review: could Mirena cause Endometriosis?

We study 62,524 people who have side effects while taking Mirena from FDA and social media. Among them, 90 have Endometriosis. Find out below who they are, when they have Endometriosis and more.

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Mirena (latest outcomes from 62,867 users) has active ingredients of levonorgestrel. It is often used in birth control.


Endometriosis (appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain) (latest reports from 11,216 patients) has been reported by people with multiple sclerosis, birth control, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, osteoporosis.

On Jul, 12, 2014: 62,517 people reported to have side effects when taking Mirena. Among them, 90 people (0.14%) have Endometriosis. They amount to 0.80% of all the 11,197 people who have Endometriosis on eHealthMe.

Trend of Endometriosis in Mirena reports

Time on Mirena when people have Endometriosis * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ years

Age of people who have Endometriosis when taking Mirena * :


Severity of Endometriosis when taking Mirena ** :


How people recovered from Endometriosis ** :


Top conditions involved for these people * :

  1. Contraception (45 people, 50.00%)
  2. Menorrhagia (14 people, 15.56%)
  3. Endometriosis (12 people, 13.33%)
  4. Anxiety disorder (4 people, 4.44%)
  5. Prophylaxis (3 people, 3.33%)

Top co-used drugs for these people * :

  1. Albuterol (4 people, 4.44%)
  2. Yasmin (4 people, 4.44%)
  3. Alprazolam sr (4 people, 4.44%)
  4. Seasonique (2 people, 2.22%)
  5. Nsaid's (2 people, 2.22%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

** Reports from social media are used.

Comments for this study:

Missesllj (9 months ago):

I am 21 and I had my IUD put in in July of 2012 and had problems pop up after. I was getting extremely bad cramps that would take me to the ground sex became unbearable and the pain made me so sick I couldn't eat anymore. Finally went to the doctor and the ultrasound showed I had 8 ovarian cysts so I was put on meds for a month and went back with little relief they then ordered a laparoscopy which showed endometriosis keep in mind I had never had an ovarian cyst before getting the mirena nor any problems in that area. I was told that it was genetic blah it's not I have no family history of this I've done my family research. I think it's odd how I've read hundreds of posts of women being diagnosed with endometriosis after having a mirena put in. And for endogirl maybe you should do your research there is ingredients in medication and lots of other products (deodorant being one) that cause something called reproductive toxicity which is a cause of endometriosis. There's a lot more to endometriosis than are in the books so like I said do your research before you tell these people they are wrong.
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samantha (1 year ago):

hey i had the IUD back in 2008, my dr said the first one fell out an they put a second one in an i had problems with that. had it taking out in 2009 an was told that it was put in wrong an me an my husband cant get pregant right now an we have been trying for the past 4 year. so i think the IUD has caused problems with me.
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endogirl (2 years ago):

For those with endo...Mirena DID NOT cause it. You were probably born with it. Also medications cannot cause endometriosis. Please, for yourself and others, do some research and educate yourselves! There are plenty of books on endo. I get very tired of reading misrepresentations of endometriosis and what causes it...this is why it is not taken seriously.
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brittany (2 years ago):

I had the mirena about 4 years ago and had it in for about 4 months and started to have very bad pelvic pains, i had it taken out and 2 months later i was told that i have endo... this is very disappointing for me cuz i was on 19 at the time. my husband and i have been trying to have a baby since my iud was taken out... and still no luck.. does anyone else feel it was the mirena that caused the endo? also visit and the mirena iud is listed on there... all the symptons they talk about are symtpons of the endo...
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Carrie (28 yrs) (2 years ago):

I really wish you the best. I struggled just trying to get the diagnosis for over a year. I will someday have endo again, it's bound to happen. For now though, it seems to be at bay. I've been put on Lo Estrin 24 to help control it from coming back, if you can remember to take a pill everyday I would suggest you go that route. Mirena was great for the simplicity of not having to take something everyday, but not worth the pain everyday. If you can, it would be better to try to get pregnant sooner rather than later, if the endo gets too overwhelming for your system your chances of naturally getting pregnant will decline rapidly. Best of luck to you!
Also, I've heard there is a suit against the manufacturers of Mirena due to their not being fully honest about side effects. I'm thinking of looking into it myself.
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Trista (2 years ago):

When I had the lap surgery the Dr. removed the IUD at that time since I was coming near the five year mark. He recommended to have a new one fitted. The second Mirena I did fine with but the treatments are killing me ( not literally). I really do want to get pregnant but right now in at this time, financially isn't the best. I have read up on endo and I did find that getting pregnant is also the best option for it. I'm talking with my Dr. today about possibly removing the Mirena since this will also be my last treatment for the Lupron Depot.

I'm glad to hear that you haven't had any endo reoccurring. I'll keep you updated with what the Dr. says and how things go.
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Carrie (2 years ago):

I also used Mirena and about 3 years after having it inserted had to undergo laproscopic surgery to remove the endo. I had a very rough start with the Mirena, for several months I had uncontrolled bleeding and extremely heavy periods. My doctor, (who by the way was the best!)requested I have the Mirena removed and then he do the surgery. Told me it was "textbook" and then gave me several options to treat my endo after the surgery. Including the time consuming Lupo Depron. The best option in his opinion was to try to get pregnant, which was a plan I had anyways. I became pregnant and have yet to have any issues with endo. I've been endo free for almost three years now and have a handsome little boy. I will never go back to Mirena. It was a total nightmare.
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Trista (2 years ago):

I've always had heavy bleeding until I got the mirena. I was fine for years. Then the last two and a half years of being on the Mirena, I started having extreme pelvic pain. My GYN did a laparoscopy diagnostic and come to find out I have endometriosis. Could the Mirena have caused the endometriosis? I've never had endometriosis and I'm only 27. My husband and I would like to have a kid but we don't want to try since I'm going through treatments and those treatments are a pain to deal with. I'm having severe mood swings, depression ( which I already have but has worsened ), migraines, forgetfulness, and massive weight gain, not including extreme cravings. I had the surgery in April of this year and a new Mirena put in at that time. That's when everything started to get worse. I still have some pelvic pain now that im also on a ten day estrogen tabs for when i get my monthly injection. Im worried that the Mirena caused that endometriosis and i might never be able to get pregnant.
I was having the signs of bei pregnant with feel nausious by the smell and site of food for over a week. I was tested twice and both came out negative. Please help me in finding out if the Mirena is the cause of this.
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  • From this study (2 days ago):

  • I DO NOT recommend this device for ANYONE. I have had it for 13 months and it has completely changed every aspect of my life. All of my symptoms began around the 12-month mark except the excess vaginal secretions and odor which began almost instantly. I also blacked out for the first time in my ife while using Mirena which was the most terrifying experience I have ever had.

    It does prevent pregnancy but it is ruining my physical and mental health. I hope to have it removed soon.
    Hopefully this will help anyone out there in my situation. You don't have to take my word for it either. Research it on your own.


    Lisa on Mar, 9, 2013:

    I am 34 yr old female who chose to have the IUD placed for painful/heavy periods after having side effects from oral birth control. I had it placed 3 months ago. Since then I have had severe mood swings ranging from anger/aggitation to severe depression. I have gain 15 pounds (in 3 months), all in my abdomen- I look 6-7 months pregnant and no longer fit in any of my pants. I have severe headaches from the moment I wake up until I go to bed- to the point it feels like my head will explode- I take 3 aleve daily and that does nothing for the pain. I have no sex drive, and started having vaginal dryness- for which I was prescibed a vaginal estrogen cream.When the IUD was placed, I bled for almost the whole 3 months to the point I am anemic. I have changed NOTHING in my lifestyle since having the Mirena placed- I am active, work out 3-4 days a week, eat healthy. So, since having the Mirena placed I am on Iron for anemia, been on 2 different anti-depressants, have a vaginal cream. I have called my Dr who said all these side effects are 'normal'. It is not NORMAL for me- I am NOT the same person I was only 3 months ago. I am having this taken out as soon as possible. I am a nurse, and thought I researched this enough, until I started reading these blogs and see how many women have had the same side effects. Some women have had none. I STRONGLY encourage any woman to read more than what the medical and IUD websites state- read what real women are feeling.


    Mandy on Mar, 10, 2013:

    I have been having some of the same effects I informed my OB/GYN that I would probly want top have it removed. They told me that the insurance said when they paid for it I would have to try it for six months.I didn't remember them telling me that nore did I sign an agreement. When I got upset about this they sent me a letter that they dropped me as a patient. Now how am I supposed to get this thing out?


    Vee on May, 30, 2014:

    Hello I'm 45 years old and electively requested IUD. I have now had Merena for 2.5 months or so and I'm having severe joint pain in many parts of body and bone pains that I never had prior to the IUD. It is 5/30/14 and I'm currently trying to contact my MD to have this removed!!! It's making me sick. ;( ;( I hope this pain goes away once removed. Has anyone pain resided?? I'm regretting that I am using the Merina now.


    Vee on May, 30, 2014:

    I should add I have also gained a,lot of stomachs weight!!! This med should be banned my body is not right!! Aches all over


    Maria on Jun, 2, 2013:

    I had my mirena put in 11 months ago for horrible cramps and heavy periods. I started having breast tenderness, severe mood swings, then milky nipple drainage. I was also having pregnancy symptoms. I reported ithese symptoms to my object/gyn and dismissed them. I was pissed. I took matters into my own hand. I consulted a homeopathic doctor. I take some supplements from natures sunshine called liver balance and proactizyme. I feel sooooooo much better. If i deviate from the amount im supposed to take all the symptoms come back. Good luck to you. Know there is hope for feeling better.


    Cat on Jun, 20, 2014:

    I am 50 years of age now but had a Mirena fitted at the age of 46 after my GP suggested I should go off the contraceptive pill. I have always had menstral problems, heavy periods and pain etc. but whilst I was on the pill everything was manageable. My GP suggested a Mirena to control my periods so I had one fitted. For the first couple of months I noticed only slight side affects I.e. mood swings, and I always had this feeling that something wasn't right, like I had something inside me that shouldn't be there. After 3 months I started to notice I was having difficulty turning taps on and gripping things with my hands. It cam eon quite suddenly and within a month of the first of those symptoms, I really started to worry that I would be crippled with arthritis in my hands within a few months. I spent time on web sites and found a few stories of people with these type of side affects, so after much encouragement from family decided to go and have my GP remove the Mirena. Best thing I ever did, and within 2 weeks my arthritis was completely gone. Don't know why or what caused it, but deep down I think it was the Mirena. It doesnt stop there though. The Mentral problems I was having were manageable, but sine then they are out of control and I have now been diagnosed with Andeomyosis. I had a pelvic ultrasound when the Mirena was fitted and it was not found then, but now I have it. Again dont know what's caused it, but things have not been the same for me since that Mirenda was fitted. I am sure there are many women out there who don't have these issues, but I think something must be done to warn women these types of side affects can happen, and the impact to their quality of life and emotional well being is being compromised.


    Tiffany G on Jun, 27, 2014:

    Thank you for posting that! I am 30 & had the murena put in 2 1/2 weeks ago & just had it removed yesterday. I couldn't even wait the three months that it so adversely affected me. My doctor wanted me to wait it out & boy am I glad I didn't!!! I don't normally suffer from depression, but I'd feel depressed or outraged for no reason,loss of interest in sex & exercise have headaches, abdominal pain, odor & over the weekend I contracted seborrhic dermatitis & had to have an anti fungal cream prescribed! The doctor did not think all these symptoms were caused by the IUD, but I know my body & it was feeling pretty amazing up until I got it put in. Upon waking up with out it today, I feel amazing & miraculously the rash is disappearing... hmm & I know it isn't just from the cream helping! So fine, an IUD might works for some, but I've seen a lot more who it works against. Have doubts? Look & feel like crap? Do yourself a favour & get it removed! A stupid contraception device shouldn't run your life or make you feel miserable! It's NOT worth risking your health, like I did.


    Tiffany G on Jun, 27, 2014:

    If you still have your insurance, I would either find a new OB or go to the emergency room! If your having issues, I strongly encourage you to seek help in getting it out! I will keep you in my prayers!


    Tiffany G on Jun, 27, 2014:

    YES!! I would be restless all night because my joints in my legs felt as though I had severe arthritis & I'm only 30! I read on the murena IUD webpage, that you can get arthritic-like symptoms... since I had it removed those pains have ceased.


    Tiffany G on Jun, 27, 2014:

    I sincerely agree! & I see way too many doctors dismiss these problems & build the murena up to be something of a miracle! Yeah... a miracle I didn't loose my mind while I was on it... something must be done to spread more awareness. Also, I believe doctors don't warn us enough about side effects. Almost like they want us to believe there are none or when we get them, they want us to think something else is causing it when we all know by our women intuition that it is the IUD!! Lol


  • From this study (2 weeks ago):

  • I have had the mirena coil for 2 years my thyroid growth appeared after 6 months of fitting. I have 3 growths on both sides one large two very small


  • From this study (2 weeks ago):

  • Sharp pains under rt armpit comes and goes. Breast tenderness in both breasts.


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