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Review: could Omeprazole cause Tinnitus?

We study 89,814 people who have side effects while taking Omeprazole from FDA and social media. Among them, 342 have Tinnitus. Find out below who they are, when they have Tinnitus and more.

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Omeprazole (latest outcomes from 92,674 users) has active ingredients of omeprazole. It is often used in gastroesophageal reflux disease.


Tinnitus (a ringing in the ears) (latest reports from 115,308 patients) has been reported by people with depression, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, high blood cholesterol, stress and anxiety.

On Sep, 14, 2014: 89,769 people reported to have side effects when taking Omeprazole. Among them, 346 people (0.39%) have Tinnitus.

Trend of Tinnitus in Omeprazole reports

Time on Omeprazole when people have Tinnitus * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ years

Gender of people who have Tinnitus when taking Omeprazole * :


Age of people who have Tinnitus when taking Omeprazole * :


Severity of Tinnitus when taking Omeprazole ** :

leastmoderateseveremost severe

How people recovered from Tinnitus ** :

while on the drugafter off the drugnot yet

Top conditions involved for these people * :

  1. Depression (45 people, 13.01%)
  2. Hypertension (42 people, 12.14%)
  3. Gastrooesophageal reflux disease (32 people, 9.25%)
  4. Dyspepsia (29 people, 8.38%)
  5. Multiple myeloma (25 people, 7.23%)

Top co-used drugs for these people * :

  1. Lorazepam (71 people, 20.52%)
  2. Clonazepam (70 people, 20.23%)
  3. Neurontin (59 people, 17.05%)
  4. Aspirin (56 people, 16.18%)
  5. Mirtazapine (45 people, 13.01%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

** Reports from social media are used.

Comments for this study:

Martins (5 months ago):

hello everyone, i have tinitus since four month ago. I started with this sintomatic after using omeprazole in convination with clonazepan. after i've been read this article ,i suspended omeprazole and day by day the tinitus frequency is less. i want to leave my experience to help to people who have tinitus and who use this convination of drugs.
It's important to know that the recuperation process is very slow and it's necesary keep calm.
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Paul (3 years ago):

I've been taking omeprazole for almost 2 years and you're not going to believe this... I too had an fainting attack. Thought it might be MS, or brain tumor, but everything (MRI Scan, Heart Tests) came back clear.

I've also got an itchy foot.
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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (1 year ago):

  • I take losartan, 100mg., one per day. I had a problem with getting my script refilled and did not take the losartan for one week. Instead I took an atenalol. This morning I restarted the losartan and the severe tinnitus came back. I had not even realized that it was gone until it returned.


  • From this study (1 year ago):

  • Kevin Peters Ph.d on Mar, 4, 2013:

    Sammy, I'm a white 45 male; just wanted to agree on that Klonopin remark. When I was 21 I had my second kidney transplant which was a BAD issue all together, at any rate the hospital did not include my medications taken at home after my surgery. I went thru the worst hallucinations and jerking and seizures you could ever possibly imagine. This went on for almost 3 1/2 weeks before we decided to have me taken OUT of the hospital and relocated before they ended up taking my life. Then the whole staff of paychology including the chief of psychiatry cane in my room to see what they could do, Finallu. During one of my few moments of clarity the C.O.F after blaming me if talking "drugs" prior to my transplant listened to my word of telling him the meds I was on before being admitted. After asking when was the last time I had received my Klonopin and me not knowing, he then reviewed the charts, and didn't see me receiving this med once. He stormed out of the room of about 9 docs and came back in with two Klonopin; for the first time in almost 4 weeks and after three surgeries the first 72 hours I was hospitalized, I was sleeping like a baby, for about 49 hours with NO MORE hallucinations, or seizures or jerking! I finally got out of there without a kidney since that kidney was supposed to go to another man named the same as I in a different city! I do take Xanax and probably always will. The half life on Klonopin is much different hence one if its dangers, Nevwr Ever stop this drug cold! I've been on dialysis 25 1/2 years now and suffered from intense skin cancers, but have fought and done all I can do to live a normal as possible life, working full time except when I'm in yet another surgery, over 32 general anesthetic procedures since 1987. I was the youngest boy-man to ever be on the USA soccer team ready to play in the Korea 1988 Olympics. What a change in life.....
    All the Best,
    K. Peters


    chris on Jun, 4, 2011:

    i have been taking clonzepam and trazedone and my speech is a very hoarse voice, I am wondering if if my speech problem is from these drugs's side effects.


    TwoDimes on Apr, 15, 2012:

    Upon occasion, I, too, have become hoarse and from the use of Klonopin. I was VERY hoarse when I tried to cold turkey off of 4mgs of Klonopin. I am now down to 1.5mgs per day and, still, (as I said, upon occasion, I become hoarse. I am sure that the use of Klonopin is the causative factor. - TwoDimes -


    SammySushi on Jul, 10, 2012:

    Omigosh, never cold turkey clonopin, esp that high of a dose. My dad had a major seizure and hallucinations doing so.


    Christophe on Nov, 13, 2012:

    I suffer from Hypothyroidism, High Cholesterol & Cancer survivor because of Zyprexa use and previously being prescribed Carbamezapine causing Thyroid damage. My best advice to you if you don't want Hypothyroidism is have regular blood tests, Thyroid damage can be undetected for up to 5 years with no symptoms found on regular blood tests prematurally. Make sure you buy iodised salt to use on food when eating this will help reduce your risk of getting Hypothyroidism. two signs of Hypothyriodism which the Carbamezapine & Zyprexa medication boxes labels wont tell you is if your face becomes puffed up, red or sun sensitive while taking these medications this is a sign of Hypothyroidism. It wont be found on your blood test but later on it could appear out of the blue. The other sign to look for is baldness or hair loss on your head, this is another symptom. I hope these comments will help you. You have to weight up the benefits and negatives taking medications if you decide to take these medicines or not. It depends on how you cope with the drug side effects.
    from Christophe


    AUDREY on Dec, 16, 2012:



    Sonya on Feb, 24, 2013:

    You definately need to take a stool softener...straining during defication can cause major problems in people with cardiac problems.


  • From this study (1 year ago):

  • Only symptom for first month was flatulence/lump in throat. 35 days in, tingling, visual disturbances started, had near-fainting episode with high HR, BP, thought it was panic attack. Woke up next morning and took another pill and started feeling like crap again. Stopped altogether. Went to GP and Neurologist who both stated "could not be the med." Feared the worst. EKG, blood, CT came back normal. Neuro assessment normal. Can't afford an MRI but doc said not MS so... kinda scared, though. Can't be a freaking coincidence that all this started after taking this pill. Questioned my mental health, people told me it was all in my head (anxiety, stress, not good sleep, burn out). Side effects seem to be tapering and are much improved lately, but fatigue is somewhat persistent, experience urinary frequency, and tingling comes back sporadically at weird times. Random muscles twitch all over my body, too. I'm at almost 5 weeks since last dose and these side effects are taking its toll. If anyone can shed light on their experience with this drug, and how long the recovery period is, I would appreciate it.


    Me on Jan, 3, 2011:

    Wow, I have the same side effects from Prilosec use of about 1 month. Started lump in the throat then with muscle aches, then blurry vision, waking with racing heart, dull pain in back, cold hands and nose and mild neurapathy. I have had a slew of tests, MRI,CTs, Blood, you name it and they all came back normal.

    Its been 4 months since I have stopped the Prilosec and symptoms are gradually reducing but they still come back from time to time.


    Opiesgirl on Jan, 4, 2011:

    help me please!!! User of Omeprazole since 10/23/2010. For the past couple of months i have noticed that my breasts are very sore and tender at all times. and my hands are like ice most days. this has all started with the meds and i am beginning to get worried. will my boobs ever not hurt again and will my hands ever warm up?


    Liz on Mar, 27, 2011:

    Wow - I took omeprazole for almost 5 months. I could have written the email above (from 13 months ago.) If you are still out there, let me know how you are doing. I have been off the drug just over two months. Still have tingling (toes,some hands and random areas) plus had muscle twitches. (I had the lump in the throat at the beginning with some bloating) The other symptoms didn't start until I had been taking omeprazole several months. MY GP & Neurologist also blew off the idea that it could be the omeprazole. Says not MS. (still scares me) I had an MRI of cervical & lumbar because of some earlier disk issues related to a car accident. Neuro said it couldn't be the disk issues causing the problem & no evidence of calcification (to indicate MS - although didn't check my brain.) Family thinks it's stress although my hubby thinks it 's the omeprazole. Once they think you're stressed most symptoms get written off to stress. How long did it take for the symptoms to "totally" go away (or have they?) Thanks-LIZ


    Pete on Nov, 12, 2012:

    I'm 37 years old and have been taking Omeprazole 10mg dosage for over 13 years now.

    I've been to see Neurologists over muscle twitching, muscular pain and severe pins and needles with numbness. No evidence of MS - MRI done and a thorough neuro exam. No problems found there at all.

    I've been having bladder issues too, not sure where they've been coming from.

    I recently started with kidney issues (lots of pain, possible kidney stones) so had an ultrasound of my abdomen. A level of calcification was found, although not yet significant. No other issues found.

    I also get really dry skin and eyes.

    I'm becoming convinced that the Omeprazole could be causing these issues and think it's time to stop. I'm trying to lose weight to deal with the underlying reflux issues instead. Avoiding alcohol, high acidic foods etc should help too.

    The doctors refuse to entertain the idea that Omeprazole could be a problem, but have no other explanation for my issues, other than saying I have anxiety issues (for which I have been seeing a psychologist). This is all true, but then anxiety is also a possible side effect of Omeprazole!


    Jen on Feb, 27, 2013:

    Was wandering if any of you got over your symptoms. My friend has had a long list of bad side effects from this drug, weight loss, anxiety, night sweats, palpitations, feeling low, numbness, muscle twitching. She stopped the drug in September but since then has had awful muscle cramps in different areas of her body. She is going to see a neurologist, who has already said to the doctor it's unlikely to be the drug. I was wandering did you ever get over the side effects. It feels like its going on forever for her.


    Kimberly on Apr, 4, 2013:

    I just started this and I am on day one. I am on dexamethasone (sp?) 4mg 3 times daily. I have a pounding heartbeat. and seems irregular too:/ my symptoms started just before bed (9 hour difference than when I first took it) Not sure if this helps you..but I am sure in the same boat with you. Thought it was panic attacks...These drugs are killing us. :/ i hate taking these...i took it for viral bronchitis.


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