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Review: could Tamiflu cause Taste loss?

Summary: Taste loss is found among people who take Tamiflu, especially for people who are female, 50-59 old, have been taking the drug for < 1 month, also take medication Prozac, and have Flu.

We study 10,402 people who have side effects while taking Tamiflu from FDA and social media. Among them, 8 have Taste loss. Find out below who they are, when they have Taste loss and more.

You are not alone: join a mobile support group for people who take Tamiflu and have Taste loss >>>


Tamiflu (latest outcomes from 10,914 users) has active ingredients of oseltamivir phosphate. It is often used in the flu.

Trend of tamiflu reports

Taste loss

Taste loss (latest reports from 1,292 patients) has been reported by people with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, depression, gastroesophageal reflux disease, the flu.

Trend of Taste loss reports

On Nov, 26, 2014: 10,402 people reported to have side effects when taking Tamiflu. Among them, 8 people (0.08%) have Taste Loss.

Trend of Taste loss in Tamiflu reports

Time on Tamiflu when people have Taste loss * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ years
Taste loss100.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%

Gender of people who have Taste loss when taking Tamiflu * :

Taste loss62.50%37.50%

Age of people who have Taste loss when taking Tamiflu * :

Taste loss0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%14.29%0.00%71.43%14.29%

Severity of Taste loss when taking Tamiflu ** :

leastmoderateseveremost severe
Taste loss0.00%75.00%25.00%0.00%

How people recovered from Taste loss ** :

while on the drugafter off the drugnot yet
Taste loss0.00%0.00%100.00%

Top conditions involved for these people * :

  1. Flu (3 people, 37.50%)
  2. H1n1 (1 people, 12.50%)

Top co-used drugs for these people * :

  1. Prozac (2 people, 25.00%)
  2. Percocet (2 people, 25.00%)
  3. Advil (2 people, 25.00%)
  4. Ascorbic acid (2 people, 25.00%)
  5. Tenormin (2 people, 25.00%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

** Reports from social media are used.

Comments for this study:

Jackie Lyons (2 years ago):

I was prescribed Tamiflu after a bout of flu about a month ago. I was quite surprised. I thought that Tamiflu had only been used in cases of suspected swine flu. I have lost about 99% of my sense of smell leaving me almost unable to taste anything! I was not warned that this was a known side-effect or definitely would not have taken this drug. Does anyone know if this is a temporary situation? From the previous posts this does not seem to be the case. I am a 51 year old female from Ireland.
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Bridget (2 years ago):

You have GOT to be kidding me. I have lost about 95% of my taste AND smell but I was thinking (hoping!) maybe because I had a lot of nasal congestion that it was just temporary. But then I got to thinking-My nose has been stuffy lots of times, and I've never lost my taste?! Then I got to thinking about the tamiflu...I'm kinda freakin out at the thought that this could continue even after I'm off it and over the flu. Time
Will tell! Crossing my fingers!!!! You take your sense of taste and smell for granted until you lose it!!! Geez!!!!
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Billie eaton (3 years ago):

I took Tamiflu in July 2009. I have not had a sense of taste or smell since that time. Very discouraging. Once in a while I can taste on first bite mustard and some herbs. I'm hoping that the two senses will return some day. Such a loss.
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Do you have Taste Loss while taking Tamiflu?

You are not alone! Join a mobile support group:
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- support group for people who take Tamiflu
- support group for people who have Taste Loss

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