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Review: could Zyprexa cause Nightmare (Nightmares)?

We study 42,784 people who have side effects while taking Zyprexa from FDA and social media. Among them, 158 have Nightmare. Find out below who they are, when they have Nightmare and more.

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Zyprexa (latest outcomes from 43,494 users) has active ingredients of olanzapine. It is often used in bipolar disorder.


Nightmare (unpleasant dream) (latest reports from 86,326 patients) has been reported by people with quit smoking, depression, stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, pain.

On Sep, 14, 2014: 42,778 people reported to have side effects when taking Zyprexa. Among them, 158 people (0.37%) have Nightmare.

Trend of Nightmare in Zyprexa reports

Time on Zyprexa when people have Nightmare * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ years

Gender of people who have Nightmare when taking Zyprexa * :


Age of people who have Nightmare when taking Zyprexa * :


Severity of Nightmare when taking Zyprexa ** :


How people recovered from Nightmare ** :


Top conditions involved for these people * :

  1. Bipolar disorder (29 people, 18.35%)
  2. Depression (28 people, 17.72%)
  3. Psychotic disorder (15 people, 9.49%)
  4. Pain (13 people, 8.23%)
  5. Anxiety (11 people, 6.96%)

Top co-used drugs for these people * :

  1. Depakote (62 people, 39.24%)
  2. Seroquel (54 people, 34.18%)
  3. Paxil (47 people, 29.75%)
  4. Wellbutrin (44 people, 27.85%)
  5. Ativan (32 people, 20.25%)

* Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

** Reports from social media are used.

How to use the study: print a copy of the study and bring it to your health teams to ensure drug risks and benefits are fully discussed and understood.

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Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (1 week ago):

  • Wake up screaming and crying. Can't breathe. During dream I tried to kill myself


  • From this study (2 weeks ago):

  • Vividdreamland on Oct, 1, 2014:

    I took a single dose 150m of diflucan yesterday and last night I had tremendously real and vivid dreams. The moment I'd fall asleep a new crazy dream would occur. Very reality based and they were going on all night. Over and over. At one point I didn't know if I was asleep or awake and had severe pain in my knee. I woke my husband and actually explained that I felt like I was in pain but it was unexplained. After about 10 min I went back to sleep and dreamt another awful dream. My knee is fine but I'm exhausted. And to be honest he's still sleeping so I'm not even sure that really happened yet. I take NO other medications. I'm 38 years old with no medical history except having given birth to two children. I'll tell ya, this should be listed as a side effect. Im feeling uneasy that I wasn't in complete control of myself. Sure, it's just weird sleep and whacky dreams but it's pretty scary. If one of my children went thru that it would really effect them mentally as they can't rationalize it like I can.


    anonymous on Feb, 11, 2014:

    For medical reference. Yes I took this medication yesterday and experienced a sleep paralysis type of nightmare where I was continually trying to wake up, but when I tried to fall back asleep I was being dragged away by black entities. As an adult I could rationalise this as a medical side-effect, but this would have been terrifying if I was a child. This should be listed quite clearly as a side effect of the active ingredient Fluconazole.


    NMK on Jun, 15, 2012:

    I took Diflucan yesterday for my vaginal yeast infection. I suffered intense nightmares throughout the night. Even when I woke up and was half asleep, trying to go back to bed, every time I close my eyes I would hear weird noises and feel like someone is talking to me and touching me, at one point I felt someone crawling into my bed and trying to suffocate me. And when I finally slept I woke up because of another nightmare. It was horrible and continued all night. Couldn't get sleep at all.


    Britt on Oct, 16, 2012:

    I am female. Age 23. Took the single dose pill for Yeast infection & had extremely vivid nightmares all night non stop & they were Very vivid/realistic in nature. Almoat as soon as I closed my eyes, they would begin & I woke up many times in a sweet with my heart racing.
    Has any1 noticed a possible drug interaction with the type of anti-biotic they used prior (hence the reason you got a yeast infect. in 1st place)?
    I was one Augmenton for ear infection.
    POssible OTHER DRUG INTERACTIONS: (things I am on)
    Adderrall XR -for ADHD
    Lex-a-pro-for ANXIETY
    Fioricet-for headache associated with the ear infection.

    Please let me know if any 1 else is taking any of the same other meds, who had this night-mare reaction.

    Trying to figure out if this was and inter-reaction or just a reaction to diflucan alone.

    Thanks everone.


  • From this study (2 weeks ago):

  • I have been on lorazepam for about almost 8 months. I used it since march because of me losing sleep and having panic attacks in middle or during my sleep. I also used it for anxiety. I was once in er for having panic attacks and they gave me this and other medicines I was on was lexapro and that didn't work so stopped it and took prozac for a month than switch to paxil but my psychiatrist describled lorazepam take twice a day or three times a day I slept pretty good with it as it took about couple days to work but than I notice as I started sleeping good I get this rebound effect feeling tired in day or dopey drowsy. I also lessened my lorazepam to 2 times instead of 3 times. But I sometimes have trouble sleeping but I also notice my menstrual becomes more heavier than usual once I started taking this after I started it. I wonder if it increases blood for my menstrual cause when I was without lorazepam before I started it I had menstrual problems being late cause my anxiety and panic disorders. But now It's good I'm getting my menstruals on time now but I don't like my menstrual too heavy. Now I'm like I never really had big flowness of menstrual in long time but bleeding too much it so no good. Sorry for being disgusting. Anyways lorazepam is not for short term but yet I still use it. I also heard a rumor it might cause alzheimer's disease if taking longer? Ahh that scares me. I hate to withdrawal lorazepam because of having panic attacks again and not being able to sleep that scares me most and if I did I would have to do it at some mental health clinic or some recovery center. Too scared cause if I withdrawal it than It be like before not getting enough sleep, panic attacks. But lorazepam causes more depression though so that's another thing I'm concerned about but I am on paxil not sure that's helping either. I'm scared to keep changing or going of medicines cause of my body might start to explode. I already had some aggression fits little bit bad dreams, and sometimes I forget things. I also craving on chocolate at times even at night time which is not good since I need sleep. My crying has been very problem. I constantly cry longer than usual and I have no friends and that's another reason and me want to feel better without all the issues. Only problem paxil took months to kick in and I wish it would kick it right away like lorazepam does but lorazepam I wish can be in a longer term one to take for awhile and it kicks in better than paxil but paxil takes it's time. idk what to do but I'm scared to get myself withdrawaling since there's risk. Even switching and stopping medicines causes mind confusion and time adjustment. I keep having unusual dreams with lorazepam about my past ex boyfriends and some strange dreams about some shootings. Ugh.. I wish I never had those dreams.


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