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Question: Is it harmful to take mirapex and sinemet together

Asked by Marcus on Jun, 30, 2013 at 9:17 pm
Age: 60   Gender: male
Conditions: Parkinson's Disease
Medications: Effexor, Quinapril, Coumadin, Nuvigil
Number of patients like Marcus on eHealthMe: 3,368





I was diagnosed with parkinsons in 2012, prescribed with mirapex 1 mg 3 x a day which completly stoped all tremors, jan 2013 the dose was increased to 1.5 mg 3 times a day, as the symptoms have increased my doc switched me to sinemet 25/250 which i started with the next am. I felt fabulous on the first day, and a little worse the second day, today i feel like i did on the last day i took mirapex, and not very responsive. I want to know how come i felt literaly like dancing the first day and why i now feel barely responsive. just like why did it take me almost 45 minutes to type this blurb i normaly type at the rate of

30 words a minute. Hoping for answers,

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