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Question: Is pityriasis rosea common in hypothyroid disease

Asked by lisa on Jul, 16, 2013 at 11:56 am
Age: 50   Gender: female
Conditions: Pityriasis Rosea, Hypothyroidism
Medications: Synthroid
Number of patients like lisa on eHealthMe: 3,517





I was just diagnosed as being hypothyroid(July). Back in April I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea coincidence or part of thyroid disease?

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  • Can the drug cellcept be used to treat pityriasis rosea
    Been diagnosed as Pityriasis Rosea. Dark patchy circles all over upper body and back. Condition has worsen, lasting over 5 months with outbreaks now on face and on scalp in hair. Some are painful raw blistery. Spreading on buttocks and a few on legs. Have tried several medications. Some have helped but none have cured. It is showing no signs of letting up. Dr has now prescribed Cellcept. Is this a safe drug for treatment for Pityriasis Rosea?
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    ill, so i asked the gp if upping it to 75 would help, he agreed, but i have now developed these inside tremmors through my legs and torso and arms.. sometimes its in my head too, i want to know how to stop these,, ive lowered my self back to 50 mg, but i ache badly.The gp has tried beta blockers and they only make it worse, and antidepressants do nothing at all,im going nuts its driving me potty, its like sitting on a washing machine at 1000 spin speed!!! please can some one help?
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  • Does levothyroxine cause excessive facial sweating (3 answers)
    I have been taking levothyroxine for 2 years for hypothyroidism and had no problems until 3 months ago when i became extremely hypo again ,my meds were increased from 50mg to 100 mg daily i have felt fine on this dose except for 2 complications ,one is excessive sweating on my face and the other is my neck feels stiff and painful ,i had my bloods checked 2 weeks ago and my gp says there fine .I'm also menopausal and take premique could these tablets be interacting .I'm wondering if the levo is making the premique less effective ,also I'm not losing any of the 3 and a half stone i put on with undetected hypothyroidism the doctor thought my symptoms were to do with the menopause .Any advice would be helpful from anyone experiencing the same thing .
  • Can i take garcinia cambogia while taking paxil and synthroid? (5 answers)

    I've suffered from depression and generalized anxiety most of my life never understanding what was wrong with me.! 10 years ago an internist doctor prescribed -Effexor-. It helped a little, not much

    Two years ago after a -Parathyroid surgery- and ovary surgery, started menopause.

    Different doctors gave me medications, didn't know they all were for depression

    It's a miracle that I'm still alive -literally-. Currently taking Paxil and Synthroid. Can I start taking Garcinia Cambogia and Royal Jelly without drug interaction? I put on about 40 lb. in the 2 years of "Literally Hell that I went through.

    Even with medication, still struggling with anxiety and depression.!

    Thank you for all your help!!!.- Eloise
  • Can viibryd cause a itchy rash or stevens-johnson syndrome? (1 answer)
    I have had mild anxiety and depression for several years, but in the last 4 months, they became severe. I started getting small rashes (or hives), which on different parts of my body and last about 30 -45 minutes (sometimes less). My family doctor thinks could be a result of anxiety. My family doctor took me off of Klonopin (which was not helping at all) and tried me on Xanax (which did not help me at all). Next, he put me on Valium, and it helps my anxiety some. Because my anxiety & depression were not improving much, my family doctor referred me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist took me off of Lexapro and onto Viibryd, which I've been taking for 10 days now. Unfortunately, the rash is showing up more frequently now, and it covers a larger part of my body. I started taking Benadryl and using hydrocortisone cream to help with the itching, but it comes back every day, mostly at night. I wondered if it was caused by my laundry detergent, so I changed detergents, but the rash still returns, but, like I said before, it only lasts for about 30 minutes and doesn't cover my whole body. Sometimes it shows up on my legs, other times on my back, other times on my stomach, and other times on my arms. Do you have any insight into this? I've heard of Stevens Johnson Syndrome; however, it presents itself differently than I've read. HELP PLEASE!
  • What are side effects of taking green coffee beans and levothyroxine?
    I had thyroid cancer so i had my thyroid taken out in 2000 in 2008 i had a total hysterectomy so I'm putting on weight i join a gym and i lost some weight and then put back on that's why i want to try the green coffee beans, if u have any information please help me. Thank you.
  • Can premarin cause dizziness?
    I have been on the blood pressure drugs for a few years, so I doubt my dizziness is a result of those. Ive been on premarin cream for just a week or two and I have marked dizziness, especially during and after activity. Its sometimes accompanied by shortness of breath and tachycardia. Can this be the premarin? Should I lower my dose?
  • Does methotrexate cause hot flashes
    I feel I am 200 degrees at times. I already take estradiol patches for hot flashes for 5 years and they work really well! but since I started on methotrexate [6 months ago] I started getting hot flashes again!
  • What anxiety medications are advisable? (1 answer)
    I'm perimenopaussl 49 year old teacher with ADHD and Hypothyroidism.I suffer from hot flashes at night, brain fog, fight or flight response in stressful situations, and generalized depression/fear of failure plus currently my waistline is 38 inches. What anxiety medication can be taken because my doctor refuses to approve hormone therapy treatment? One uncle died from heart attack; one 8 years younger sister has a stent in an artery in the heart. My parents, in seventies, are diabetic without heart problems.
  • Levothyroxine or synthroid makes me dizzy (1 answer)
    I stopped taking synthroid and levothyroxine because I couldn't tolerate dizzy spells even when I was driving the car or in class and in the middle of the night holding on the wall to go to the bathroom. I couldn't tolerate nauseous which cause me fainting or dizzy spells. Too frightened to continued vomiting. After I stopped taking synthroid and levothyroxine, I started taking supplements for my thyroid. I will see an endocrinologist. I already spoke to my PCP doctor, he still insisted that my thyroid is causing the side effects. I am the one who is taking it everyday for the past year and that medicine was hurting me and I know what I am talking about. After I stopped taking it, my hypothyroidism returned, BUT no nauseousness, no more dizzy or fainting spells and no more vomiting. How do you explain that? It is those medicine that is hurting, not my thyroid. The only symptom that I know of returns is sensitivity to cold. Also, Allegra, Loratadine and Klonopin never have caused me any problems, just a few side effects. They did not give me the worst like synthroid and levothyroxine. synthroid and levothyroxine are dangerous to me, but I need help with my thyroid.
  • I had a throidectomy and now take levothyroxine daily, i'm wondering if there is a negative impact if i start taking green bean coffee extract as well?
    I took 2 green coffee bean extract tablets 1/2 hour before eating breakfast and noticed I became very shaky, with hand tremors about an hour later. I was wondering if I CAN take this extract? Maybe I need to wait 4 or more hours after taking my levothyroxine? Will this green coffee bean extract interfere with the purpose of the levothyroxine?
  • How long does it take to get rid of high triglycerides levels from cortisone shots
    Hello, five months ago I went to my Cardiologist and my cholesterol levels were very good, today I got my lab test results and my Doctor said my LDL is 265 and need to bring it down. I went home and I started research on it and found out that taking shots of cortisone could raise your LDL levels, now... 4 months ago I started a treatment of cortisone shots on my foot because of a spur, could that be the cause of my raised cholesterol??. Thank you very much.

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