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Review: Lactic acid side effects

In this review, we analyze Lactic acid side effects by the time on the drug, gender and age (0-60+) of the people who have side effects while taking Lactic acid. The review is based on 190 people who have side effects while taking Lactic acid from FDA and social media, and is updated regularly.

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What is Lactic acid

Lactic acid (latest outcomes from 190 users) has active ingredients of alpha hydroxy acids.

It can also be called: Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA, Alpha-hydroxyethanoic Acid, Apple Acid, Citric Acid, Dihydroxysuccinic Acid (Tartaric Acid), Gluconolactone, Glycolic Acid, Hydroxyacetic Acid (Glycolic Acid), Hydroxycaprylic Acid, Hydroxypropionic Acid, Hydroxysuccinic Acid, Malic Acid, Mixed Fruit Acid, Monohydroxysuccinic Acid (Malic Acid), 2-hydroxypropionic acid (Lactic Acid), Monohydroxysuccinic Acid, 2-hydroxypropionic acid, Dihydroxysuccinic Acid, Hydroxyacetic Acid.

On Oct, 13, 2014: 190 people who reported to have side effects when taking Lactic acid are studied


Most common side effects over time * :

< 1 month1 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years10+ yearsnot specified
PyrexiaDizzinessAcute Graft Versus Host DiseaseLiver Disordern/an/an/aPyrexia
Cardiac FailureHepatitis BAgranulocytosisConvulsionC-reactive Protein Increased
Decreased AppetitePulmonary OedemaBlood Pressure DecreasedCardiac TamponadeBack Pain
Acute Myeloid LeukaemiaHypokalaemiaBronchopulmonary AspergillosisVenoocclusive Liver DiseaseDevice Related Infection
AlopeciaOedemaAntithrombin Iii DecreasedCytomegalovirus Test PositiveAscites
DizzinessIntestinal Ulcer PerforationHiccupsElectrolyte ImbalanceVomiting
Acute Graft Versus Host Disease In SkinBronchitisHypogammaglobulinaemiaBlood Lactate Dehydrogenase IncreasedNausea
RashPyrexiaOedemaAnaphylactoid ReactionThrombocytopenia
Blood Beta-d-glucan IncreasedSputum IncreasedHaematuriaAcute Graft Versus Host Disease In LiverDecreased Appetite
Renal FailureSputum PurulentHypoalbuminaemiaColonic PolypColon Cancer

Most common side effects by gender * :

DizzinessDecreased Appetite
Liver DisorderHepatitis B
AscitesLiver Disorder
Blood Albumin DecreasedPallor
HypoalbuminaemiaPseudomembranous Colitis
VomitingBack Pain
Febrile NeutropeniaIntestinal Ulcer Perforation

Most common side effects by age * :

RhinorrhoeaVomitingHyperbilirubinaemiaLiver DisorderNauseaDevice Related InfectionPyrexiaBack Pain
Pneumonia Respiratory Syncytial ViralErythema MultiformeThrombocytopeniaBlood Albumin DecreasedSudden Hearing LossShock HaemorrhagicDecreased AppetiteDizziness
RashPallorHepatosplenomegalyPseudomembranous ColitisTinnitusPyrexiaColon CancerPyrexia
EpilepsyHypothermiaJaundiceAscitesDizzinessCondition AggravatedBack PainDecreased Appetite
PyrexiaTonsillitisDrug Rash With Eosinophilia And Systemic SymptomsC-reactive Protein IncreasedDrug-induced Liver InjuryAbdominal DistensionC-reactive Protein IncreasedDevice Related Infection
Hypoglycaemic SeizureConjunctival HaemorrhageAcute Graft Versus Host Disease In SkinMelaenaUrticariaIntestinal StenosisDiarrhoeaHaemoglobin Decreased
Carnitine DecreasedUrticariaMetastases To LungRectal Ulcer HaemorrhageHeadacheAbdominal PainRenal ImpairmentHepatitis B
MonoplegiaHepatitisAcute Myeloid LeukaemiaAlopeciaHepatic Function AbnormalGastrointestinal HypermotilityStaphylococcal InfectionIntestinal Ulcer Perforation
Pigmentation DisorderCardiac FailureRespiratory FailureRashWeight DecreasedVomitingOral PainHeadache
CoughToxic Skin EruptionStaphylococcal SepsisRenal ImpairmentDry MouthOedema PeripheralPsoriasisSomnolence

* Some reports may have incomplete information.

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Are you taking Lactic acid?

Comments from related studies:

  • From this study (2 months ago):

  • I have had severe bone, muscle, joint pain in shoulders, knees, and hips all over actually. In the past 3 months I have began taking additional Magnesium through a tablet from Jigsaw company called Magnesium w/srt. Includes 5 mg Vit. B6 as pyrodoxal-5-Phophate 5 mg, folate, dimagasium Malate 500mg, Malic Acid 1550mg.
    this has greatly helped with the inability to relax muscles for the past 4 years, yeah, very painful especially in my shoulders. So I believe that the priolec and the HCT in the Benicar HCT, depleated my magnesium in my system. I did not have a blood test for magnesium before taking it for a few months,but did have a magnesium blood test recently and showed normal levels but lower level of potassium, took dr. recommended potassium script and done with that now. Now that I don't have sever muscle constriction after the magnesium I do still suffer severe joint and bone pain with no reason that I can see as to why it comes on or why it stops. I can go for maybe 3 weeks with no pain and then for 2 week have the severe pain or maybe sometimes pain but maybe the edge is off the top a bit. I believe this is related to tollerance of Lorazapam building up. I take the Lorazapam for sleep but it also acts as a bit of a relaxer for my shoulder muscles and sometimes my knee and hip pain will subside. Sometime it works for that better than other times. So let me know what you think. I do know that this when I have the pain, I can't seem to think clearly, I get aggitated to noise, grumpy, need quiet place and try to sleep if I can.


    esan on Aug, 18, 2014:

    Female 38 I started taking benicar over 6 months ago and recently I have been suffering with severe shoulder, neck and knee pain during the night when sleeping. Its a pain that wakes me up, it feels as if my knees are being crushed. This just started 1 week ago.


  • From this study (12 months ago):

  • Taken Lactaid couple times in the past. Last 2 times developed gas, bloating, stomach pain 1-2 hours after taking lactaid. After 6 hours developed severe all over body itching. Still itching 24 hours later.


  • From this study (1 year ago):

  • All checked side effects started the day after taking Trazodone and have continued for last few days. Severity of all side effects are new and do not think they are related to conditions of fibromyalgia, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I've never been in such a confused mental state and been so sluggish until starting Trazodone.


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