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I have had rsd for 3 years and 2 years ago started showing signs of early menopause. last month ... May, 08, 2017
I have had crps since 2009 and first time wbc elevated 2012. at first gp thought i had chronic ... Apr, 26, 2017
I have had crps for 8 months today an ecg showed i have marked sinus bradycardia. i am wondering ... Apr, 06, 2017
I'm new to this just wanted to say hello and tell you a little about myself. i'm a 38 yr old ... Apr, 04, 2017
My name is cindy, 54, and i am taking several medications to prevent afib and help blood ... Mar, 24, 2017
I have recently finally been diagnosed with rsd/crps. for a while other doctors thought i might ... Mar, 01, 2017
My name is amber i am 32 years old. i was diagnosed with crps in 2014 after a doctor shot me in ... Feb, 23, 2017
Hello everyone. thank you for letting me join in on this group! i have been trying to find ... Jan, 21, 2017
Hello i've had rsd/crps ... from a car accident in nov.7th, 2007. my left femoral nerve was ... Oct, 11, 2016
Hi , when i was 55 , i developed rsd in my foot ( mostly toes ) after having acl replaced knee ... Oct, 08, 2016
Hi everyone, thank you for letting me join your group. my name is mary, (mary1016), the major ... Sep, 29, 2016
This is the first time i've posted anything on any website about my journey. after a couple ... Sep, 20, 2016
Hello, after suffering for about 5 years with crps after a sustained serious crush injury to ... Sep, 14, 2016
Hi my name is lance. i was diagnosed with rsd in 2005. i had it in my shoulder post surgery. i ... Aug, 28, 2016
Got cprs type 2 after carpol tunnel operation a year ago 😢 its moved up my arm and shoulder. ... Aug, 21, 2016
I had crps 8 years ago after an ankle fracture,researched and found a dr who commenced me on ... Jul, 19, 2016
Hi, am a 50 year old wife, mom & gram...disabled hairstylist with rsd/crps. i have treated ... Jun, 17, 2016
Hello, my name is shawna i have had rsd (crps) for about 20 years now since i had my baby 2 ... May, 28, 2016
Hi, i have crps and it has caused my l tibia to deminerlize. i'm wondering if any crps ... May, 23, 2016
Since june 2011 i've had 5 surgeries on my right knee, including 3 tkrs. all unsuccessful. my ... May, 08, 2016
I feel like i am the only one in the world.... this combo is tearing me apart.... us anyone out ... Apr, 25, 2016
Hi, my name is sandy and i have crps. i suffer from horrible night sweats, literally saturating ... Apr, 14, 2016
My sister has hand and shoulder crps. her cholesterol is heart level and her heart doctor put ... Apr, 14, 2016
I have crps in my foot. i was diagnosed with pnemonia on 3-29-16 and given levaquin on the 3rd ... Apr, 10, 2016
Hi,i had a cerebel abscess aged 6 then saved 29 i was diagnosed with crps type 2 is it possible ... Mar, 08, 2016
Hi, i'm marcia, i'm going on 14 years of rsd, last fall i had cataract surgery. after my left ... Feb, 17, 2016
Diagnosed 4 yrs ago with crps2 in my leg, which has since spread throughout my upper extremity. ... Jan, 26, 2016
Hello. i developed rsd after a sural nerve biopsy in december 1996. i was diagnosed with ... Dec, 13, 2015
I have been on depo since 1997 upto october 2015. i was diagnosed with crps in 2005. i have ... Nov, 23, 2015
Hi, i'm dawn, i was diagnosed with crps in about may 2015 and since then i have had no end of ... Nov, 05, 2015
Hi. my name is darci. i have been diagnosed with crps 2 years ago. i am nauseous almost ... Sep, 21, 2015
Hi, my name is sandy and i have rsd. my latest challenge is difficulty with swallowing and the ... Aug, 19, 2015
I think my 80 year old step-mother has been suffering from crps from breast ... Aug, 18, 2015
I have both. i didn't realize they might be connected??? i take hydrocodone and i'm starting ... Jul, 21, 2015
Hi, i was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and i've had rsd for five years. any suggestions or ... Jul, 21, 2015
Hi my name is renee im 32 im going blind from crpsit all started from surgery they cut my median ... Jul, 15, 2015
Hello, i was diagnosed with crps after having three knee replacement surgeries on the same knee ... Jul, 12, 2015
Hi, my name is laurel. i am 71 years old. i have been suffering with crps due to having phn ... Apr, 30, 2015
Hi, my name is candie and i stepped on glass 8yrs ago and that is when my life took a wrong turn ... Mar, 17, 2015

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