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Hi! i am a 68 year old male. i suffered a dvt and a pe back in december. i was put on coumadin ... May, 27, 2017
After research i have started taking l-glutione and i still take ibuprofen as well.becaise i ... May, 26, 2017
Hi i have been suffering from burning mouth syndrome for one year. i am trying to find the ... May, 22, 2017
I have severed swollen upper eyelids worse in the morning. anyone feel ibuprofen could be ... Apr, 29, 2017
I have been taking brufen for the last 2 month and have had some loss of taste for the last 4 ... Apr, 08, 2017
Had acute pancreatitis recently and severe abdominal pain. my enzyme levels were very high i was ... Apr, 03, 2017
It's 4;06 am i'm scared to go back to sleep but exhausted. the nightmares are beyond bizarre. ... Feb, 19, 2017
I took 10 mg hydroxyzine and 2 pills of ibuprofen pm the other night. woke up with migraine ... Feb, 01, 2017
How does ibuprofen cause the vertigo? i know it's not good for me but w my pain my doc says ... Jan, 15, 2017
I took ibuprofen for about 2 months in november and december last year. i have stopped ... Jan, 13, 2017
Just found out i have 2 plus blood in my urine and have to to to a urologist...saw this site and ... Dec, 29, 2016
I have taken ibuprofen for several years and aspirin before that for chronic pain in my neck, ... Dec, 21, 2016
Taking ibuprophen 800mg at night and having the worst nightmares. i scream, try to fall out of ... Nov, 22, 2016
I took i ibuprofen after i sprained my ankle when i was about 6 weeks pregnant. my son has a ... Oct, 19, 2016
My daughter is 16 and took dicyclomine 10ml and ibuprofen 600mg will she be okay through the ... Aug, 26, 2016
I have been prescribed ibuprofen by the military doctors since 1994 now i have gallstones can ... Aug, 11, 2016
Hello i'm a us army veteran and have a lot gastro issues, which i believe is associated to ... Aug, 02, 2016
I have been getting pain from many pain relivers[ ibprofin, aleve, tylenol, accedamedifin, and ... Jul, 27, 2016
Hi. i've been taking ibuprofen for about ten days for a sore shoulder. last night i noticed ... Jul, 20, 2016
I was just diagnosed with this condition can anyone tell me if you can take ibuprofen for the ... Jun, 29, 2016
Hi! my name is carla. my son is 9 years old and has a chronic motor tic disorder. when he ... Jun, 14, 2016
Hi all. i have a chronic lyme, and have been on abx for about 5 months i was having chest ... May, 07, 2016
Why do i keep getting these eye hemorrhaging and doctors canot give me an explanation as to why ... May, 03, 2016
62 old male had a seizer while driving was taken 800mg 3to4 times a day of ibuprofen for back ... Apr, 18, 2016
After 3 days of ibuprofen, my eyes have swelled, almost shut. i'm taking ibuprofen to relieve ... Apr, 16, 2016
Hello i just recovered from having meningitis 5 times over the past 16 years. a dr just told ... Apr, 11, 2016
Caffein has always made me edgy now my 86 year old father stated after taking ibuprofen for the ... Apr, 11, 2016
I am taking 800mg of ibuprofen twice daily for joint pain. i have a nerve in my right leg that ... Feb, 20, 2016
Hi, i'm just wanting to know if anyone else is having this burning sensation when you take ... Feb, 16, 2016
I hadn't taken ibuprofen for at least 7 years. but after taking two 800 mg doses recently for ... Jan, 11, 2016
I have been on heartburn medications for about 10 years now with no major issues. i am also ... Jan, 07, 2016
I recently failed a drug screen for thc and i was taking motrin 800s for a tooth i had pulled i ... Dec, 30, 2015
I am taking ibuprofen 400 mg since 48 hours, one every 6 hours, for a severe toothache. the last ... Dec, 07, 2015
Hello there, my name is robb. recently i experienced a number of stressful situations in a very ... Nov, 30, 2015
Above are my list of conditions and medications. the side effects of the morphine 20mg tabs are ... Oct, 25, 2015
I have suffered from arthritis for over 40 years and controlled this with high doses of ... Sep, 22, 2015
I have taken nsai for arthritis for over forty years for my arthritis but came off them about ... Sep, 22, 2015
I am an elementary teacher who has been getting eye auras for the past two years. if i take 2 ... Sep, 05, 2015
I'm taking ibuprofen and also started celexa/citalopram for depression a couple of months ago. ... Sep, 01, 2015
I have been treated for amd since 2001. i have had hot laser, visudyne, avistan, lucentis and ... Aug, 31, 2015
I have been taking ibuprofen for years. this past month i have been taking it for a running ... Aug, 28, 2015
I accidentally took three pills of 800 milagram ibuprofens. being 113 pounds i would have ... Aug, 25, 2015
Hello. my name is billie. i have been suffering from ulcers for years now and take up to 1800mg ... Aug, 13, 2015
Ibuprofen caused stroke june 17, 2015, while shopping at local walmart store, i wenched my ... Jul, 18, 2015
I am 45 years old. i once devolop skin rashes on taking brufen. now doctor has advised not to ... Jul, 16, 2015
Hi ya'll i just thought i had an allergy or a sensitivity to ibuprofen or all all nsaids. how is ... Jul, 12, 2015
I was recently diagnosed with very insufficient vit d 12. i take ibuprophen 800 mil at least4x a ... Jul, 12, 2015
Hi, i was injured in the military in my mid-twenties. i subsequently had 4 back surgeries, 3 of ... Jul, 12, 2015
I have prostate that has spread to the bones..very painful. any ideas for natural effective ... May, 25, 2015
I had no side effect with advil before. recently, i changed my diet and have been eating mainly ... May, 24, 2015

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