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I have been taking prilosec for several years. for approximately one month, i have experienced ... May, 08, 2017
Well my name is jeremy. been on prilosec for 4-5 years and i've started to experience kidney ... Mar, 20, 2017
I have been taking prilosec daily (after attempting to obliterate small intestinal bacterial ... Mar, 03, 2017
I've been taking prilosec per dr. prescription for 1 year. i had a week with finger and toe and ... Mar, 01, 2017
I have been taking prilosec regularly for nearly 10 years for severe gerd. i turned 70 in sep. ... Feb, 24, 2017
My doctor refuses to believe that prilosec caused a bowel obstruction after me taking it for ... Feb, 12, 2017
Have iga nephropathy, anaklysing spondylitis, chronic pancreatitis, relapsing polycrondritis, ... Feb, 01, 2017
I have been taking prilosec for 10 years are better. i'm 74 years old and have been having ... Jan, 14, 2017
Developed peripheral neuropathy - so thought could be related to gluten intolerance- so just was ... Dec, 30, 2016
I started taking prilosec once a day in the early 90s and continue to do so for stomach ulcers ... Aug, 19, 2016
I have taken every acid reducer known to man. stomach trouble since 7 yrs old. i began takjng ... Aug, 14, 2016
I started taking prilosec about 6 days ago, on my third day i had sex and now on day 6 i have a ... Jul, 07, 2016
My name is yaimy i am taking imperator for 2 months and now i begin to feel burning sensation on ... Jun, 20, 2016
I started taking prilosec due to constant heartburn, out of no where one night i was rushed to ... Jun, 16, 2016
I took nexium or prilosec over fifteen years..had renal carcinoma...i recently stopped taken ... Apr, 14, 2016
I have been taking prilosec/omeprozole twice a day since 1990. i am 54 years old and over the ... Mar, 21, 2016
I believe i'm addicted to prilosec, i been taking t for three years twice to three times a week, ... Mar, 20, 2016
Have been taking 20mg prilosec daily for over ten years and have progressively been losing taste ... Jan, 23, 2016
I am on my second day of using anastrozole and am hving heavy bleeding with blood clots. i have ... Jan, 19, 2016
Hello. i'm a 52 year old female and never heard of stomach polyps until this summer when i was ... Oct, 06, 2015
This is for my sister who has taken prevacid and prilosec and recently has been found to have ... Sep, 26, 2015
I just recently started taking prilosec for a possible ulcer and now am having extreme rls ... Sep, 21, 2015
Hi im bab i come from england and ive suffered from edema for 2 years since being on ... Jul, 24, 2015
My daughter has been taking prilosec for the past 3 weeks and now for the past 3 days has had ... Jul, 14, 2015
In may i was coughing and was having shortness of breath. a ct scan showed a raised ... Jul, 01, 2015
Hello. i have a hiatal hernia and the doc put me on 40 mg. omeprazole (generic prilosec). it ... Jun, 17, 2015
Hi i am 60 years old and have been taking this drug for a couple of years, 40 mg and one a day. ... May, 17, 2015
Has anyone tried to get off prilosec and been successful? what side effects do you experience. ... May, 10, 2015
Didn't know you could become addicted to prilosec. i just want to read everything everyone says ... Apr, 24, 2015
On omeprazole or other ppi for 12 years. peripheral neuropathy in feet and sometimes hands. ... Mar, 01, 2015
Have recently had floaters in my left eye ..floaters are numerous have had d=floaters but ... Feb, 26, 2015

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