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I am from norway and 41 years old. i have been using subutex every day for 19 years, and i was ... Apr, 22, 2017
My son, 37, is on subutex and metoprolol succinate er. he has been on the subutex for over a ... Mar, 17, 2017
I've been on subutex for 7 years now and venlafaxine for 5 years i have mixed feelings about ... Sep, 03, 2016
Hi swim been on subutex 2 weeks tomorrow. swim previously was on 70 mg a day of oxymorophone ... Aug, 25, 2016
I am a 58 year old male who has taken subutex and suboxone for 7 years on and off. it may seem ... Jul, 22, 2016
Im emilie and im a recovering heroin addict. ive been taking subutex for 4 months now and ... Jul, 20, 2016
Hello there... i just started taking subutex recently. i've noticed in my last two doses that ... Jul, 15, 2016
Hi my name is joshua and i have been experiencing lack of effectiveness of xerelto and muscle ... May, 31, 2016
I have emphysema & osteoporosis & going through lortab withdrawals haven't had any in a couple ... May, 29, 2016
I am a addict who woudl like to stop taking subutex but my suicidal thoughts get to over ... Dec, 29, 2015
I am freaking out, had a really swollen lymph node on the right side of my groin, swelling went ... Aug, 15, 2015
Hi i'm lisa and i have fybro. besides living with chronic pain, i have had an opiod dependency ... Jul, 26, 2015
Hi, my name is melodee. i've been on subutex for maybe a year now but was on suboxone prior to ... Jul, 02, 2015
Hi! i'm so glad to find this group! i have felt alone, since all the people i know who take ... Apr, 19, 2015

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