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I am a 70+ male with nasal polyps. years ago i experienced a stuffy nose with flomax and now, ... Apr, 24, 2017
Been taking tricor and finkstrade for near ten years with heavy work like pushing a lower am out ... Mar, 11, 2017
A quarter of a tablet taken daily for last 20 years for hair loss. maybe a factor with my ed. ... Mar, 09, 2017
I have been taking fineasteride 1 mg from last 2 years now i have been suffering from ... Mar, 09, 2017
I lose my hair and my dermatologist prescribes finasteride, finasteride produced pityriasis rose ... Mar, 05, 2017
I was taking finasteride and levothyroxine thyroid drug in 2015 and had a side ... Feb, 28, 2017
Ive being taking finasteride and tamsulosin for 2 weeks now getting bad constipation what can i ... Feb, 22, 2017
I'm a male age 85. i started taking finasteride in january, 2016 and 8 1/2 months later i ... Jan, 31, 2017
Searching for answers to the recent development of gerd--actually lerd--and wonder if it has ... Jan, 26, 2017
Was prescribed finasteride for bph, i took it for 2 months before side effects started. ... Jan, 21, 2017
I've been on finasteride for a month to shrink my prostate and have experienced (1) a chest ... Jan, 19, 2017
I realised the anal fissue has been bugging me for the last few years, might actually be related ... Jan, 10, 2017
I've read conflicting reports of credible studies on finasteride with consequences--both ... Nov, 26, 2016
Interested in voice changes: vocal range, raising and lowering, and if stopping the medication ... Aug, 31, 2016
Hi, i'm 66 years old and started having unusual back pain in the center of my back about 60 ... Aug, 28, 2016
I've recently started taking finasteride and minoxidil, i'm 30 years old and never before have i ... Aug, 25, 2016
Started taking 1mg propecia about 3 weeks ago. noticed left leg began to feel "tight" and ... Aug, 19, 2016
Hello all, i experienced pmle for the first time 2 years ago in may 2014. this seemed common ... Aug, 04, 2016
I am just over 75 just about to take cialis for ed, but i read that cialis will help to overcome ... Jul, 28, 2016
I got viral fever. i don't know that it is because of finasteride or maybe some other reason. i ... Jul, 25, 2016
Husband had large forearm contracture that was very painful. in 2014 nurses & pt had ... Jul, 12, 2016
I am 198# 5'10", 71 years old and very active physically and (for my age) sexual. due to ... Jun, 29, 2016
I've been taking finasteride for several years for enlarged prostate. i'm starting to have some ... Jun, 14, 2016
I take finasteride, i've been taking it for 5 years. last year i got a blood clot. can ... Jun, 03, 2016
Never had low wbc. but started taking finasteride 5 weeks ago, and now it is low!!?? - read ... May, 27, 2016
I'm 72 years old,have used this medication more than two years,i'm having leg muscle weakness ... May, 12, 2016
Had a stroke on propecia .. i did .. like to hear what happened from you and compare notes .. ... Apr, 25, 2016
I took propecia (finasteride) 1 mg for 4 months in a row , and now i have hypertrichosis!. i'm ... Apr, 17, 2016
Can long usage (more than 2 years) cause breast cancer? after two months of usage my breats have ... Apr, 17, 2016
I am a 86 year old male who has been taking finasteride for 18 months. my dizzyness is getting ... Feb, 24, 2016
I am taking 1mg finasteride for 2 days, now on the 2nd day i am feeling tingling type of pain on ... Feb, 10, 2016
Hello all. i am submitting this for my boyfriend. he has an enlarged prostate and has been ... Jan, 21, 2016
I have take finasteride for about 4 months and just recently have been diagnosed with macular ... Jan, 03, 2016
Taking finasteride for 3 years. trying to stop but it's causing me to to be incontinent. now ... Dec, 14, 2015
I'm 42 ys old male and took finasteride 1mg/day frequently for 4 years and lipomas growing up ... Nov, 20, 2015
I have been taking finasteride for about a year. after 6 months i noticed a lump in my left ... Nov, 08, 2015
I have been taking propecia for 10 years and have elevated cholesterol. can discontinuing use ... Oct, 23, 2015
Started taking finasteride around 1998 and foliculitis problems started not long after as far as ... Oct, 14, 2015
I have been diagnosed with pemphigoid disease after seeing my doctor many times over the last 9 ... Sep, 16, 2015
Hello my name is ryan , i had cataracts at age 37 as well as cataract surgery ...was on ... Aug, 25, 2015
I am 81 years old i have orthostatic hypotension. i have prostate problems, i tried flomax and ... Jul, 20, 2015
Hi i took fincar for 18 days and now i can't drink heavy anymore! it's causes me to have ... Jul, 19, 2015
Hi. i've suffered a stroke about one year ago. i'm 51 years old. for about 8 years, i've ... Jun, 26, 2015
I started finesteride one year ago and went from 20 to 33 for eye pressure. some loss of sight ... Jun, 04, 2015
I'm 72 and the doctor put me on finasteride a week ago. today i noticed blood in my urine. i ... Mar, 27, 2015

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