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I've been taking hydroxyurea for 14 years. i was diagnosed with severe peripheral neuropathy two ... May, 30, 2017
I take lamictal for epilepsy and have for 4 years. prior to that i was on dilantin but switched ... Apr, 27, 2017
I was put on ramipril to lower my bp before my carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve compression ... Apr, 10, 2017
I was on oxycotin for sever head aches for 6 years now i have neurapthy in both feet and legs so ... Mar, 29, 2017
Having several problems walking on some days, bad legs weakness. has anyone else had this ... Mar, 04, 2017
I have mild peripheral neuropathy. it seems really worsened by sucralfate. has anyone else ... Feb, 12, 2017
Was given 60mg methadone in 2006 by pain management due to eventual tolerance to pain meds. ... Feb, 05, 2017
Help. i've been taking exemestane for 3 months & before that i took anastrozole, both with ... Feb, 01, 2017
I developed peripheral neuropathy after taking vancomycin and just wondering if anybody else had ... Jan, 26, 2017
After being diagnosed with stage i breast ca, i was prescribed exemestane 25 mg daily. after 2 ... Jan, 16, 2017
I've had an enlarged prostate for at least 20 years and have it monitored at least once a year. ... Jan, 05, 2017
I have been using cosopt for 8 years i stopped using cosopt because the timolol caused ... Dec, 23, 2016
Hello, been on r/v/d for about 4 months. been experiencing some pn, that i believe is coming ... Dec, 19, 2016
Hi to all last week i was prescribed ciproxin 1000mg for urinary track infection.after taking ... Dec, 12, 2016
I've been complaining about foot and leg pain and difficulty walking for at least 2 years. all ... Nov, 17, 2016
I have been taking singular for about 6 months and have had progressive heath issues that are ... Aug, 13, 2016
I was diagnosed with add-i at 52. really think it started at a sressfup time in my life, and the ... Aug, 11, 2016
Hi my name is lisa i have been diagnosed with upbeat downbeat nystagmus i was given the drug ... Aug, 09, 2016
Hi. several doctors prescribed avapro or ibesartan to me for twenty years. not one of them ever ... Aug, 04, 2016
Hi. i've only recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, and tests that i've taken have ... Jul, 24, 2016
Hello, i have been experiencing terrible neuropathy and do not know whether it's related to ... Jul, 23, 2016
My name is charles. i've been taking lamictal for 8 years. i started having neuropathy in my ... Jul, 21, 2016
Hi, my name is debbie. i have been taking cymbals for eight years to treat my depression. ... Jul, 19, 2016
Hi, i am jill. i had a t.i.a. in march 2016. fortunately, i am fine. now i have neuropathy ... Jul, 17, 2016
I have pv and have been taking hydrea for a couple of years. now have developed peripheral ... Jul, 13, 2016
I have pv and have been taking hydrea for a couple of years. now have developed peripheral ... Jul, 13, 2016
I have pv and have been taking hydrea for a couple of years. now have developed peripheral ... Jul, 13, 2016
I have pv and have been taking hydrea for a couple of years. now have developed peripheral ... Jul, 13, 2016
67 year old male with neuropathy, unknown cause, was getting better after stopping flecainide. ... Jul, 09, 2016
I have been taking adderrall for years and now seem to have severe sciatica, tingling in feet ... Jul, 09, 2016
I quit smoking using chantix february 2008. i don't smoke anymore. i started having numbness ... Jun, 26, 2016
Hi, i have lupus and have been taking methotrexate for about 17 years. i now have neuropathy in ... Jun, 15, 2016
New member. i was searching for an association between my enlarged prostate and neuropathy. ... Jun, 11, 2016
I was given erbitux 7 years ago along with radiation for neck cancer. i developed numbness in ... Jun, 05, 2016
I have had nerve pain across my face and down my left side for years now. i have been told i ... Jun, 01, 2016
I was taking prozac and other depression meds off and on and slowly got off prozac. neuropothy ... May, 16, 2016
I have been on livalo for several years, and recently for no reason have severe neuropathy. any ... May, 12, 2016
Hi everyone. i'm new to the group i have horrible peripheral neuropathy i believe if due to ... Apr, 18, 2016
Hi, i have been hiv+ for 30 years, takin g meds for about 20 years and am now experiencing the ... Apr, 14, 2016
I continue to have severe pain in lower left lung lobe when i deep breathe and exert breathing 6 ... Mar, 31, 2016
Hi! my neuropathy is under my toes, both feet. any good alternatives to meloxicam? thought it ... Mar, 31, 2016
I have taken relpax for hormonal migraines for 13 years and have recently developed non diabetic ... Mar, 12, 2016
I was on androgel..for quite some time...i developed tingling, numbness in my feet...i got off ... Feb, 28, 2016
Tried suboxone film 7 doses and then another time 17 doses. each time i stopped taking suboxone ... Feb, 26, 2016
I have been taking fish oils for i would guess around 12 years or more. i had started going to ... Feb, 23, 2016
I am a 75 year old woman, breast cancer survivor who has been treated with faslodex for 2+ ... Feb, 05, 2016
I have been experiencing neuropathy in my feet and legs since having heart valve repair surgery ... Jan, 28, 2016
I'm 71 years old - december 2014 finished a 2 year daily injection of forteo - and i was given a ... Jan, 09, 2016
Hi! i have peripheral neuropathy and have suffered from three concussions in the last year, only ... Dec, 26, 2015
I am 88 yrs old but developed peripheral neuropathy a few years ago. i'm not diabetic and the ... Dec, 15, 2015

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