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I was officially diagnosed with ms back in april and unofficially diagnosed back in february. i ... May, 30, 2017
I have been on depo for a good portion of my life due to endometriosis. the first time i went ... Jan, 07, 2017
I have been on depo for a good portion of my life due to endometriosis. the first time i went ... Jan, 07, 2017
I was dx with pcos, in 2000, and dx with itp on the 21 november, 2016. i'm currently 34 years ... Dec, 16, 2016
I'm a 46 year old female, diagnosed with lower leg dvt a week ago after having thyroidectomy ... Nov, 19, 2016
I got to know that i have pcos two months back. i have mouth ulcers too but was not able to link ... Aug, 23, 2016
Am chema i was diagnosis with pcos n allergic rhitis 2moths ago n i rel dont know what to do i ... Aug, 05, 2016
I was diagnosed with pcos and neuroglycopenia three years ago. i had suffered ill health for 20 ... Jul, 16, 2016
Hi, i'll be 36 next month. i've been diagnosed with pcos and polycythemia for three years. the ... Jul, 11, 2016
47 year old female, dx with pcos is early 30s, have had bilateral pulmonary embolism 2 times. i ... Jul, 10, 2016
Hi i am trying to find support from women who have a pcos dx and what their current struggles ... Mar, 23, 2016
Hello everyone. i have been diagnosed with pcos. and ever since i have been having repeated ... Mar, 19, 2016
Diagnosed with pcos a few years ago...managed to conceive naturally by drastic lifestyle change ... Feb, 01, 2016
I starter kurvelo 2 and a half months ago to treat my pcos and try to concive right after. i ... Jan, 09, 2016
I have pcos since last year and i have gained about 16lbs...i stopped the femiane and am now on ... Dec, 09, 2015
Hi, i am 33 and was diagnosed with pcos in 2001. i have been tested for underactive thyroid ... Nov, 23, 2015
Hi, i'm carolin from a little village in germany. i take seroquel (my drug is called ... Nov, 22, 2015
Have pcos and being vegetarian have chronic b12 deficiency. both my father and grand mother has ... Sep, 17, 2015
Hi. i have been diagnosed with pcos, and have been experiencing episodes of rapid heart rate. ... Aug, 14, 2015
I'm new to this condition and hope to learn more about it. i never knew what was wrong with me ... Aug, 11, 2015
Hi.. i am suffering from pcod from last so many years. but now i am facing so may problems ... Jun, 30, 2015
I have know for a year that i have pcos and just recently was diagnosed with dermatillomania. i ... May, 23, 2015

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