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Is there any relation of using clorazepate dipotassium may cause uveitis? i took the clorazepate ... Feb, 15, 2017
I had my first gout attack on 8/13., my second attack was in 2014, i was then put on ... Dec, 29, 2016
I'm interested in knowing what kinds of treatment has been successful at clearing up units ... Dec, 10, 2016
Hi all i have transillumation, broken iris ou, sicca, extreame photo sensitivity,etc,,, etc,,, ... Dec, 02, 2016
Hi, i was diagnosed of uveitis a month ago and i have been given econopred eye drops. i feel the ... Sep, 29, 2016
Hi, i am a 54 female and recently experienced severe eye pain, which was diagnosed as "iritis" ... Aug, 30, 2016
Hi, i am mary kay. i was first diagnosed with breast cancer in april, 2013, and have been on ... Aug, 25, 2016
Good morning all, i am interested in the reviews and the findings regarding the adverse ... Aug, 23, 2016
Hello, i was diagnosed with sleep apnea and also with posterior uvetis in eye. i am wondering ... Aug, 17, 2016
Was diagnosed with choroiditis about 7 1/2 years ago and just started taking restasis. ... Jul, 10, 2016
Hemiplegic migraines; 46 yr old female; third week into an anti inflammatory diet; just made ... Jul, 02, 2016
I previously was on adair prior to being on symbicort. it appears that iritis is a side effect ... Jun, 15, 2016
Recently diagnosed with iritis. all tests negative for underlying condition. i'm thinking it is ... May, 19, 2016
I have started taking tramadol and i used to get iritis. i have been on tramadol for 2 days and ... Apr, 16, 2016
Ms for 13 yrs. been on tecfidera for 1 have uveitis. would like to hear if anyone ... Feb, 27, 2016
I am pharmacist and i have a patient who takes ranexa for a year an a month ago diagnosted with ... Feb, 11, 2016
Hi my name is ana,my 9 yr old daughter is the one who has uveitis. she started taking abilify ... Feb, 03, 2016
I have experimented with various natural products for uveitus and has recently (a month ago) ... Jan, 21, 2016
I'm a 65 yr. old female an i have been taking rifabutin for a year an a half. i have a really ... Jan, 04, 2016
I have multiple sclerosis and iritis. i have been on tysabri for 13 and half years. i was on the ... Nov, 29, 2015
Hi i am 52 and had iritis and now i suffer from ptosis. i am trying to determine if the two are ... Nov, 17, 2015
Hi i live in spain and since taking enbrel my arthritis has improved although my eye site after ... Nov, 17, 2015
I am 18 years old and i had my entire spine fused due to scoliosis when i was 13 and i got ... Nov, 05, 2015
I am a generally healthy, slightly overweight 39 year old woman with idiopathic uvietis ( all ... Aug, 16, 2015
I have a rare uveitis condition and have no central vision in my right eye. i take ... Mar, 12, 2015

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