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Please help! after thyroid removal and being started on synthroid, my neck, chest and upper ... Mar, 19, 2017
Ive been on the morphine sulfate er 15mg tab for over a year now just in last 4 months getting ... Mar, 10, 2017
Since i have been taking prolia i have a bad case of chest acne. never been bothered with acne. ... Feb, 07, 2017
Help please 😢 my dr. just increased my dosage and my entire & face neck has broken out...what ... Jan, 27, 2017
I haven't needed albuterol inhalers for the last few years because of immunotherapy shots, ... Jan, 14, 2017
I've been taking rebif for three years now and i noticed that i only started having acne from ... Dec, 12, 2016
I have been on the drug for just over 30 days. i have developed cystic acne on my back and ... Oct, 19, 2016
I am 59 years old and was prescribed humera 3 months ago for very bad ulcerative colitis. after ... Sep, 29, 2016
Hi ! my son 16 yrs old has been using qvar 80 for about 1 year. he has developed very bad ... Sep, 02, 2016
Hi everyone! i've had nexplanon in for about 4 months now, and it is in this fourh month that ... Aug, 16, 2016
For all my life i have struggled with hirschsprungs, i have learned to just about cope with this ... Aug, 03, 2016
How long after stopping wellbutrin did it take for face to clear up, i quit cold turkey about ... Aug, 01, 2016
Hello, i started nnabumetone for 2 weeks and now have many pus pimples which really hurt. ... Jul, 18, 2016
Hi, i'm so glad i found this group online. this actually happened to me almost 5 yrs ago, and i ... Jul, 10, 2016
Hi i'm mabel, i have been taking gabapentin for at least 3years and my acne has been in an all ... Jul, 08, 2016
I have been taking aromasin now for over two years and in the past 2 months i have developed ... Jul, 04, 2016
Hi, im from méxico, mu english is not very good, but im taking trileptal and im full of acne on ... Jul, 02, 2016
What is the best way to treat acne for someone on pentasa for chrons. medications can upset the ... May, 28, 2016
Hi, i've been taking centrum for about 2 weeks now and i noticed that i've been breaking out on ... May, 19, 2016
Hello, i was diagnosed with breast cancer stage iii in february 2014. had chemo, both breasts ... Apr, 25, 2016
I was diagnosed with a blood disorder that caused my levels of testosterone to excessively lower ... Apr, 02, 2016
At 56, i am breaking out on my forehead like a teenager. in all my years i have not had acne ... Mar, 11, 2016
Having a lot of painful acne in unusual places. i'm used to some breakouts on my face, mostly ... Jan, 28, 2016
Hi! good day, i am tim female 24 yrs of age. within this year i just found out that i have ... Dec, 16, 2015
New to the group. ive been taking synthroid for 15 yrs. i never knew there was a connection to ... Dec, 08, 2015
I developed severe skin condition as soon as i started taking escitalopram – it seemed to be the ... Dec, 04, 2015
I am 41, i recently have been diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis, i started taking ... Nov, 07, 2015
After many many years of suffering with severe chronic fatigue, debilitating cronin muscle, ... Sep, 20, 2015
Hi, i have had terrible cystic acne since taking this drug in april, 2014. i could not figure ... Aug, 21, 2015
Hi! my fiancée has hep c . he has recently breaking out with cyst like pimples on his face, ... Aug, 13, 2015
Help me, i am 60 yrs old and have acne in my chin! it's not fair. i am very embarrassed by this. ... Aug, 12, 2015
I have super severe acne after taking blackmores q10 then i stop n try collagen n my acne still ... Aug, 07, 2015
Hi, i started getting severe acne during the second week of using the climara pro patch. i was ... Aug, 04, 2015
I'm so glad i found this group. i have been on pristiq since november 2014, and i have severe ... Aug, 01, 2015
Hello, my 16 yr old son has been taking concerts since he was 8 years old. he is now at the top ... Jul, 12, 2015
I'm earning my bachelors health science/nutrition, and writing a paper on the use of potassium ... Jun, 10, 2015
I'm experiencing continuous acne, like "blind" pimples on jawline, back of neck hairline, and ... Jun, 03, 2015
Hi im bianca and i need some help. i've been taking gildess fe1/2 birth control for about a week ... Jun, 02, 2015
I just started ritalin 6 weeks ago, i am 32. never before tried adhd medications. no i have ... May, 28, 2015
Hello, i've been on alondronate sodium tablets for 5 months and i now have pimples on my nose, ... May, 11, 2015
Suffering sever cystic acne for 5 years. treatment has been antibiotics. i have painful and ... May, 10, 2015
I've been getting tysabri infusions since i was diagnosed with ms 8 months ago. it's working, ... May, 05, 2015
I'm going into my second month of micronor and so far, so good! i'm crossing my fingers it stops ... Apr, 12, 2015
I have been on warfarin for 5 years for lupus anticoagulant. past year have experiened random ... Mar, 27, 2015
I recently switched to sprycel after 13 years on gleevec. the acne -or rash as my doctor calls ... Feb, 24, 2015
Hi, i'm rafaela from brazil. i'm here to support people that took tegretol and had acne and to ... Feb, 22, 2015

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