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Could your drug cause Breast Enlargement?

These are the drugs that are associated with Breast enlargement. You can check who have breast enlargement, when it happens and how.

DrugNumber of Breast Enlargement Reports
Abacavir2Support group
Abilify7Support group
Accupril5Support group
Accutane2Support group
Acetaminophen25Support group
Acetylsalicylic Acid12Support group
Aciphex10Support group
Actonel7Support group
Actos3Support group
Adalat Cc1Support group
Adderall8Support group
Adderall 105Support group
Adderall Xr 201Support group
Adderall Xr 302Support group
Adderall Xr 30 (shire) - 7.5mg;7.5mg;7.5mg;7.5mg2
Advair Diskus 100/5017Support group
Advair Diskus 500/501Support group
Advicor2Support group
Advil4Support group
Advil Liqui-gels1Support group
Agenerase2Support group
Albuterol18Support group
Alcohol3Support group
Aldactone15Support group
Alendronate Sodium18Support group
Alesse36Support group
Aleve1Support group
Allegra17Support group
Allopurinol5Support group
Allopurinol Sodium1Support group
Alphagan3Support group
Alprazolam5Support group
Altace9Support group
Amaryl3Support group
Ambien27Support group
Ambien Cr1Support group
Amitiza2Support group
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride4Support group
Amlodipine9Support group
Amlodipine Besylate4Support group
Amoxapine4Support group
Amoxicillin25Support group
Anafranil3Support group
Anastrozole1Support group
Androderm1Support group
Androgel12Support group
Angeliq2Support group
Anusol Hc2Support group
Aranesp2Support group
Aricept1Support group
Arimidex4Support group
Aripiprazole4Support group
Aromasin8Support group
Artane3Support group
Arthrotec7Support group
Asa1Support group
Asacol2Support group
Aspirin41Support group
Atacand3Support group
Atenolol32Support group
Ativan17Support group
Atorvastatin Calcium5Support group
Atrovent3Support group
Augmentin2Support group
Avalide2Support group
Avandamet2Support group
Avandia6Support group
Avapro7Support group
Avastin2Support group
Avodart184Support group
Avonex13Support group
Axid2Support group
Aygestin1Support group
Azathioprine2Support group
Azithromycin3Support group
Azmacort3Support group
Baclofen9Support group
Bactrim19Support group
Bactrim Ds6Support group
Baycol8Support group
Beconase1Support group
Benadryl9Support group
Benicar4Support group
Bentyl2Support group
Benzonatate2Support group
Beta Carotene1Support group
Betapace2Support group
Betaseron1Support group
Betoptic1Support group
Beyaz2Support group
Biaxin2Support group
Bicalutamide2Support group
Biotin1Support group
Bisoprolol Fumarate And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Blopress2Support group
Boniva19Support group
Bromocriptine Mesylate3Support group
Budesonide1Support group
Bupropion Hydrochloride2Support group
Buspar10Support group
Buspirone Hcl1Support group
Byetta1Support group
Bystolic1Support group
Cabergoline1Support group
Caduet5Support group
Cafergot4Support group
Calan1Support group
Calcitriol7Support group
Calcium22Support group
Calcium Citrate1Support group
Carafate4Support group
Carbamazepine8Support group
Cardizem10Support group
Cardura24Support group
Cartia Xt4Support group
Carvedilol4Support group
Casodex13Support group
Catapres1Support group
Ceclor1Support group
Celebrex23Support group
Celecoxib5Support group
Celestone Soluspan1Support group
Celexa22Support group
Cellcept5Support group
Cenestin1Support group
Centrum9Support group
Centrum Silver6Support group
Cephalexin2Support group
Chantix11Support group
Chondroitin1Support group
Chondroitin Sulfate1Support group
Cialis2Support group
Cimetidine1Support group
Citalopram Hydrobromide3Support group
Clarinex5Support group
Clarithromycin5Support group
Claritin15Support group
Climara27Support group
Clindamycin Hydrochloride2Support group
Clonazepam27Support group
Clonidine8Support group
Clopidogrel3Support group
Clopra2Support group
Clorazepate Dipotassium1Support group
Clozaril2Support group
Coca1Support group
Cogentin3Support group
Cognex1Support group
Colchicine2Support group
Combipatch3Support group
Combivent3Support group
Combivir8Support group
Concerta3Support group
Copaxone3Support group
Coq2Support group
Coq102Support group
Cordarone7Support group
Coreg17Support group
Corgard6Support group
Cortisone Acetate1Support group
Cortril1Support group
Cotrim2Support group
Coumadin20Support group
Cozaar16Support group
Crestor12Support group
Crixivan12Support group
Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride3Support group
Cyclosporine2Support group
Cycrin2Support group
Cymbalta16Support group
Danazol2Support group
Dapsone1Support group
Darvocet9Support group
Daytrana1Support group
Delatestryl1Support group
Deltasone5Support group
Demadex1Support group
Demulen 1/35-281Support group
Depakote32Support group
Depakote Er5Support group
Depo-provera27Support group
Depo-subq Provera 1041Support group
Desloratadine1Support group
Desogen2Support group
Desyrel4Support group
Detrol6Support group
Detrol La2Support group
Dexamethasone6Support group
Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate2Support group
Dexilant2Support group
Diabeta1Support group
Diazepam17Support group
Diclofenac Sodium9Support group
Didanosine4Support group
Didronel1Support group
Diflucan3Support group
Digoxin9Support group
Dilaudid6Support group
Diltiazem Hydrochloride1Support group
Diovan14Support group
Disipal1Support group
Ditropan2Support group
Donepezil1Support group
Dostinex2Support group
Doxazosin Mesylate4Support group
Doxycycline1Support group
Droxia2Support group
Dulera1Support group
Duragesic-10010Support group
Dyazide8Support group
Efavirenz5Support group
Effexor39Support group
Effexor Xr18Support group
Elavil15Support group
Elmiron2Support group
Emcyt1Support group
Enalapril Maleate3Support group
Enbrel26Support group
Epiduo1Support group
Epipen1Support group
Epivir27Support group
Epivir-hbv2Support group
Escitalopram1Support group
Eskalith2Support group
Estrace7Support group
Estraderm4Support group
Estradiol1Support group
Estratab18Support group
Estring1Support group
Estrogel3Support group
Estrogenic Substance1Support group
Estropipate1Support group
Etodolac5Support group
Evamist2Support group
Evista75Support group
Exelon1Support group
Exemestane2Support group
Exforge1Support group
Famotidine1Support group
Fastin1Support group
Felbatol1Support group
Felodipine1Support group
Femara4Support group
Femhrt1Support group
Fentanyl2Support group
Ferrlecit2Support group
Finasteride5Support group
Fiorinal1Support group
Fish Oil10Support group
Flagyl3Support group
Flaxseed1Support group
Flexeril3Support group
Flomax44Support group
Flonase7Support group
Flovent10Support group
Fluconazole6Support group
Fluoride6Support group
Fluorouracil1Support group
Fluoxetine5Support group
Fluoxetine Hydrochloride2Support group
Flurbiprofen1Support group
Flutamide1Support group
Fluticasone Propionate4Support group
Fluvoxamine Maleate5Support group
Focalin2Support group
Focalin Xr2Support group
Folic Acid35Support group
Foradil2Support group
Forteo14Support group
Fosamax64Support group
Furosemide12Support group
Gabapentin6Support group
Gabitril1Support group
Garlic1Support group
Gemfibrozil1Support group
Geodon12Support group
Ginseng1Support group
Gleevec1Support group
Gliclazide8Support group
Glipizide6Support group
Glucotrol2Support group
Glucovance4Support group
Glyburide3Support group
Glycolax6Support group
Guarana1Support group
Haldol5Support group
Hectorol2Support group
Hexabrix1Support group
Humalog1Support group
Humatrope5Support group
Humira11Support group
Humulin L1Support group
Humulin R4Support group
Hydralazine Hydrochloride1Support group
Hydramine2Support group
Hydrea2Support group
Hydrochlorothiazide40Support group
Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Acetaminophen12Support group
Hydrocortisone12Support group
Hydrodiuril1Support group
Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate2Support group
Hydroxyurea2Support group
Hydroxyzine3Support group
Hytrin10Support group
Hyzaar8Support group
Ibu19Support group
Ibuprofen19Support group
Imdur2Support group
Imitrex11Support group
Imodium1Support group
Implanon4Support group
Imuran1Support group
Inderal7Support group
Inderal La2Support group
Intal1Support group
Intron A3Support group
Invega10Support group
Invega Sustenna8Support group
Invirase7Support group
Irbesartan1Support group
Isoniazid1Support group
Isosorbide Dinitrate4Support group
Jalyn5Support group
Janumet1Support group
Januvia8Support group
Kaletra1Support group
Keflex2Support group
Kelnor1Support group
Ketoconazole6Support group
Ketoprofen6Support group
Kineret1Support group
Klonopin31Support group
Klor-con4Support group
Lactulose1Support group
Lamictal16Support group
Lamictal Xr1Support group
Lamivudine18Support group
Lamotrigine6Support group
Lanoxin10Support group
Lansoprazole11Support group
Lantus3Support group
Lasix31Support group
Latuda2Support group
Leflunomide1Support group
Lescol3Support group
Lescol Xl1Support group
Leukeran1Support group
Levaquin5Support group
Levonorgestrel1Support group
Levothroid2Support group
Levothyroxine Sodium34Support group
Levothyroxine Thyroid1Support group
Levoxyl8Support group
Lexapro21Support group
Lexiva2Support group
Lidoderm2Support group
Limbitrol1Support group
Lipitor100Support group
Lisinopril26Support group
Lisinopril And Hydrochlorothiazide2Support group
Lithium Carbonate8Support group
Lithobid1Support group
Lodine1Support group
Loestrin 24 Fe3Support group
Loestrin 24 Fe (warner Chilcott) - 0.02mg;1mg1
Lo/ovral1Support group
Lopressor14Support group
Lopurin5Support group
Loratadine5Support group
Lorazepam25Support group
Lortab8Support group
Lotrel2Support group
Lovastatin10Support group
Lovaza2Support group
Lovenox6Support group
Lozol2Support group
Lunesta5Support group
Lupron38Support group
Lupron Depot25Support group
Lupron Depot-ped3Support group
Lutein1Support group
Luvox9Support group
Lyrica33Support group
Magnesium1Support group
Magnesium Oxide1Support group
Magnesium Sulfate1Support group
Mavik2Support group
Maxzide1Support group
Mebeverine Hydrochloride1Support group
Meclizine1Support group
Medrol2Support group
Melatonin8Support group
Menest1Support group
Mercaptopurine1Support group
Meridia3Support group
Metaxalone4Support group
Metformin15Support group
Metformin Hydrochloride3Support group
Methadone Hydrochloride1Support group
Methergine1Support group
Methotrexate20Support group
Methyltestosterone1Support group
Metoclopramide2Support group
Metoprolol Succinate2Support group
Metoprolol Tartrate14Support group
Metrocream1Support group
Metrogel1Support group
Mevacor7Support group
Miacalcin21Support group
Micardis4Support group
Micro-k1Support group
Micronor1Support group
Microzide1Support group
Milk Of Magnesia2Support group
Minipress1Support group
Minitran2Support group
Minocin1Support group
Minocycline Hydrochloride1Support group
Miralax3Support group
Mirapex5Support group
Mirena81Support group
Mirtazapine15Support group
Mobic5Support group
Mometasone Furoate1Support group
Monoket2Support group
Morphine8Support group
Morphine Sulfate6Support group
Motrin9Support group
Ms Contin6Support group
Mucinex7Support group
Nabumetone1Support group
Nadolol5Support group
Naprosyn1Support group
Naproxen2Support group
Nasacort4Support group
Nasalcrom3Support group
Nasonex6Support group
Natazia3Support group
Neoral1Support group
Neurontin25Support group
Nevirapine6Support group
Nexium30Support group
Niacin4Support group
Niaspan3Support group
Nicoderm Cq3Support group
Nicotrol1Support group
Nifedipine1Support group
Nilandron2Support group
Nilstat2Support group
Nitroglycerin4Support group
Nolvadex6Support group
Norplant32Support group
Norpramin1Support group
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride1Support group
Norvasc32Support group
Norvir6Support group
Novolog3Support group
Nuvaring24Support group
Ogen5Support group
Olanzapine1Support group
Olmesartan Medoxomil1Support group
Omega-3 Marine Triglycerides3Support group
Omeprazole31Support group
Onglyza1Support group
Optimark2Support group
Orencia1Support group
Orlaam1Support group
Ortho Cyclen-211Support group
Ortho Evra20Support group
Ortho Tri-cyclen3Support group
Orudis1Support group
Oxycodone3Support group
Oxycontin16Support group
Pamelor6Support group
Pantoprazole11Support group
Pantoprazole Sodium6Support group
Parlodel1Support group
Paroxetine Hydrochloride3Support group
Patanol1Support group
Paxil35Support group
Pentoxifylline1Support group
Pepcid7Support group
Pepcid Ac2Support group
Percocet2Support group
Periactin1Support group
Phentermine1Support group
Pindolol1Support group
Plan B47Support group
Plan B One-step47Support group
Plaquenil5Support group
Plavix11Support group
Plendil5Support group
Pradaxa1Support group
Pramine3Support group
Prandin1Support group
Pravachol8Support group
Pravastatin Sodium3Support group
Prazosin Hydrochloride1Support group
Precose1Support group
Prednisone33Support group
Pregabalin1Support group
Premarin118Support group
Premphase1Support group
Prempro91Support group
Prevacid13Support group
Previfem1Support group
Prilosec40Support group
Primidone3Support group
Prinivil1Support group
Pristiq1Support group
Probiotic1Support group
Procardia6Support group
Procardia Xl5Support group
Profen19Support group
Progesterone5Support group
Prograf5Support group
Prolia2Support group
Promacta2Support group
Prometrium10Support group
Propecia16Support group
Propranolol Hydrochloride1Support group
Propulsid2Support group
Proscar25Support group
Protonix18Support group
Protopic1Support group
Proventil2Support group
Provera47Support group
Prozac29Support group
Pulmicort4Support group
Pulmicort Flexhaler1Support group
Pulmicort Respules1Support group
Q102Support group
Quasense1Support group
Questran1Support group
Quetiapine Fumarate2Support group
Quinapril3Support group
Quinine Sulfate1Support group
Rabeprazole9Support group
Rabeprazole Sodium3Support group
Raloxifene Hydrochloride3Support group
Ramipril1Support group
Ranitidine Hydrochloride1Support group
Rasilez2Support group
Rebetol1Support group
Reclast4Support group
Reglan3Support group
Relafen2Support group
Remeron5Support group
Remicade3Support group
Requip2Support group
Restasis2Support group
Restoril7Support group
Retrovir10Support group
Rezulin2Support group
Risperdal57Support group
Risperdal Consta3Support group
Risperidone2Support group
Ritalin13Support group
Rogaine2Support group
Rozerem8Support group
Salagen4Support group
Sandimmune2Support group
Saphris1Support group
Serax1Support group
Serevent9Support group
Seroquel26Support group
Seroquel Xr4Support group
Sertraline21Support group
Sertraline Hydrochloride11Support group
Serzone13Support group
Simvastatin28Support group
Sinemet1Support group
Sinequan7Support group
Singulair15Support group
Skelaxin4Support group
Sodium Bicarbonate1Support group
Soliris2Support group
Solodyn3Support group
Soma7Support group
Sonata1Support group
Soriatane1Support group
Sotalol Hydrochloride2Support group
Sotret4Support group
Spiriva8Support group
Spironolactone16Support group
Spironolactone And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Sporanox2Support group
Stavudine17Support group
Strattera8Support group
Suboxone1Support group
Sucralfate11Support group
Sudafed1Support group
Sular1Support group
Sulfadiazine1Support group
Sulfamethoprim1Support group
Sulfasalazine1Support group
Sumatriptan1Support group
Sumatriptan Succinate1Support group
Surmontil1Support group
Sustiva5Support group
Symbicort2Support group
Synthroid75Support group
Tagamet4Support group
Tambocor4Support group
Tamiflu1Support group
Tamoxifen Citrate10Support group
Tamsulosin2Support group
Tasigna1Support group
Tavist1Support group
Taxol5Support group
Tegretol14Support group
Temazepam8Support group
Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate1Support group
Tenormin8Support group
Testoderm1Support group
Thalomid1Support group
Theophylline4Support group
Thiothixene1Support group
Tiazac1Support group
Ticlid1Support group
Tigan1Support group
Tikosyn1Support group
Timolol Maleate1Support group
Tofranil1Support group
Topamax14Support group
Topiramate2Support group
Toprol-xl20Support group
Toradol1Support group
Torsemide1Support group
Toviaz1Support group
Tramadol16Support group
Trazodone Hydrochloride2Support group
Triamterene And Hydrochlorothiazide2Support group
Triazolam3Support group
Tricor4Support group
Trilafon2Support group
Trimethoprim1Support group
Triphasil-212Support group
Triphasil-2826Support group
Trizivir2Support group
Trusopt1Support group
Tylenol21Support group
Tylenol W/ Codeine1Support group
Tylenol W/ Codeine No. 31Support group
Tysabri15Support group
Ultracet6Support group
Ultram7Support group
Urocit-k1Support group
Uroxatral11Support group
Vagifem3Support group
Valium16Support group
Valproic Acid4Support group
Valtrex2Support group
Vancenase1Support group
Vanceril2Support group
Vasotec2Support group
Ventolin8Support group
Vesicare3Support group
Viadur1Support group
Viagra7Support group
Vicodin17Support group
Videx14Support group
Videx Ec1Support group
Viibryd1Support group
Vioxx20Support group
Viracept12Support group
Viramune21Support group
Vitamin B11Support group
Vitamin B123Support group
Vitamin B31Support group
Vitamin C1Support group
Vitamin D1Support group
Vitamin E15Support group
Vitamins42Support group
Vivelle8Support group
Volmax2Support group
Voltaren3Support group
Vytorin6Support group
Warfarin Sodium19Support group
Wellbutrin28Support group
Wellbutrin Sr3Support group
Wellbutrin Xl7Support group
Wigraine4Support group
Xalatan3Support group
Xanax29Support group
Xenical5Support group
Xigris1Support group
Xolair2Support group
Xylocaine1Support group
Yasmin20Support group
Yaz8Support group
Zanaflex1Support group
Zantac14Support group
Zantac 1501Support group
Zebeta1Support group
Zelnorm5Support group
Zenapax2Support group
Zerit25Support group
Zestril10Support group
Zetia7Support group
Ziac2Support group
Ziagen2Support group
Zide40Support group
Zidovudine12Support group
Zithromax7Support group
Zocor60Support group
Zofran1Support group
Zoladex8Support group
Zolmitriptan1Support group
Zolpidem10Support group
Zolpidem Tartrate1Support group
Zomig5Support group
Zonegran3Support group
Zopiclone1Support group
Zovirax1Support group
Zyprexa26Support group
Zyprexa Zydis1Support group
Zyrtec16Support group

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