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Could your drug cause Hiccups?

These are the drugs that are associated with Hiccups. You can check who have hiccups, when it happens and how.

DrugNumber of Hiccups Reports
8-hour Bayer4Support group
Abacavir4Support group
Abelcet3Support group
Abilify71Support group
Acarbose1Support group
Accolate1Support group
Accupril7Support group
Accuretic1Support group
Accutane10Support group
Aceon2Support group
Acetaminophen38Support group
Acetaminophen And Hydrocodone Bitartrate21Support group
Acetasol2Support group
Acetazolamide1Support group
Acetylcysteine6Support group
Acetylsalicylic Acid18Support group
Acidophilus1Support group
Aciphex15Support group
Activase2Support group
Actonel3Support group
Actoplus Met4Support group
Actos26Support group
Actrapid2Support group
Acyclovir Sodium3Support group
Adalat8Support group
Adderall6Support group
Adderall 101Support group
Adderall 301Support group
Adderall 51Support group
Adriamycin Pfs3Support group
Adrucil2Support group
Advair Diskus 100/5030Support group
Advair Hfa3Support group
Advil3Support group
Agenerase3Support group
Aggrenox3Support group
Agrylin2Support group
Akineton2Support group
Albuterol30Support group
Albuterol Sulfate10Support group
Alcohol3Support group
Aldactone16Support group
Aldara1Support group
Alendronate Sodium9Support group
Alendronic Acid1Support group
Aleve9Support group
Alimta17Support group
Alkeran5Support group
Allegra8Support group
Allegra-d 12 Hour1Support group
Allopurinol79Support group
Aloxi4Support group
Alphagan3Support group
Alprazolam23Support group
Alprostadil6Support group
Altace16Support group
Amantadine Hydrochloride1Support group
Amaryl18Support group
Ambien32Support group
Ambisome9Support group
Amerge1Support group
Amifostine1Support group
Amikacin Sulfate7Support group
Aminophyllin3Support group
Aminosyn-pf 7%1Support group
Amiodarone Hydrochloride4Support group
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride12Support group
Amlodipine52Support group
Amlodipine Besylate23Support group
Amnesteem1Support group
Amoxapine1Support group
Amoxicillin32Support group
Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium1Support group
Amoxil2Support group
Amphotericin B12Support group
Ampicillin Sodium6Support group
Ancef1Support group
Androgel1Support group
Antabuse1Support group
Antivert1Support group
Anzemet7Support group
Apidra1Support group
Aplenzin1Support group
Aprepitant8Support group
Apriso1Support group
Aranesp13Support group
Arava2Support group
Aredia4Support group
Arg3Support group
Arginine3Support group
Aricept33Support group
Arimidex1Support group
Aripiprazole3Support group
Arixtra5Support group
Armodafinil1Support group
Artane1Support group
Arthrotec4Support group
Asa2Support group
Aspirin135Support group
Aspirin And Dipyridamole6Support group
Astelin8Support group
Astepro3Support group
Atacand8Support group
Atarax8Support group
Atenolol67Support group
Ativan47Support group
Atorvastatin Calcium6Support group
Atripla1Support group
Atropa Belladonna1Support group
Atropine13Support group
Atrovent5Support group
Augmentin18Support group
Augmentin '125'7Support group
Augmentin '250'2Support group
Augmentin '875'1Support group
Augmentin Xr1Support group
Avandamet2Support group
Avandaryl2Support group
Avandia17Support group
Avapro12Support group
Avastin51Support group
Avelox11Support group
Avodart15Support group
Avonex19Support group
Axid3Support group
Azacitidine1Support group
Azithromycin4Support group
Azmacort5Support group
Azopt2Support group
Azulfidine1Support group
B-121Support group
Bacitracin1Support group
Baclofen45Support group
Bactrim41Support group
Bactrim Ds6Support group
Baraclude4Support group
Baycol2Support group
Beclovent2Support group
Belladonna4Support group
Benadryl29Support group
Benazepril Hydrochloride2Support group
Benicar2Support group
Bentyl3Support group
Benzonatate12Support group
Betamethasone Dipropionate1Support group
Betaseron11Support group
Bextra26Support group
Biaxin52Support group
Biaxin Xl20Support group
Bisoprolol Fumarate12Support group
Bisoprolol Fumarate And Hydrochlorothiazide3Support group
Bleomycin Sulfate2Support group
Blopress2Support group
Boniva2Support group
Botox2Support group
Botox Cosmetic1Support group
Brimonidine Tartrate1Support group
Budesonide1Support group
Bumetanide1Support group
Bupivacaine3Support group
Bupropion Hydrochloride1Support group
Buspar9Support group
Busulfex3Support group
Byetta92Support group
Cabergoline4Support group
Caduet3Support group
Calan4Support group
Calciparine3Support group
Calcitriol1Support group
Calcium6Support group
Camptosar40Support group
Candesartan Cilexetil4Support group
Capecitabine18Support group
Capoten1Support group
Captopril5Support group
Carafate9Support group
Carbamazepine4Support group
Carbidopa And Levodopa1Support group
Carboplatin54Support group
Cardizem13Support group
Cardizem Cd3Support group
Cardura27Support group
Cardura Xl1Support group
Cartia Xt1Support group
Carvedilol15Support group
Casodex2Support group
Caverject1Support group
Cefaclor15Support group
Cefazolin1Support group
Cefdinir1Support group
Cefepime Hydrochloride4Support group
Cefizox1Support group
Cefotaxime1Support group
Cefpodoxime Proxetil2Support group
Ceftazidime2Support group
Ceftin1Support group
Ceftriaxone12Support group
Cefuroxime2Support group
Cefuroxime Axetil1Support group
Cefzil1Support group
Celebrex20Support group
Celecoxib2Support group
Celestone6Support group
Celestone Soluspan3Support group
Celexa12Support group
Cellcept15Support group
Centrum13Support group
Centrum Silver10Support group
Cephalexin16Support group
Cetirizine Hydrochloride2Support group
Cetirizine Hydrochloride Allergy2Support group
Chantix27Support group
Chlorhexidine Gluconate12Support group
Chlorpheniramine Maleate2Support group
Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride8Support group
Chlorthalidone1Support group
Chlor-trimeton2Support group
Cialis11Support group
Cilostazol3Support group
Cimetidine8Support group
Cinacalcet Hydrochloride1Support group
Cipro2Support group
Cisplatin107Support group
Citalopram Hydrobromide14Support group
Clarithromycin33Support group
Claritin10Support group
Clindamycin Hydrochloride6Support group
Clonazepam36Support group
Clopidogrel1Support group
Clopidogrel Bisulfate8Support group
Clotrimazole14Support group
Clozapine12Support group
Clozaril2Support group
Cogentin6Support group
Colace1Support group
Combivent15Support group
Combivir8Support group
Commit312Support group
Compazine2Support group
Comtan1Support group
Concerta3Support group
Conjugated Linoleic Acid1Support group
Copaxone2Support group
Cordarone4Support group
Coreg6Support group
Cortenema1Support group
Cortisone Acetate1Support group
Cosopt2Support group
Cotrim4Support group
Coumadin48Support group
Cozaar11Support group
Cr2Support group
Creatine2Support group
Creatine Monohydrate1Support group
Creon2Support group
Crestor34Support group
Crixivan5Support group
Cyanocobalamin4Support group
Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride1Support group
Cyclophosphamide25Support group
Cyclosporine12Support group
Cymbalta25Support group
Cymbalta (eli Lilly) - 60mg1
Cystagon2Support group
Cytarabine33Support group
Cytotec1Support group
Cytoxan3Support group
Dacogen1Support group
Dapsone5Support group
Darvocet6Support group
Darvocet-n 1003Support group
Daunorubicin Hydrochloride1Support group
Daypro1Support group
Ddavp4Support group
Decadron89Support group
Decadron (merck) - 4mg1
Demadex2Support group
Demerol27Support group
Depakene10Support group
Depakote19Support group
Depakote Er3Support group
Depo-medrol5Support group
Depo-provera3Support group
Depo-testosterone2Support group
Desloratadine5Support group
Desyrel6Support group
Detrol6Support group
Detrol La1Support group
Dexamethasone143Support group
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate21Support group
Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate2Support group
Diabeta1Support group
Diamox18Support group
Diazepam38Support group
Diclofenac Sodium5Support group
Didanosine2Support group
Diflucan17Support group
Digoxin31Support group
Dilantin1Support group
Dilantin-1251Support group
Dilaudid19Support group
Diltiazem Hydrochloride3Support group
Diltzac2Support group
Dimenhydrinate3Support group
Diovan41Support group
Diphen7Support group
Dipyridamole2Support group
Ditropan10Support group
Ditropan Xl2Support group
Docetaxel8Support group
Donepezil10Support group
Donepezil Hydrochloride3Support group
Dopamine Hydrochloride2Support group
Doryx1Support group
Dorzolamide Hydrochloride And Timolol Maleate2Support group
Doxazosin Mesylate8Support group
Doxil3Support group
Doxycycline27Support group
Dronabinol1Support group
Duexis1Support group
Dulera4Support group
Duoneb1Support group
Duragesic-10025Support group
Dyazide2Support group
Efavirenz6Support group
Effexor17Support group
Effexor Xr7Support group
Efudex3Support group
Elavil4Support group
Eloxatin10Support group
Emend42Support group
Emtriva3Support group
Enalapril Maleate24Support group
Enbrel6Support group
Endep1Support group
Enflurane1Support group
Enoxaparin Sodium3Support group
Entocort Ec1Support group
Enulose2Support group
Epinastine Hydrochloride3Support group
Epirubicin Hydrochloride3Support group
Epivir4Support group
Eprex3Support group
Eprosartan Mesylate2Support group
Erbitux14Support group
Erlotinib Hydrochloride1Support group
Erythromycin1Support group
Escitalopram3Support group
Escitalopram Oxalate1Support group
Estraderm1Support group
Ethosuximide2Support group
Ethosuximide (pharm Assoc) - 250mg/5ml1Support group
Ethrane1Support group
Ethyol6Support group
Etodolac3Support group
Etoposide17Support group
Eurax1Support group
Excedrin1Support group
Exelon6Support group
Exemestane1Support group
Exjade12Support group
Extraneal2Support group
Ezetimibe10Support group
Fabrazyme1Support group
Famotidine66Support group
Fastin2Support group
Felodipine9Support group
Femara2Support group
Fenofibrate3Support group
Fentanyl19Support group
Fentanyl-1006Support group
Fentanyl Citrate10Support group
Fentanyl Transdermal System4Support group
Ferrous Citrate Fe 591Support group
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride2Support group
Finasteride2Support group
Fish Oil7Support group
Flagyl11Support group
Flector15Support group
Flexeril3Support group
Flomax22Support group
Flonase14Support group
Flovent6Support group
Floxin17Support group
Fluconazole28Support group
Flucytosine1Support group
Fludara14Support group
Fludarabine Phosphate7Support group
Flunisolide3Support group
Fluorouracil93Support group
Fluoxetine8Support group
Fluoxetine Hydrochloride2Support group
Flurbiprofen2Support group
Fluticasone Propionate9Support group
Fluvoxamine Maleate3Support group
Folic Acid51Support group
Forteo23Support group
Fosamax29Support group
Fosinopril Sodium1Support group
Fosrenol2Support group
Fungizone6Support group
Furosemide42Support group
Gabapentin25Support group
Gabitril2Support group
Galantamine Hydrobromide5Support group
Garlic1Support group
Gemcitabine6Support group
Gemcitabine Hydrochloride8Support group
Gemfibrozil1Support group
Gemzar39Support group
Gentamicin17Support group
Geodon1Support group
Gilenya1Support group
Ginkgo1Support group
Gleevec17Support group
Gliclazide1Support group
Glimepiride11Support group
Glipizide23Support group
Glucophage38Support group
Glucophage Xr2Support group
Glucotrol9Support group
Glucotrol Xl4Support group
Glucovance3Support group
Glutathione3Support group
Glyburide37Support group
Glycolax11Support group
Glycyrrhiza1Support group
Granisetron Hydrochloride11Support group
Gravol1Support group
Guaifenesin2Support group
Halcion2Support group
Haldol1Support group
Haloperidol1Support group
Haloperidol Decanoate2Support group
Halothane2Support group
Heparin31Support group
Heparin Sodium7Support group
Hepsera2Support group
Herceptin3Support group
Humalog16Support group
Humira30Support group
Humulin R13Support group
Hycamtin8Support group
Hydergine2Support group
Hydralazine Hydrochloride1Support group
Hydramine8Support group
Hydrea5Support group
Hydrochlorothiazide46Support group
Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Acetaminophen16Support group
Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Ibuprofen1Support group
Hydrocortisone22Support group
Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate1Support group
Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate7Support group
Hydromorphone Hydrochloride7Support group
Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate1Support group
Hydroxyzine11Support group
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride3Support group
Hytrin8Support group
Hyzaar7Support group
Ibu42Support group
Ibuprofen42Support group
Idamycin1Support group
Idarubicin Hydrochloride6Support group
Ifosfamide6Support group
Imdur3Support group
Imitrex1Support group
Imodium10Support group
Imodium A-d2Support group
Indapamide6Support group
Inderal5Support group
Indomethacin8Support group
Innohep3Support group
Inspra1Support group
Intron A7Support group
Invanz20Support group
Ipratropium Bromide3Support group
Irbesartan2Support group
Iressa12Support group
Irinotecan Hydrochloride7Support group
Isentress6Support group
Isoniazid8Support group
Isoptin1Support group
Isordil1Support group
Isosorbide Dinitrate1Support group
Isosorbide Mononitrate1Support group
Itraconazole21Support group
Januvia6Support group
Kaletra13Support group
Kanzo2Support group
Kayexalate5Support group
Keflex25Support group
Kenalog7Support group
Kenalog-402Support group
Keppra15Support group
Ketek5Support group
Ketoconazole18Support group
Ketoprofen1Support group
Ketorolac Tromethamine10Support group
Klonopin12Support group
Klor-con3Support group
Krill1Support group
Krill Oil1Support group
Kuvan2Support group
Kytril32Support group
Lactic Acid1Support group
Lactobacillus Acidophilus1Support group
Lactulose14Support group
Lamictal14Support group
Lamisil6Support group
Lamivudine10Support group
Lamotrigine6Support group
Lanoxin24Support group
Lansoprazole45Support group
Lantus29Support group
Lasix80Support group
Lescol3Support group
Leucovorin Calcium46Support group
Levaquin19Support group
Levemir1Support group
Levitra12Support group
Levofloxacin12Support group
Levothyroxine Sodium33Support group
Levothyroxine Thyroid1Support group
Levoxyl7Support group
Lexapro9Support group
Lexiva1Support group
Lialda2Support group
Lidocaine Viscous1Support group
Lioresal7Support group
Lipitor82Support group
Lisinopril60Support group
Lisinopril And Hydrochlorothiazide6Support group
Lisinopril (par Pharm) - 20mg1
Lithium Carbonate11Support group
Livalo1Support group
Lodine3Support group
Lodine Xl1Support group
Lomotil6Support group
Lonox1Support group
Loperamide Hydrochloride5Support group
Lopid3Support group
Lopressor12Support group
Loratadine4Support group
Lorazepam46Support group
Lorcet-hd5Support group
Lortab28Support group
Losartan5Support group
Losartan Potassium5Support group
Lotensin3Support group
Lotrel30Support group
Lotrisone2Support group
Lovastatin4Support group
Lovaza6Support group
Lovenox13Support group
Ludiomil4Support group
Lumigan3Support group
Lunesta1Support group
Lupron1Support group
Luvox5Support group
Lyrica3Support group
Lysodren2Support group
Macrobid1Support group
Magnesium35Support group
Magnesium Oxide31Support group
Magnesium Sulfate1Support group
Magnevist2Support group
Marcaine4Support group
Marinol15Support group
Matulane4Support group
Maxipime4Support group
Maxolon3Support group
Maxzide8Support group
Meclizine3Support group
Medrol10Support group
Megace37Support group
Megestrol Acetate15Support group
Mel2Support group
Melatonin2Support group
Meloxicam17Support group
Memantine9Support group
Memantine Hydrochloride4Support group
Menatetrenone1Support group
Meridia1Support group
Meropenem10Support group
Merrem1Support group
Mesna11Support group
Metaglip3Support group
Metformin91Support group
Metformin Hydrochloride26Support group
Methadone Hydrochloride12Support group
Methocarbamol4Support group
Methotrexate41Support group
Methotrexate Sodium3Support group
Methylprednisolone4Support group
Methylprednisolone Acetate1Support group
Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate17Support group
Metoclopramide81Support group
Metoclopramide Hcl4Support group
Metoclopramide Hydrochloride12Support group
Metolazone4Support group
Metoprolol Succinate16Support group
Metoprolol Tartrate30Support group
Metronidazole15Support group
Mevacor1Support group
Mexitil3Support group
Miacalcin2Support group
Micardis23Support group
Miconazole Nitrate3Support group
Micronase3Support group
Midazolam Hydrochloride3Support group
Midazolam Hydrochloride Preservative Free1Support group
Midodrine Hydrochloride1Support group
Minipress1Support group
Minirin3Support group
Minocin2Support group
Minocycline Hydrochloride2Support group
Minoxidil1Support group
Miralax24Support group
Mirapex13Support group
Mircera1Support group
Mirena1Support group
Mirtazapine3Support group
Misoprostol1Support group
Mitomycin2Support group
Mivacurium Chloride3Support group
Mobic21Support group
Mometasone Furoate2Support group
Monopril6Support group
Montelukast Sodium2Support group
Morphine81Support group
Morphine Sulfate36Support group
Motrin6Support group
Ms Contin12Support group
Mucinex2Support group
Multivitamin13Support group
M.v.i.3Support group
Mycophenolate Mofetil12Support group
Mycophenolic Acid1Support group
Myfortic1Support group
Mylotarg13Support group
Myobloc1Support group
Mysoline7Support group
Nabumetone15Support group
Nadolol1Support group
Namenda4Support group
Naprelan1Support group
Naprosyn5Support group
Naproxen7Support group
Nasacort1Support group
Nasonex12Support group
Navelbine11Support group
Neoral10Support group
Neulasta3Support group
Neupogen6Support group
Neupro2Support group
Neurontin24Support group
Neutrexin2Support group
Nevirapine2Support group
Nexavar43Support group
Nexium71Support group
Niacin5Support group
Niaspan5Support group
Nicardipine Hydrochloride2Support group
Nicoderm Cq29Support group
Nicorette220Support group
Nicotine18Support group
Nicotine Polacrilex34Support group
Nicotrol4Support group
Nifedipine11Support group
Nimodipine1Support group
Nitrofurantoin2Support group
Nitrofurantoin Macrocrystalline1Support group
Nitroglycerin16Support group
Nizoral7Support group
Norco3Support group
Norflex1Support group
Noroxin4Support group
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride1Support group
Norvasc75Support group
Norvir1Support group
Novolin R2Support group
Novolog3Support group
Noxafil2Support group
Nplate4Support group
Nubain6Support group
Nutropin Aq1Support group
Nystatin26Support group
Ofloxacin1Support group
Ogen2Support group
Olanzapine6Support group
Olmesartan Medoxomil2Support group
Omacor1Support group
Omega 31Support group
Omeprazole110Support group
Omnicef1Support group
Ondansetron12Support group
Ondansetron Hydrochloride1Support group
Onglyza2Support group
Onsolis2Support group
Opana1Support group
Opana Er1Support group
Optiray 3502Support group
Oramorph Sr20Support group
Orencia1Support group
Orgaran1Support group
Oxaliplatin29Support group
Oxazepam2Support group
Oxybutynin Chloride4Support group
Oxycodone26Support group
Oxycodone And Acetaminophen2Support group
Oxycodone Hydrochloride1Support group
Oxycontin55Support group
Paclitaxel21Support group
Palonosetron Hydrochloride3Support group
Pamidronate Disodium3Support group
Pantoprazole32Support group
Pantoprazole Sodium10Support group
Paracetamol1Support group
Paraplatin16Support group
Paroxetine Hydrochloride2Support group
Patanol3Support group
Paxil36Support group
Pegasys9Support group
Peginterferon1Support group
Pemetrexed2Support group
Penicillin-vk1Support group
Pentasa1Support group
Pentoxifylline16Support group
Pepcid14Support group
Pepcid Ac3Support group
Percocet24Support group
Periactin3Support group
Peridex16Support group
Permax2Support group
Phenergan14Support group
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride And Promethazine Hydrochloride1Support group
Phenytoin12Support group
Phenytoin Sodium3Support group
Phosphosoda1Support group
Pioglitazone1Support group
Piroxicam2Support group
Plaquenil4Support group
Platinol8Support group
Platinol-aq1Support group
Plavix22Support group
Plendil17Support group
Pletal2Support group
Polaramine5Support group
Potassium Chloride1Support group
Povidone Iodine3Support group
Pradaxa24Support group
Pramine1Support group
Prandin1Support group
Pravachol7Support group
Pravastatin Sodium17Support group
Pravastatin Sodium (teva) - 40mg1
Prazepam3Support group
Precose1Support group
Prednisolone22Support group
Prednisolone Acetate6Support group
Prednisone78Support group
Premarin9Support group
Prempro3Support group
Prevacid36Support group
Prilosec81Support group
Prilosec Otc1Support group
Primaquine6Support group
Primaxin2Support group
Primidone4Support group
Prinivil5Support group
Prinzide5Support group
Pristiq1Support group
Proamatine1Support group
Probiotic1Support group
Procardia2Support group
Procardia Xl1Support group
Prochlorperazine4Support group
Prochlorperazine Edisylate1Support group
Prochlorperazine Maleate1Support group
Profen42Support group
Progesterone1Support group
Prograf8Support group
Proleukin6Support group
Promacta1Support group
Promazine Hydrochloride1Support group
Propecia1Support group
Propofol15Support group
Propranolol Hydrochloride1Support group
Propulsid4Support group
Proscar7Support group
Protonix43Support group
Proventil4Support group
Provera4Support group
Provigil6Support group
Prozac16Support group
Pulmicort11Support group
Pulmicort Respules4Support group
Pyrazinamide6Support group
Pyridoxine6Support group
Pyridoxine Hcl1Support group
Quetiapine Fumarate1Support group
Quinapril5Support group
Quinine Sulfate1Support group
Qvar 801Support group
Rabeprazole8Support group
Rabeprazole Sodium7Support group
Ramelteon1Support group
Ramipril12Support group
Ranexa7Support group
Ranitidine Hydrochloride3Support group
Razadyne6Support group
Rebetol4Support group
Rebif10Support group
Reclast3Support group
Reglan36Support group
Relafen3Support group
Remeron5Support group
Remicade8Support group
Renagel6Support group
Repaglinide1Support group
Requip6Support group
Requip Xl1Support group
Restoril4Support group
Revlimid27Support group
Revlimid (celgene) - 10mg1
Reyataz1Support group
Rezulin4Support group
Rhinocort1Support group
Ribavirin12Support group
Rifabutin6Support group
Rifampin6Support group
Risperdal25Support group
Risperdal (ortho Mcneil Janssen) - 1mg1
Risperidone11Support group
Ritalin5Support group
Rituxan11Support group
Robaxin8Support group
Rocephin3Support group
Romazicon1Support group
Rowasa1Support group
Roxicet1Support group
Roxicodone8Support group
Rozerem1Support group
Rythmol1Support group
Saizen1Support group
Sandimmune4Support group
Sandostatin1Support group
Saphris3Support group
Senna20Support group
Sensipar2Support group
Septra1Support group
Septra Ds1Support group
Serevent9Support group
Seroquel31Support group
Seroquel Xr2Support group
Sertraline36Support group
Sertraline Hydrochloride14Support group
Serzone2Support group
Sevoflurane10Support group
Simcor1Support group
Simvastatin47Support group
Sinemet8Support group
Sinemet Cr3Support group
Singulair24Support group
Sitagliptin Phosphate2Support group
Skelaxin1Support group
Slow-k1Support group
Sodium Bicarbonate4Support group
Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate5Support group
Solu-cortef3Support group
Solu-medrol14Support group
Soma6Support group
Somavert3Support group
Soriatane2Support group
Sotalol Hydrochloride2Support group
Sotret1Support group
Spiriva15Support group
Spironolactone20Support group
Spironolactone And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Sporanox6Support group
Starlix5Support group
Stavudine5Support group
Strattera1Support group
Stromectol6Support group
Suboxone9Support group
Subutex3Support group
Sucralfate2Support group
Sular1Support group
Sulfamethoprim5Support group
Sulfamethoxazole16Support group
Sulfamethoxazole And Trimethoprim10Support group
Sulfasalazine1Support group
Sustiva7Support group
Sutent40Support group
Symbicort16Support group
Symbyax2Support group
Symlin1Support group
Synthroid24Support group
Tacrolimus7Support group
Tagamet12Support group
Tagamet Hb1Support group
Tagamet Hb 2001Support group
Tambocor4Support group
Tamiflu2Support group
Tamoxifen Citrate1Support group
Tamsulosin5Support group
Tarceva10Support group
Tasigna5Support group
Tasmar3Support group
Taurine1Support group
Tavist3Support group
Taxol25Support group
Taxotere62Support group
Tegretol22Support group
Tekturna1Support group
Temazepam30Support group
Temodar2Support group
Temozolomide3Support group
Tenoretic 501Support group
Tenormin9Support group
Tequin12Support group
Terazosin Hydrochloride3Support group
Tessalon3Support group
Thalomid19Support group
Theochron1Support group
Theo-dur1Support group
Theophylline1Support group
Thiamine1Support group
Thiamine Hcl1Support group
Thorazine20Support group
Tiazac1Support group
Ticlid3Support group
Ticlopidine Hydrochloride1Support group
Tikosyn1Support group
Timolol Maleate3Support group
Tolbutamide1Support group
Tolterodine Tartrate1Support group
Topamax8Support group
Topiramate1Support group
Topotecan1Support group
Toprol-xl37Support group
Toradol7Support group
Torisel1Support group
Torsemide10Support group
Toviaz6Support group
Tracleer5Support group
Tramadol33Support group
Tramadol Hydrochloride11Support group
Trandate2Support group
Trandolapril5Support group
Tranxene1Support group
Travoprost2Support group
Trazodone Hydrochloride3Support group
Treanda4Support group
Trelstar1Support group
Trental19Support group
Triamcinolone15Support group
Triamcinolone Acetonide9Support group
Triamterene And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Trichlormethiazide1Support group
Tricor7Support group
Triglide1Support group
Trileptal10Support group
Trilipix1Support group
Trilyte1Support group
Trimeprazine Tartrate3Support group
Trimethoprim3Support group
Trimox1Support group
Trusopt2Support group
Tykerb8Support group
Tylenol44Support group
Tylenol W/ Codeine7Support group
Tylenol W/ Codeine No. 31Support group
Tysabri13Support group
Uloric1Support group
Ultram4Support group
Unasyn3Support group
Univasc1Support group
Uracil Mustard2Support group
Uroxatral11Support group
Urso 25016Support group
Ursodeoxycholic Acid1Support group
Ursodiol15Support group
Valacyclovir2Support group
Valium19Support group
Valproate Sodium14Support group
Valproic Acid2Support group
Valsartan21Support group
Valtrex3Support group
Vancenase2Support group
Vancomycin Hcl1Support group
Vancomycin Hydrochloride19Support group
Vanilla1Support group
Vaseretic1Support group
Vasotec8Support group
Vecuronium Bromide1Support group
Velban1Support group
Velcade31Support group
Venofer1Support group
Ventavis4Support group
Ventolin24Support group
Vepesid4Support group
Verapamil Hydrochloride1Support group
Versed43Support group
Vesicare8Support group
Vfend26Support group
Viagra33Support group
Vibramycin1Support group
Vicodin36Support group
Vicodin Es1Support group
Vicoprofen1Support group
Victoza23Support group
Vidaza6Support group
Videx7Support group
Viibryd2Support group
Vimovo4Support group
Vimpat1Support group
Vincristine Sulfate12Support group
Vinorelbine Tartrate6Support group
Vioxx21Support group
Viracept3Support group
Viramune8Support group
Viread3Support group
Vistaril12Support group
Vitamin B123Support group
Vitamin B63Support group
Vitamin D3Support group
Vitamin E10Support group
Vitamins27Support group
Voltaren12Support group
Voriconazole12Support group
Votrient2Support group
Vytorin4Support group
Vyvanse2Support group
Warfarin Sodium16Support group
Welchol1Support group
Wellbutrin23Support group
Wellbutrin Sr2Support group
Wellbutrin Xl5Support group
Whey1Support group
Whey Protein1Support group
Xalatan8Support group
Xanax41Support group
Xarelto1Support group
Xeloda28Support group
Xenazine2Support group
Xenical3Support group
Xgeva1Support group
Xylometazoline Hydrochloride1Support group
Xyrem2Support group
Yasmin1Support group
Yaz1Support group
Yervoy2Support group
Zanaflex5Support group
Zantac42Support group
Zantac 15013Support group
Zarontin4Support group
Zegerid2Support group
Zelboraf10Support group
Zelnorm16Support group
Zerit8Support group
Zestoretic4Support group
Zestril13Support group
Zetia13Support group
Ziac8Support group
Ziagen8Support group
Zidovudine7Support group
Zimovane1Support group
Zithromax39Support group
Zocor29Support group
Zofran2Support group
Zofran Odt1Support group
Zoloft69Support group
Zolpidem29Support group
Zolpidem Tartrate19Support group
Zometa41Support group
Zomig1Support group
Zonisamide2Support group
Zopiclone9Support group
Zosyn3Support group
Zovirax3Support group
Zyban4Support group
Zyloprim2Support group
Zyprexa14Support group
Zyrtec28Support group
Zyrtec-d 12 Hour1Support group
Zyvox3Support group

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