Conditions associated with Icp?

Condition Number of reports
Acid reflux None
Acid reflux (expanded source) 2
Arthritis - neck 1
Arthritis - neck (expanded source) None
Asthma None
Asthma (expanded source) 1
Cervical osteoarthritis 1
Cervical osteoarthritis (expanded source) None
Constipation None
Constipation (expanded source) 1
Daytime sleep disorder None
Daytime sleep disorder (expanded source) 1
Diverticulitis None
Diverticulitis (expanded source) 1
Endometriosis None
Endometriosis (expanded source) 1
Extrasystole 1
Extrasystole (expanded source) None
Gerd None
Gerd (expanded source) 2
Herniated intervertebral disk None
Herniated intervertebral disk (expanded source) 1
Herniated nucleus pulposus (slipped disk) None
Herniated nucleus pulposus (slipped disk) (expanded source) 1
Hypothyroidism None
Hypothyroidism (expanded source) 1
Lsd abuse None
Lsd abuse (expanded source) 1
Lumbar radiculopathy None
Lumbar radiculopathy (expanded source) 1
Musculoskeletal pain 1
Musculoskeletal pain (expanded source) 1
Narcolepsy None
Narcolepsy (expanded source) 1
Neck arthritis 1
Neck arthritis (expanded source) None
Prolapsed intervertebral disk 1
Prolapsed intervertebral disk (expanded source) 1
Rhinitis allergic None
Rhinitis allergic (expanded source) 1
Sciatica None
Sciatica (expanded source) 1
Slipped disk None
Slipped disk (expanded source) 1
Urinary tract infection None
Urinary tract infection (expanded source) 1
Uti 1
Uti (expanded source) 1