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Could your drug cause Overactive Thyroid?

These are the drugs that are associated with Overactive thyroid. You can check who have overactive thyroid, when it happens and how.

DrugNumber of Overactive Thyroid Reports
5 Htp1Support group
Abacavir3Support group
Abilify22Support group
Abreva2Support group
Acarbose1Support group
Accupril27Support group
Accuretic1Support group
Accutane65Support group
Aceon1Support group
Acetaminophen71Support group
Acetaminophen And Codeine Phosphate2Support group
Acetazolamide1Support group
Acetylcarnitine9Support group
Acetylcysteine5Support group
Acetylsalicylate Lysine8Support group
Acetylsalicylic Acid38Support group
Aciphex14Support group
Actigall1Support group
Actiq1Support group
Activella3Support group
Actonel36Support group
Actos23Support group
Actrapid1Support group
Acular1Support group
Adalat23Support group
Adalat Cc7Support group
Adapalene19Support group
Adcirca5Support group
Adderall8Support group
Adderall 105Support group
Adderall 301
Adderall Xr 102Support group
Adderall Xr 301Support group
Adipex-p1Support group
Adriamycin Pfs22Support group
Advair Diskus 100/5029Support group
Advair Diskus 250/503Support group
Advair Hfa3Support group
Advil17Support group
Advil Liqui-gels1Support group
Afinitor1Support group
Aggrastat2Support group
Akineton2Support group
Alavert1Support group
Albuterol70Support group
Albuterol Sulfate16Support group
Aldactazide3Support group
Aldactone44Support group
Aldara2Support group
Alendronate Sodium41Support group
Alendronic Acid4Support group
Aleve5Support group
Alimta1Support group
Alkeran2Support group
Allegra36Support group
Allegra-d 12 Hour2Support group
Allegra D 24 Hour1Support group
Alli12Support group
Allopurinol51Support group
Allopurinol Sodium1Support group
Aloxi1Support group
Alphagan20Support group
Alpha-lipoic Acid Extract1
Alprazolam32Support group
Altace15Support group
Amaryl23Support group
Ambien57Support group
Ambien Cr5Support group
Amerge3Support group
Amiloride Hydrochloride1Support group
Aminophyllin1Support group
Aminophylline1Support group
Amiodarone Hydrochloride45Support group
Amitiza6Support group
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride7Support group
Amlodipine43Support group
Amlodipine Besylate16Support group
Amlodipine Maleate; Benazepril Hydrochloride1Support group
Amnesteem1Support group
Amoxapine2Support group
Amoxicillin39Support group
Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium13Support group
Amoxil6Support group
Amphotericin B8Support group
Ampyra2Support group
Amrix1Support group
Anafranil3Support group
Anaprox1Support group
Anaprox Ds1Support group
Anastrozole1Support group
Ancef1Support group
Androderm1Support group
Angeliq1Support group
Antivert4Support group
Anzemet1Support group
Aranesp9Support group
Arava26Support group
Aredia58Support group
Aricept16Support group
Arimidex21Support group
Aromasin14Support group
Artane4Support group
Arthrotec9Support group
Asacol2Support group
Aspirin194Support group
Astelin1Support group
Atacand26Support group
Atarax12Support group
Atenolol100Support group
Ativan63Support group
Atorvastatin Calcium19Support group
Atropine1Support group
Atrovent28Support group
Augmentin33Support group
Augmentin '125'19Support group
Augmentin Xr6Support group
Avalide5Support group
Avandia18Support group
Avapro22Support group
Avastin14Support group
Avelox15Support group
Aviane-2819Support group
Avodart6Support group
Avonex88Support group
Azathioprine14Support group
Azilect6Support group
Azithromycin4Support group
Azmacort7Support group
B-121Support group
Bacitracin2Support group
Baclofen39Support group
Bactrim36Support group
Bactrim Ds10Support group
Bactroban5Support group
Bamate2Support group
Baraclude1Support group
Baycol6Support group
B Complex Vitamin1Support group
Benadryl73Support group
Benazepril Hydrochloride3Support group
Benicar19Support group
Benzamycin1Support group
Benzonatate1Support group
Benztropine Mesylate2Support group
Beta Carotene4Support group
Betadine11Support group
Betagan1Support group
Betapace2Support group
Betaseron49Support group
Betoptic6Support group
Bextra27Support group
Bexxar2Support group
Biaxin18Support group
Bicalutamide1Support group
Biotin15Support group
Bisacodyl7Support group
Bisoprolol Fumarate38Support group
Bisoprolol Fumarate And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Boniva27Support group
Botox2Support group
Brethine4Support group
Bricanyl1Support group
Bromocriptine Mesylate1Support group
Budesonide5Support group
Bumetanide10Support group
Bumex4Support group
Bupropion Hydrochloride5Support group
Buspar12Support group
Busulfex1Support group
Butrans1Support group
Byetta15Support group
Bystolic4Support group
Cabergoline2Support group
Caduet2Support group
Calan3Support group
Calciparine4Support group
Calcitonin Salmon20Support group
Calcitriol9Support group
Calcium13Support group
Calcium Acetate1Support group
Calcium Lactate8Support group
Camptosar6Support group
Candesartan Cilexetil4Support group
Candesartan Cilexetil And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Capoten9Support group
Captopril18Support group
Carafate8Support group
Carbamazepine14Support group
Carboplatin13Support group
Cardizem Cd7Support group
Cardura8Support group
Cardura Xl3Support group
Carnitor2Support group
Cartia Xt1Support group
Carvedilol29Support group
Casodex3Support group
Cefaclor1Support group
Cefadroxil1Support group
Ceftriaxone5Support group
Cefuroxime1Support group
Cefuroxime Axetil5Support group
Cefzil1Support group
Celebrex42Support group
Celexa37Support group
Celexa (forest Labs) - Eq 10mg Base1Support group
Cellcept21Support group
Cenestin2Support group
Centrum28Support group
Centrum Silver4Support group
Cetamide5Support group
Cetirizine Hydrochloride1Support group
Chantix42Support group
Chlorhexidine Gluconate19Support group
Chloroquine Phosphate3Support group
Chlorthalidone1Support group
Cholestyramine1Support group
Chromium1Support group
Cialis3Support group
Cilostazol2Support group
Ciloxan1Support group
Cimetidine5Support group
Cipro19Support group
Cisplatin7Support group
Citalopram Hydrobromide25Support group
Citanest14Support group
Claravis1Support group
Clarinex14Support group
Clarinex D 24 Hour1Support group
Clarithromycin19Support group
Claritin22Support group
Claritin-d1Support group
Claritin-d 24 Hour1Support group
Clindamycin Hydrochloride5Support group
Clinoril1Support group
Clobetasol Propionate1Support group
Clonazepam61Support group
Clonazepam (apotex) - 0.5mg1
Clonidine8Support group
Clopidogrel16Support group
Clopidogrel Bisulfate12Support group
Clorazepate Dipotassium5
Clotrimazole33Support group
Clozapine13Support group
Clozaril59Support group
Cod Liver Oil1Support group
Cogentin1Support group
Colchicine2Support group
Combipatch1Support group
Combivent23Support group
Combivir8Support group
Compazine24Support group
Concerta7Support group
Contac 12 Hour1
Copaxone10Support group
Copegus50Support group
Coq2Support group
Coq102Support group
Cordarone381Support group
Coreg30Support group
Corgard5Support group
Cortan1Support group
Cortef1Support group
Cortisone Acetate8Support group
Cosopt4Support group
Cotrim6Support group
Cotrim D.s.1Support group
Coumadin138Support group
Covera-hs1Support group
Cozaar44Support group
Cranberry1Support group
Cranberry Powder1
Crestor38Support group
Crixivan8Support group
Cryselle2Support group
Cyanocobalamin6Support group
Cyclophosphamide24Support group
Cyclosporine32Support group
Cymbalta29Support group
Cymbalta (lilly) - Eq 60mg Base1
Cytarabine4Support group
Cytomel22Support group
Cytotec7Support group
Cytovene1Support group
Cytoxan15Support group
Dacogen2Support group
Daliresp1Support group
Dantrolene Sodium1Support group
Dapsone1Support group
Daraprim3Support group
Daypro6Support group
Ddavp2Support group
Decadron9Support group
Deltasone1Support group
Demadex4Support group
Demerol20Support group
Depakene13Support group
Depakote36Support group
Depakote Er3
Depo-medrol4Support group
Depo-provera19Support group
Desogen2Support group
Detrol13Support group
Detrol La3Support group
Dexamethasone36Support group
Dexedrine2Support group
Dextroamphetamine Sulfate1Support group
Diabeta1Support group
Diazepam73Support group
Diclofenac Sodium15Support group
Didanosine4Support group
Didrex3Support group
Didronel3Support group
Diethylstilbestrol1Support group
Differin19Support group
Diflucan14Support group
Digoxin171Support group
Dihydroergotamine Mesylate2Support group
Dilaudid34Support group
Diltiazem Hydrochloride1Support group
Dimenhydrinate1Support group
Diovan52Support group
Diovan Hct1Support group
Diphen3Support group
Diprolene9Support group
Diprosone4Support group
Ditropan11Support group
Divalproex4Support group
Divalproex Sodium4Support group
Dobutamine Hydrochloride3Support group
Docetaxel9Support group
Donepezil6Support group
Doryx1Support group
Dothiepin Hydrochloride2Support group
Dovonex1Support group
Doxazosin Mesylate3Support group
Doxil3Support group
Doxycycline20Support group
Doxycycline Hyclate1Support group
Doxylamine Succinate1Support group
Drospirenone And Ethinyl Estradiol1Support group
Duoneb4Support group
Duragesic-10034Support group
Duricef1Support group
Dyazide22Support group
Dynabac1Support group
Dysport2Support group
Edarbi1Support group
Edex1Support group
Efavirenz5Support group
Effexor67Support group
Effexor Xr14Support group
Elavil13Support group
Elidel2Support group
Elocon1Support group
Eloxatin1Support group
Emsam1Support group
Emtricitabine2Support group
Emtriva3Support group
Enalapril Maleate44Support group
Enbrel64Support group
Enoxaparin Sodium6Support group
Entocort Ec1Support group
Epinastine Hydrochloride2Support group
Epipen1Support group
Epivir31Support group
Epivir-hbv3Support group
Eplerenone10Support group
Epoprostenol Sodium8Support group
Eprex3Support group
Epzicom7Support group
Ergocalciferol2Support group
Escitalopram14Support group
Escitalopram Oxalate3Support group
Esgic4Support group
Esgic-plus1Support group
Esomeprazole Magnesium6Support group
Estazolam1Support group
Estrace19Support group
Estraderm16Support group
Estradiol5Support group
Estrostep Fe1Support group
Eszopiclone2Support group
Ethambutol Hydrochloride2Support group
Etidronate Disodium4Support group
Etodolac2Support group
Etomidate10Support group
Etoposide4Support group
Eupressyl1Support group
Evista26Support group
Excedrin6Support group
Exelon1Support group
Exemestane1Support group
Exforge4Support group
Exidine19Support group
Extavia2Support group
Ezetimibe1Support group
Fabrazyme5Support group
Famotidine29Support group
Famvir4Support group
Faslodex5Support group
Fastin7Support group
Felodipine5Support group
Femara19Support group
Femhrt1Support group
Fenofibrate13Support group
Fentanyl9Support group
Fentanyl-1002Support group
Fentanyl Citrate7Support group
Fentanyl Transdermal System1Support group
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride1Support group
Finasteride22Support group
Fioricet13Support group
Fish Oil18Support group
Flagyl8Support group
Flecainide Acetate8Support group
Flexeril47Support group
Flolan63Support group
Flomax11Support group
Flonase16Support group
Florinef1Support group
Floxin2Support group
Fluconazole11Support group
Fludara4Support group
Flunisolide2Support group
Fluoride1Support group
Fluorouracil17Support group
Fluoxetine23Support group
Fluoxetine Hydrochloride5Support group
Fluphenazine2Support group
Fluphenazine Decanoate1Support group
Flurbiprofen1Support group
Fluticasone Propionate21Support group
Fluvastatin1Support group
Fluvoxamine Maleate1Support group
Folic Acid79Support group
Foradil4Support group
Forteo52Support group
Fosamax241Support group
Foscavir1Support group
Fosinopril Sodium2
Fosrenol1Support group
Fragmin6Support group
Fungizone1Support group
Furosemide160Support group
Fuzeon1Support group
Gaba (gamma - Aminobutyric Acid)1Support group
Gabapentin11Support group
Gabitril4Support group
Ganciclovir Sodium2
Garlic1Support group
Gastrografin1Support group
Gaviscon3Support group
Gemfibrozil10Support group
Genotropin11Support group
Gentamicin3Support group
Gentamicin Sulfate1Support group
Geodon18Support group
Gilenya2Support group
Ginkgo4Support group
Ginkgo Biloba4Support group
Gleevec36Support group
Gliclazide8Support group
Glimepiride17Support group
Glipizide16Support group
Glucophage21Support group
Glucotrol7Support group
Glucotrol Xl1
Glucovance2Support group
Glyburide24Support group
Glycopyrrolate6Support group
Glyset1Support group
Guaifenesin25Support group
Halcion3Support group
Haldol23Support group
Heparin29Support group
Hepsera7Support group
Herceptin18Support group
Hexabrix2Support group
Holy Basil1Support group
Humatrope2Support group
Humira80Support group
Humulin R3
Hydramine3Support group
Hydrea3Support group
Hydrochlorothiazide75Support group
Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Acetaminophen3Support group
Hydrocortisone12Support group
Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate2Support group
Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate4Support group
Hydrodiuril7Support group
Hydromorphone Hydrochloride1Support group
Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate1Support group
Hydroxyurea1Support group
Hydroxyzine4Support group
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride2Support group
Ibandronate Sodium4Support group
Ibu74Support group
Ibuprofen74Support group
Iletin I1Support group
Imatinib Mesylate1Support group
Imodium20Support group
Implanon9Support group
Imuran15Support group
Incivek1Support group
Indapamide7Support group
Inderal23Support group
Inderal La8
Indocin2Support group
Indomethacin24Support group
Inspra5Support group
Insulatard Nph Human2
Insulin3Support group
Integrilin1Support group
Intelence2Support group
Intron A39Support group
Invega2Support group
Invega Sustenna1Support group
Invirase5Support group
Ipratropium Bromide10Support group
Irbesartan5Support group
Iressa2Support group
Isentress4Support group
Isoniazid4Support group
Isoptin10Support group
Isoptin Sr2Support group
Isordil3Support group
Isosorbide Dinitrate9
Isosorbide Mononitrate24Support group
Isovue-3001Support group
Isradipine1Support group
Itraconazole6Support group
Jantoven1Support group
Janumet2Support group
Januvia11Support group
Junel 1.5/301Support group
Kadian5Support group
Kaletra34Support group
Keflex10Support group
Kenalog-401Support group
Keppra20Support group
Kerlone1Support group
Ketamine Hcl8Support group
Ketek7Support group
Ketoprofen4Support group
Ketorolac Tromethamine1Support group
Klonopin26Support group
Klor-con15Support group
Kuvan1Support group
Lamictal26Support group
Lamisil3Support group
Lamivudine14Support group
Lamotrigine22Support group
Lansoprazole53Support group
Lantus41Support group
Lasix174Support group
Latanoprost2Support group
Leflunomide10Support group
Lescol Xl2Support group
Leucovorin Calcium3Support group
Leuprolide Acetate6Support group
Levaquin38Support group
Levemir4Support group
Levetiracetam2Support group
Levitra2Support group
Levofloxacin4Support group
Levonorgestrel1Support group
Levonorgestrel And Ethinyl Estradiol1Support group
Levophed1Support group
Levothroid11Support group
Levothyroxine Sodium274Support group
Levothyroxine Sodium (genpharm) - 0.1mg1
Levothyroxine Thyroid1Support group
Levoxyl107Support group
Lexapro32Support group
Lialda1Support group
Lidex1Support group
Lidocaine Hydrochloride5Support group
Lioresal5Support group
Liothyronine Sodium2Support group
Lipitor145Support group
Lisinopril80Support group
Lisinopril And Hydrochlorothiazide2Support group
Lithane3Support group
Lithium Carbonate57Support group
Lithium Carbonate (west Ward) - 450mg1
Lithium Citrate3Support group
Lithobid2Support group
Livalo2Support group
Lodine9Support group
Lomotil6Support group
Lonox5Support group
Loperamide Hydrochloride3Support group
Lopid10Support group
Lopressor35Support group
Loratadine4Support group
Loraz56Support group
Lorazepam56Support group
Lorcet-hd11Support group
Lortab20Support group
Losartan12Support group
Losartan Potassium11Support group
Losartan Potassium And Hydrochlorothiazide4Support group
Lotensin13Support group
Lotensin Hct1Support group
Lotrel12Support group
Lotrisone2Support group
Lovastatin13Support group
Lovaza9Support group
Lovenox14Support group
Loxapine1Support group
Lozol1Support group
L-theanine1Support group
Lucentis2Support group
Ludiomil1Support group
Lumigan4Support group
Lunesta10Support group
Lupron18Support group
Lupron Depot16Support group
Lupron Depot-32Support group
Luvox3Support group
Lyrica28Support group
Lyrica (cp Pharms) - 75mg1
Macrobid5Support group
Macrodantin2Support group
Magnesium16Support group
Magnesium Citrate2Support group
Magnesium Oxide3Support group
Magnesium Sulfate1Support group
Magnevist1Support group
Marcaine1Support group
Marijuana1Support group
Mavik1Support group
Maxalt2Support group
Maxolon1Support group
Maxzide9Support group
Mebendazole2Support group
Meclizine1Support group
Meclomen4Support group
Medrol15Support group
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate2Support group
Mefoxin1Support group
Megace20Support group
Meloxicam9Support group
Melphalan Hydrochloride15Support group
Memantine Hydrochloride1Support group
Meprobamate2Support group
Mepron1Support group
Mercaptopurine2Support group
Meridia9Support group
Meropenem3Support group
Mesalamine1Support group
Mestinon2Support group
Metaxalone1Support group
Metformin85Support group
Metformin Hydrochloride14Support group
Methamphetamine Hydrochloride1Support group
Methimazole82Support group
Methoblastin3Support group
Methocarbamol5Support group
Methotrexate88Support group
Methotrexate Sodium4Support group
Methyclothiazide1Support group
Methylprednisolone6Support group
Methylprednisolone Acetate1Support group
Methyltestosterone1Support group
Metoclopramide23Support group
Metoclopramide Hcl2Support group
Metoclopramide Hydrochloride2Support group
Metolazone6Support group
Metoprolol Succinate38Support group
Metoprolol Tartrate63Support group
Metronidazole9Support group
Mexiletine Hydrochloride2Support group
Miacalcin11Support group
Micardis36Support group
Microgestin Fe 1/201Support group
Micronase2Support group
Midodrine Hydrochloride2Support group
Milk Of Magnesia3Support group
Milk Thistle1Support group
Minitran1Support group
Minocin2Support group
Minocycline Hydrochloride4Support group
Minoxidil1Support group
Miralax16Support group
Mirapex2Support group
Mircera1Support group
Mircette2Support group
Mirena18Support group
Mirtazapine17Support group
Misoprostol4Support group
Mobic29Support group
Moduretic 5-505Support group
Mometasone Furoate2Support group
Monopril16Support group
Montelukast Sodium1Support group
Morphine59Support group
Morphine Sulfate22Support group
Motrin12Support group
Moviprep2Support group
Ms Contin18Support group
Mucinex12Support group
Multaq61Support group
Multivitamin7Support group
Mupirocin2Support group
M.v.i.5Support group
Mycelex9Support group
Mycophenolate Mofetil9Support group
Mycophenolic Acid2Support group
Mycostatin2Support group
Nabumetone12Support group
Nadolol12Support group
Namenda1Support group
Naprosyn13Support group
Naproxen26Support group
Naproxen Sodium1Support group
Nardil1Support group
Nasacort5Support group
Nasalcrom1Support group
Nasonex4Support group
Neoral15Support group
Neosporin3Support group
Neulasta7Support group
Neupogen14Support group
Neupro4Support group
Neurontin59Support group
Nevirapine8Support group
Nexavar27Support group
Nexium65Support group
Nexplanon1Support group
Niacin9Support group
Niaspan10Support group
Nicardipine Hydrochloride2
Nifedipine19Support group
Nitro-dur2Support group
Nitroglycerin47Support group
Nitrostat1Support group
Nolvadex7Support group
Norco26Support group
Nordette-211Support group
Norditropin11Support group
Norditropin Nordiflex4
Norflex1Support group
Norfloxacin4Support group
Normodyne8Support group
Norplant7Support group
Norvasc104Support group
Norvir18Support group
Novolin R3Support group
Novolog7Support group
Novorapid3Support group
Nph Iletin I3Support group
Nuvaring12Support group
Nuvigil6Support group
Nystatin9Support group
Ogen1Support group
Olanzapine3Support group
Olmesartan Medoxomil2Support group
Omeprazole163Support group
Omnicef5Support group
Omniscan4Support group
Onglyza2Support group
Ontak5Support group
Optimark4Support group
Optivar1Support group
Orgaran2Support group
Ornade1Support group
Orphenadrine Citrate1Support group
Ortho-cept2Support group
Ortho Evra6Support group
Ortho Tri-cyclen4Support group
Orudis3Support group
Ovcon-351Support group
Ovral1Support group
Oxaliplatin2Support group
Oxazepam14Support group
Oxybutynin Chloride1Support group
Oxycodone26Support group
Oxycontin65Support group
Pamelor9Support group
Pamidronate Disodium1Support group
Pantoprazole44Support group
Pantoprazole Sodium24Support group
Paragard T 380a1Support group
Parlodel3Support group
Parnate4Support group
Paroxetine Hydrochloride2Support group
Pataday1Support group
Patanol1Support group
Paxil74Support group
Paxil Cr3Support group
Paxipam1Support group
Pegasys82Support group
Peginterferon21Support group
Peg-intron72Support group
Pentamidine Isethionate1
Pentasa1Support group
Pentoxifylline4Support group
Pepcid16Support group
Pepcid Ac4Support group
Percocet33Support group
Peridex8Support group
Perindopril Erbumine20Support group
Periostat1Support group
Persantine13Support group
Phenelzine Sulfate1Support group
Phenergan15Support group
Phentermine14Support group
Phentermine Hydrochloride4Support group
Phenytoin11Support group
Phenytoin Sodium2Support group
Phoslo7Support group
Phosphosoda1Support group
Phytonadione1Support group
Piperacillin2Support group
Piroxicam2Support group
Plan B One-step1Support group
Plaquenil18Support group
Plavix79Support group
Plendil3Support group
Pletal5Support group
Polaramine1Support group
Potassium Chloride1Support group
Potassium Citrate5Support group
Potassium Iodide17Support group
Povidone Iodine4Support group
Pradaxa6Support group
Pramine13Support group
Pramipexole Dihydrochloride2Support group
Prandin1Support group
Pravachol13Support group
Pravastatin Sodium11Support group
Prazepam12Support group
Prazosin Hydrochloride4Support group
Prednisolone62Support group
Prednisolone Acetate6Support group
Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate1Support group
Prednisone153Support group
Prefest2Support group
Pregabalin1Support group
Premarin82Support group
Prempro20Support group
Prevacid57Support group
Prezista4Support group
Prialt3Support group
Prilosec59Support group
Prilosec Otc1Support group
Primidone4Support group
Pristiq7Support group
Proair Hfa2Support group
Proamatine3Support group
Probiotics1Support group
Procardia Xl7Support group
Prochlorperazine2Support group
Profen74Support group
Progesterone10Support group
Prograf10Support group
Proleukin17Support group
Prolia6Support group
Prolixin Decanoate1Support group
Prometrium5Support group
Propacet 1006Support group
Propafenone Hydrochloride2Support group
Propecia4Support group
Propofol2Support group
Propranolol Hydrochloride15Support group
Propulsid12Support group
Propylthiouracil74Support group
Proscar14Support group
Prosom1Support group
Protonix40Support group
Proventil14Support group
Provera54Support group
Provigil14Support group
Prozac35Support group
Pulmicort13Support group
Pulmicort Respules1
Purinethol1Support group
Pyrazinamide4Support group
Q102Support group
Quetiapine Fumarate5Support group
Quinapril5Support group
Quinapril Hydrochloride1Support group
Quinidex1Support group
Rabeprazole9Support group
Rabeprazole Sodium9Support group
Raloxifene Hydrochloride2Support group
Ramelteon2Support group
Ramipril60Support group
Ranexa1Support group
Ranitidine Hydrochloride5Support group
Rapamune4Support group
Rasilez2Support group
Rebetol129Support group
Rebif47Support group
Reclast3Support group
Reglan59Support group
Regular Insulin3Support group
Relafen7Support group
Relistor3Support group
Relpax7Support group
Remeron37Support group
Remicade55Support group
Remodulin2Support group
Renografin-601Support group
Renova1Support group
Reopro3Support group
Requip6Support group
Restoril15Support group
Retavase1Support group
Retin-a3Support group
Revatio6Support group
Revlimid39Support group
Rezulin7Support group
Rhamnus Purshiana1Support group
Rhinocort3Support group
Ribasphere4Support group
Ribavarin2Support group
Ribavirin128Support group
Rifabutin1Support group
Rifampin2Support group
Rifater1Support group
Rimifon2Support group
Risedronate Sodium1Support group
Risperdal40Support group
Risperdal Consta4Support group
Risperidone23Support group
Ritalin21Support group
Ritalin-sr1Support group
Ritodrine Hydrochloride1Support group
Rituxan1Support group
Rivastigmine3Support group
Robaxin10Support group
Rocaltrol1Support group
Rocephin18Support group
Rocuronium Bromide3Support group
Rogaine1Support group
Roxicet8Support group
Roxicodone5Support group
Rozerem2Support group
Rythmol2Support group
Saizen1Support group
Salagen3Support group
Sandimmune10Support group
Sandostatin12Support group
Sandostatin Lar9Support group
Seasonique1Support group
Sectral2Support group
Senna2Support group
Sensipar2Support group
Septocaine14Support group
Septra1Support group
Serax1Support group
Seroquel70Support group
Seroquel (astrazeneca) - Eq 100mg Base1Support group
Seroquel Xr2Support group
Sertraline13Support group
Sertraline Hydrochloride5Support group
Serzone8Support group
Sildenafil Citrate9Support group
Simcor1Support group
Simponi6Support group
Simvastatin88Support group
Sinemet6Support group
Sinequan4Support group
Singulair51Support group
Skelaxin16Support group
Slow-k8Support group
Sodium Bicarbonate2Support group
Sodium Iodide I 1313Support group
Solu-cortef9Support group
Solu-medrol4Support group
Soma7Support group
Sonata22Support group
Soriatane3Support group
Sotalol Hydrochloride2Support group
Sotret12Support group
Spiriva19Support group
Spironolactone51Support group
Sprintec1Support group
Sprycel4Support group
Stalevo 1006Support group
Starlix6Support group
Stavudine10Support group
Stelara9Support group
Stelazine1Support group
Sterane1Support group
Stilbestrol1Support group
St. John's Wort1Support group
Suboxone4Support group
Subutex4Support group
Sucralfate6Support group
Sudafed7Support group
Sudafed 12 Hour7Support group
Sufentanil Citrate3Support group
Sulfamethoxazole4Support group
Sulfamethoxazole And Trimethoprim7Support group
Sulfasalazine7Support group
Sulfatrim4Support group
Sulindac2Support group
Sunitinib Malate18Support group
Sustiva6Support group
Sutent51Support group
Symbicort12Support group
Symmetrel3Support group
Synalgos-dc2Support group
Synarel1Support group
Synthroid297Support group
Synthroid (abbott) - 0.05mg1
Tacrolimus6Support group
Tagamet2Support group
Talwin1Support group
Tambocor4Support group
Tamiflu17Support group
Tamoxifen Citrate18Support group
Tamsulosin25Support group
Tamsulosin Hydrochloride4Support group
Tapazole54Support group
Tarceva4Support group
Targretin1Support group
Tasigna9Support group
Taurine2Support group
Tavist5Support group
Taxol21Support group
Taxotere11Support group
Tegretol26Support group
Tegretol-xr1Support group
Tekturna4Support group
Telmisartan1Support group
Telmisartan And Hydrochlorothiazide1Support group
Temaz21Support group
Temazepam21Support group
Tenex2Support group
Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate1Support group
Tenormin21Support group
Tequin2Support group
Tessalon6Support group
Testosterone1Support group
Thalomid3Support group
Theanine1Support group
Theo-dur7Support group
Theophylline23Support group
Thiotepa1Support group
Thiothixene1Support group
Thyrogen17Support group
Thyrolar-14Support group
Thyrolar-23Support group
Tiazac5Support group
Ticlid2Support group
Tigan3Support group
Tikosyn11Support group
Timolol Maleate5Support group
Timoptic8Support group
Tiopronin2Support group
Tirosint2Support group
Tobradex1Support group
Tolterodine Tartrate4Support group
Topamax29Support group
Topiramate19Support group
Toprol-xl73Support group
Toradol8Support group
Torisel2Support group
Torsemide16Support group
Tracleer37Support group
Tramadol28Support group
Tramadol Hydrochloride3Support group
Trandolapril4Support group
Tranexamic Acid1Support group
Tranxene8Support group
Tranylcypromine Sulfate3Support group
Trasicor1Support group
Trazodone Hydrochloride2Support group
Trazodone Hydrochloride (alvogen) - 50mg1
Treanda1Support group
Trelstar1Support group
Trelstar Depot1Support group
Trental2Support group
Triamcinolone Acetonide6Support group
Triamterene And Hydrochlorothiazide8Support group
Triatec6Support group
Triazolam3Support group
Trichlormethiazide7Support group
Tricor13Support group
Trifluoperazine Hcl2Support group
Trileptal10Support group
Trilyte5Support group
Trimethoprim3Support group
Trimox15Support group
Trinalin1Support group
Triphasil-211Support group
Trivora-212Support group
Trusopt2Support group
Truvada9Support group
Twynsta1Support group
Tylenol60Support group
Tylenol W/ Codeine6Support group
Tylenol W/ Codeine No. 31Support group
Tysabri29Support group
Uloric2Support group
Ultracet2Support group
Ultram18Support group
Ultravate1Support group
Ultravist4Support group
Ultravist 1501Support group
Ultravist 3001
Ultravist 3702Support group
Urso 25015Support group
Ursodiol5Support group
Vagifem2Support group
Valacyclovir2Support group
Valacyclovir Hydrochloride1Support group
Valerian1Support group
Valium65Support group
Valproate Sodium19Support group
Valproic Acid2Support group
Valsartan12Support group
Valtrex16Support group
Vanceril1Support group
Vancomycin Hcl1Support group
Vancomycin Hydrochloride2Support group
Vasotec27Support group
Vecuronium Bromide6Support group
Velban3Support group
Velcade24Support group
Venlafaxine Hydrochloride2Support group
Venofer6Support group
Ventavis1Support group
Ventolin16Support group
Veramyst1Support group
Verapamil Hcl1Support group
Verapamil Hydrochloride1Support group
Versapen5Support group
Versed22Support group
Vesicare7Support group
Viagra21Support group
Vicodin36Support group
Vicoprofen1Support group
Victoza7Support group
Videx7Support group
Viibryd3Support group
Vimpat3Support group
Vincristine Sulfate1Support group
Vinorelbine Tartrate3Support group
Vioxx132Support group
Viracept4Support group
Viramune4Support group
Viread5Support group
Visken2Support group
Vistaril10Support group
Vitamin B121Support group
Vitamin B62Support group
Vitamin D3Support group
Vitamin E14
Vitamins66Support group
Vivelle14Support group
Vivelle-dot8Support group
Voltaren16Support group
Vytorin5Support group
Vyvanse3Support group
Warfarin Sodium117Support group
Welchol6Support group
Wellbutrin55Support group
Wellbutrin Sr15Support group
Wellbutrin Sr (glaxosmithkline) - 150mg1Support group
Wellbutrin Xl3Support group
Xalatan17Support group
Xanax82Support group
Xarelto2Support group
Xeloda8Support group
Xenical15Support group
Xolair4Support group
Xyzal1Support group
Yasmin14Support group
Yaz3Support group
Yervoy6Support group
Zanaflex23Support group
Zantac63Support group
Zantac 1505Support group
Zaroxolyn7Support group
Zelboraf4Support group
Zelnorm23Support group
Zemplar2Support group
Zenapax1Support group
Zerit10Support group
Zestoretic1Support group
Zestril31Support group
Zetia14Support group
Ziac5Support group
Ziagen12Support group
Zide75Support group
Zidovudine15Support group
Zimovane2Support group
Zinc Sulfate3Support group
Ziprasidone Hydrochloride3
Zithromax47Support group
Zmax7Support group
Zocor73Support group
Zoladex15Support group
Zoloft101Support group
Zolpidem39Support group
Zolpidem Tartrate17Support group
Zometa73Support group
Zomig9Support group
Zonisamide3Support group
Zopiclone6Support group
Zosyn1Support group
Zyban5Support group
Zylet1Support group
Zyprexa37Support group
Zyprexa (lilly) - 5mg1
Zyrtec45Support group
Zyrtec-d 12 Hour1Support group
Zyvox8Support group

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