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Could your drug cause Pityriasis Rosea?

These are the drugs that are associated with Pityriasis rosea. You can check who have pityriasis rosea, when it happens and how.

DrugNumber of Pityriasis Rosea Reports
Accupril1Support group
Accutane7Support group
Acetaminophen2Support group
Actonel1Support group
Actonel (procter And Gamble) - 150mg1
Adderall4Support group
Adderall 104Support group
Advair Hfa1Support group
Alendronate Sodium1Support group
Allegra2Support group
Altace4Support group
Amnesteem1Support group
Amoxicillin2Support group
Arava3Support group
Asacol1Support group
Aspirin2Support group
Atacand1Support group
Atarax10Support group
Atenolol3Support group
Atorvastatin Calcium2Support group
Avapro1Support group
Axid1Support group
Azathioprine1Support group
Azithromycin1Support group
Bactrim2Support group
Benadryl1Support group
Benzaclin1Support group
Benzamycin1Support group
Bextra5Support group
Boniva1Support group
Botox3Support group
Botox Cosmetic2Support group
Bupropion Hydrochloride1Support group
Calcium1Support group
Captopril2Support group
Carbamazepine1Support group
Children's Zyrtec Allergy1Support group
Cialis1Support group
Cimzia1Support group
Ciprofloxacin1Support group
Cleocin T3Support group
Clonazepam2Support group
Copegus1Support group
Crestor3Support group
Crixivan1Support group
Cyclophosphamide1Support group
Cyclosporine1Support group
Cycrin1Support group
Cymbalta6Support group
Cytarabine1Support group
Depakote1Support group
Digoxin2Support group
Diovan2Support group
Dostinex1Support group
Effexor2Support group
Enalapril Maleate1Support group
Enbrel13Support group
Equanil2Support group
Erythromycin3Support group
Estraderm2Support group
Estradiol1Support group
Exforge1Support group
Factive1Support group
Fish Oil2Support group
Flonase1Support group
Flumadine2Support group
Fluoxetine2Support group
Focalin1Support group
Focalin Xr1Support group
Folic Acid5Support group
Forteo1Support group
Fosamax7Support group
Furosemide7Support group
Gabapentin1Support group
Gilenya1Support group
Gleevec5Support group
Glyburide2Support group
Humalog1Support group
Humira9Support group
Hydrochlorothiazide6Support group
Hydrodiuril2Support group
Hyzaar1Support group
Ibu1Support group
Ibuprofen1Support group
Inderal2Support group
Invega1Support group
Irbesartan2Support group
Junel Fe 1/201Support group
Klonopin1Support group
Lamictal4Support group
Lamisil3Support group
Lamivudine1Support group
Lamotrigine1Support group
Lansoprazole6Support group
Lasix2Support group
Lente Insulin1Support group
Lescol1Support group
Levofloxacin3Support group
Levothyroxine Sodium1Support group
Levoxyl1Support group
Lexapro2Support group
Lialda2Support group
Lipitor3Support group
Lipofen2Support group
Lisinopril3Support group
Lodine2Support group
Lyrica1Support group
Marijuana1Support group
Medrol1Support group
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate1Support group
Mercaptopurine1Support group
Merrem3Support group
Mesna2Support group
Methotrexate16Support group
Methotrexate Sodium6Support group
Methyldopa1Support group
Meticorten4Support group
Metrocream1Support group
Minocin1Support group
Mirena1Support group
Mobic1Support group
Modafinil1Support group
Motrin1Support group
Multivitamin2Support group
Naproxen2Support group
Nateglinide4Support group
Neurontin2Support group
Nexium1Support group
Nexplanon1Support group
Nitro-dur1Support group
Nitroglycerin1Support group
Norvasc4Support group
Nuvaring2Support group
Nystatin5Support group
Omeprazole2Support group
Ortho Tri-cyclen2Support group
Oxycontin1Support group
Paxil5Support group
Pegasys1Support group
Pentasa1Support group
Plaquenil2Support group
Plavix2Support group
Pravachol1Support group
Prednisolone5Support group
Prednisone11Support group
Premarin1Support group
Prilosec9Support group
Primaxin2Support group
Prinzide1Support group
Procardia Xl1Support group
Profen1Support group
Progesterone1Support group
Prometrium1Support group
Prozac1Support group
Quinapril1Support group
Ranitidine Hydrochloride1Support group
Raptiva2Support group
Remeron1Support group
Remicade13Support group
Retin-a1Support group
Rezulin2Support group
Ritalin1Support group
Ritalin La1Support group
Rocephin3Support group
Sitagliptin Phosphate4Support group
Spironolactone1Support group
Sporanox3Support group
Starlix1Support group
Stavudine1Support group
Strattera1Support group
Sulfasalazine1Support group
Sulindac1Support group
Symbicort1Support group
Synthroid3Support group
Temovate2Support group
Topamax1Support group
Trandate1Support group
Treximet1Support group
Trimethoprim1Support group
Trimipramine Maleate1Support group
Tygacil3Support group
Tysabri6Support group
Valtrex1Support group
Vaseretic3Support group
Vfend3Support group
Vibramycin1Support group
Vicodin1Support group
Vioxx1Support group
Vistaril1Support group
Vitamin B61Support group
Vitamin E1Support group
Vitamins2Support group
Warfarin Sodium1Support group
Wellbutrin1Support group
Xanax3Support group
Xolair2Support group
Yaz1Support group
Zantac1Support group
Zestril5Support group
Zetia1Support group
Zithromax6Support group
Zocor3Support group
Zolmitriptan1Support group
Zoloft13Support group
Zyprexa1Support group

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