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Question: What is diabetic pyloric stenosis

i constantly feel like there is a fullness at the end of my esophagus i would like to know what that feeling is it is very annoying

Asked by lou on May, 29, 2013 at 6:10 pm
Age: 57   Gender: male
Conditions: Blood Cholesterol Abnormal, Prostate Infection, High Blood Pressure, Allergy Prophylaxis, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Heart Disease Congenital, Bipolar Disorder, Diabetes, Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Apheresis
Medications: Zocor, Proscar, Lisinopril, Claritin, Terazosin Hydrochloride, Klonopin, Zoloft, Xanax, Aspirin, Lamictal, Metformin, Norvasc

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I also take Lamictal (Lamotrigine)and have done so for 20 months - in my case for the control of epileptic seizures. Whilst it has done the trick for epilepsy, I have developed a side effect of taking this drug. The side effect is the inflammation of the upper airways for which I have to take a reliever (Ventolin) and preventer (Clemil) to help with my breathing. This condition has also affected my running for which I must ensure that I take the reliever 15 minutes before the run. The condition also affects the whole muscle system. This is not a typical side effect as noted in the medication leaflet and my hospital consultant has initiated a wider search to see if Lamioctal does in fact cause this side effect.

Replied by J Sethia on May, 31, 2013 at 3:56 pm

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  • Can long-term methadone use cause or increase the risk of colon cancer?
    I had a two-level spinal fusion at L4-S1 in 2000 after being injuried at work in Sept. 24, 1997. I lost everything after...the unjury, ability to do my job, my wife and family (couldn't take the strain) my home, my sense of self and purpose, direction and rating and ability to pay my bills.
    After a long period of waiting to settle my workmens' comp. case, I returned home, from the Bat Area back to Arizona to take of my mother with a yet un dianosed case of moderate dementia.
    Then, in 2011 I had a 2nd surgery to relieve spinal stenosis btwn. L2-L4, just above the fusion site.
    I've been taking methadone since early 2004, a little over ten years, now. I've had high blood pressure since my injury.

    Now, I waiting to be scheduled for a colonoscopy, with my father having had polyps and the way I've been feeling..drained, tired all the time, and stomach pains ( in addition to my chronic low back pain), I...
    find myself wondering if there is any relationtionship between the methadone and other meds and cancer?
  • Is rasberry ketone safe
    i had tia 2years ago is it safe to take rasbery ketone im on a diet
  • Could any of the following drugs cause bullous pemphigoid
    I have not developed blisters, just hives. I have been tested for most common allergies and appear not to have allergies. I have seen some descriptions on line and with drugs that seem t indicate a relation between these drugs and Bullous pemphigoid, but I have not been able to find more than a line or so about this. Does anyone have more info??
  • How badly will zoloft effect vitamin b12, will that person be required to receive vitamin b12 shots on a weekly basic
    How badly will Zoloft effect your vitamin B12, will it effect it enough to require a person to need a weekly vitamin B12 shot...I have been told that my body will not absorb vitamin B12 through my stomach and because of that I require a shot...after I get my shot my B12 is up around 1100 and a week later my B12 is down around 210....will this get worse as I get older?
  • Can coq10 cause frozen sholder
    I started taking CoQ10 and about a month later I was unable to raise my arm. Xrays and ctscan show no abnormalities, final diagnosis "Frozen Shoulder".

    I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
  • Can lamictal odt cause severe pulmonary hypertension
    started new dose of Lamictal starter pack. Since starting noticed decrease in pulmonary function. Now it is severe, Seems to correlate with the starter pack increasing dosage
  • Can amlodipine cause facial swelling on one side of the face ?
    right ear and jaw bother me and have some swelling. Sometimes goes away and does not bother me at all. I take 5MG once a day.
  • After being on zoloft (sertraline) for 19 years, i now notice multiple side effects and i want to get off (2 answers)
    I have been on Zoloft (sertraline) for 19 years for chronic depression. When I first started taking Zoloft, it made a huge positive impact on my life. It was a miracle drug for me. I believe it saved my life.

    Ten or so years ago it suddenly stopped working. My doctor had me try several other SSRIs-- Paxil, Prozac, Celexa. None worked. After a few months I went back on Zoloft and like magic it worked again.

    Six or so years ago, I wanted to get off sertraline to see if I could live without it. I made the mistake of dropping it cold turkey and not consulting my doctor. I experienced the infamous "brain zaps," vivid and violent dreams, anxiety, anger, and depression. On the other hand, I had more energy, lost weight, slept great, and had increased libito/more satisfying sexual response. Still, my anxiety and anger were intense. My family rightfully became fed up with my unpredictable behavior and after several weeks I started taking the medication again. Life returned to normal.

    Over the last several years I have experienced tinnitus, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, night sweats, and diarrhea. I am occasionally anxious or depressed, but nothing severe or unmanageable. The tinnitus has become particularly pronounced over the last several weeks. I am not certain that these symptoms are related to sertraline, but I would like to find out. I would like to stop taking sertraline once again. I know that I must taper off very slowly. I also plan to do so under the supervision of my general practitioner.

    My questions are many. Has anyone else been on sertraline for as long as 19 years and successfully quit? Is there a drug that will help soften the sertraline withdrawal symptoms? Should I be unable to quit sertraline, are their other SSRIs that might have fewer side effects? Should I do this with my GP's help or should I seek the help of a psychiatrist?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • People with statin drug damage (3 answers)
    Have been on disability for 18 months. Can not walk to car without being fatigued. Have lots of nerve pain. On a lot of Pain meds an they don't always work. I was told this one won't do that an this one won't do that. The one that put me over the edge was Zetia. My doctor's don't know what to do or how to even talk to me. They are scared to try to help me or even write down what they say. My Neurologist said he don't understand why I'm still hurting you haven't taken a statin in 18 months. What a fool. I see no hope of getting over this and am very disappointed that the medical establishment an no interest in trying to help. They sure were interested in giving me the damn things. They never said this was caused by statins. THEY DON'T KNOW. They are very uneducated in this.
  • I take flecainide for af.can i take glucosamine & chondroitin ( msm) to treat back pain
    Can I take the flecainide for the AF and the MSM joint formula for back pain without adverse effects
  • Is it ok to take krill oil while taking amlodipine 1 time daily
    Was cocerned about wanting to take krill oil while being on hbp medication.
  • Does metformin contain benzos
    does metformin contain benzos this relaiting to a drug test that showed bezos in the urine sample i do not take this drug why did it show can please explain i also take other blood presur tablets can you please inlight me on the the subject of benzos and metfomin
  • If metformin is the primary cause of my neuropathy, how long after i discontinue its use can i expect some relief? (2 answers)
    I stopped taking my Metformin a week ago to see if it may be causing my neuropathy. How long might it take to see some results. It has not affected my blood glucose levels, whatsoever. In fact, the levels might be better now than while I was taking it.
  • I'm an adult and suffer fro hypospadius that was never corrected, does anyone know of any natural medication that will help symptoms?
    I can barely urinate and it's very painful. Even though my penis looks normal, it is mostly always sore. It does, however , have the tendency to get better at certain times for no reason that I know of and almost feels normal. I'm not sure at my age if I should have the surgery. I would settle for just a decent, less painful stream.
  • What can i take for gout if i'm on xarelto (1 answer)
    I have been on xarelto for 2 months after having a pulmonary embolism. But i have had an attack of gout since that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I discovered that both voltaren and celebrex which I have taken for gout in the past are not to be taken while on xarelto. So i desperately need to find something to relieve the pain that wont cause a problem with the xarelto. Help!!!
  • Has anyone had their platelet count to below 10,000 after taking metformin, what they did to bring them back up to normal
    has anyone that is taking metformin had their platelets drop below 10,000?

    If so what did they do to bring them up and how long did it take.
  • Why is it taking so long for my inr to return to 2.5-3.0? (1 answer)
    I had my aortic valve (bicuspid) replaced in 1975, apparently had 2 silent heart attacks and was diagnosed with CHF in 2005 and had an ascending aortic aneurysm repair and aortic valve replaced in 2008.

    A few weeks ago, I went off the coumadin and on Pradaxa prior to having a cervical epidural injection. After the procedure, I went back on my normal dose of coumadin (7.5mg/daily) but 10 days later, my INR was still at 1.1. I went back on the Pradaxa and increased the coumadin to 10mg/daily for the past 4 days but am still only at 1.7. I can't remember ever having this much trouble getting my INR back to the proper range of 2.5-3.0. Anyone have any ideas what's causing it to be so slow returning???
  • What is the recovery time for low (10,000) platelets as the result form taking metformin
    after taking metformin for almost 2 month, I started getting large browses on my arms and legs. MY platelet count dropped to below 10,000. Is there a time frame for the platelets to recover. I have had 2 units of platelets and 2 units of another fluid and still my platelets are low. How long will it take to recover? Will I have to have my spleen out??
  • Could statins have caused my type ii diabetes (1 answer)
    Was on Zocor from 1998 after my heart attack and 1 stent to 2005 than switched to Vytorin in 2005 after 2 stents,and have been on Vytorin to present. Was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in July 2011.
  • Has it been determined if any of these people with ideations actually completed suicide.
    This information is about my late husband. He was only on Wellbutrin 5 months, but I believe it is why he completed suicide. Has anyone loss someone while being on this medication?
  • Can humira cause a tremor and neurological symtems (1 answer)
    I have had hypertension for approximately 15 Years which the doctors and cardiologist have struggled to get under control, I have been taking 6 medications daily. My weight over the past 15 years has been constantly around 16 stones 7 lbs, over the last 4 months I have dieted and managed to drop my weight to 14 stones 4 lbs, my G.P. has firstly dropped my Ramipril 10mg to 5mg & also my Amlodopine the same, I have come off Benzoflumazide altogether, so things are truly looking good on this front.

    Just over 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis & Rheumatoid Arthritis very close together which are both autoimmune diseases and was prescribed a high dose of steroids and later Methotrexate, my health deteriorated to a stage where I could not get about or even turn my wrist to wipe my own bottom. At this point I was prescribed Humira Anti-TNF alpha drug which has up to now been fantastic it was life changing as it gave me my life back and allowed me to work as I am a self-employed Stone Carver & Letter Cutter. Over the past 20 years I have had a Hand Tremor that I have always blamed on my long use of vibrating air tools, but over the past month or so I have developed a more noticeable Hand Tremor where food is falling off my fork, hand writing has become eligible, I am pressing double digits on my IPad, and I am struggling to hold my chisel hand steady to Letter Cut, worst of all, my Rheumatologist has take me off my Humira because of the Tremor and protocol says this should be done until my condition is identified, which may put me back to square one, prior to this my tG.P. had arranged for me to see a Neurologist who I have not yet seen.

    Can anybody tell me if Humira is the likely neurological cause of my tremor ?
  • Why couldn't i stay awake on spiriva?
    I slept for two days after using inhaler .
  • Is a starter dose of 5 mg lisinopril good for diabetic w/h.b.p.?
    Im an overweight, morbidly obese 57 year old male, with diabetes with 4 finger sticks a day averages 200 glucose reading, and 2 readings Im given 20 units regular insulin twice a day and 42 units NPH insulin twice a day, also taking metaprolol for hbp, and simvastatin for the cholesterol.

    I had a meeting with VA (VETERANS) Medical Center doctors July 22, 2013 Diabetes specialists Endocrinologist, and they recommended lisinopril. So, my doctor in my veterans home told me he wrote an order for 5 mg lisinopril.

    Ive been sedentary for years but now exercising. Do you belive the meds Im now on are good for me or would you make any suggestions or more recommendations for my better health?
  • Can heat exhaustion and sensitivity to heat be caused by lisinpril?
    i am having extreme sensitivity to heat. i have been on lisinopril and pravistatin for about two months. all the other meds i have been on for about a year.i used to live in Houston,Texas and i am a mechanic and have worked in the Houston heat and humidity for over 30 yrs. and have never really been affected by it like i am now. we moved to northwest Arkansas a year and a half ago and i did not experience the heat sensitivity last summer and it was way hotter last summer than it has been so far this summer. the past two weeks the temp has been in the high 90's and low 100's. this past week the heat exhaustion started on Wednesday. any input would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  • Does long term use of aspirin 80mg per day cause seizures
    had atonic seizure episode lasting 2-3 minutes
  • Can taking these meds cause ed
    recently diagnosed with high blood sugar (300); after 2 months of above meds, condition is now regulated (110) I am 54 yo 230 lbs, can the combination of listed meds cause erectile dysfunction?
  • I've been on effient for 2.5 years with virtually no problems other than bruising. dr switched me to plavix for lower cost. i would like to know medically if this is a good decision (1 answer)
    I have been doing well taking Effient for 2.5 years since my heart attack in January, 2011. My cardiologist recently changed me to clopidogrel which I've been on for three days. I never experienced tiredness on effient, which I am experiencing now. The only side effect of Effient that I experienced is bruising and small bleeds. Bottom line: 1. Is effient safer for me knowing that it didn't seem to give me any side effects for 2.5 years? 2. could plavix be causing the tiredness? 3.I had no genetic testing for Plavix: is this a potential problem? Even though it costs more, I do have insurance and I would rather go back to effient if clopidogrel causes side effects I didn't have with Effient, and may also cause potential life threatening events peculiar to clopidogrel.
  • I woke up one morning with left ear hearing loss. i am thinking it might be from the simvastatin. if you go off the rx, will your hearing come back?
    What can I do to get my hearing back? Is it too late and will I have permanent damage?
  • On klonopin 1 mg tid
    Have been on this medication for 6 months. Increased three months ago. I have type II insulin dependent. Could this cause nausea with vomiting?
  • Is the combination of 50mg atenolol 10 mg amlodipine besylate and 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide commom in treating high blood pressure? (1 answer)
    50 Mg of atenolol 10 mg of amlodipine besylate 25 Mg of hydrochlorothiazide

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