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My 8 yr old was prescribed cefdinir for an ear infection. after taking for 10 days he developed ... Sep, 20, 2017
To anyone who has had joint/bone/muscle pain from xolair... on a scale of 1-10 how would you ... Aug, 25, 2017
Hi i've started experiencing joint pain quite badly. both elbows the top of my legs and my ... Aug, 06, 2017
Can ciprofloxacin side effects lead to lost of body weight ? Jul, 24, 2017
I started taking topamax (topiramate) a couple months ago. i started experiencing a lot of ... Oct, 28, 2016
Hi, i just had my medical checkup and the report shown that my t-score @ -4. i took fosamax ... Sep, 14, 2016
Has anybody ever recovered from mirtazapine induced arthralgia...i am so scared i'm gonna be ... Aug, 29, 2016
Several years ago in 2013 i was"diagnosed" with ra. i went through every medication including, ... Jul, 19, 2016
Recently developed frequent headaches and swelling in legs and ankles Mar, 02, 2016
I thought i pulled a muscle in my right upper arm a few months ago. i know the exact moment it ... Jan, 04, 2016
I am 12 years post total hysterectomy. i used essential oils to help balance my hormones prior ... Dec, 09, 2015
Hi, i am living with psoriasis from the age of two, was on inj humaira since 5 years but i was ... Dec, 01, 2015
I have been taking augmentin for a sever sinus infection. i took amoxicillin for two weeks prior ... Sep, 30, 2015
How do one treat hiv joint pain? Sep, 28, 2015
Does it do more harm than good? yes i want to live after breast cancer but at what cost? i am ... Sep, 28, 2015
After successful hcv harvoni treatment, and previous 3 rounds of peg-ifn-rbv therapy, i have ... Sep, 12, 2015
I'm 57, i've been on firmagon for 2 years and have advanced, aggressive but contained prostate ... Sep, 08, 2015
I have been taking both these drugs for 10 months and now suffer with daily joint pain and ... Aug, 24, 2015
I've been taking 150 mg of this and while i feel better mood wise, but my left leg is killing ... Aug, 01, 2015
I have been on xanax for sixteen years, changed to klonopin been on this med. for fifteen days ... Mar, 06, 2015
Since i've started taking linzess i have gained 10 pounds. also, i have back and joint pains. ... Mar, 03, 2015

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