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Does any one know if accupuncture is helpful for this condition please None
I handle workers' comp claims. i recently took over a claim involving a middle-aged male who ... None
Hi, i have been having severe cramps for a couple weeks now. about a month ago i started having ... None
I get up to urinate 3 times a night and i struggle to empty my bladder and just give up. None
Had blood clots in lower right leg at thanksgiving (2015) clots are now gone but i do have edema ... None
Breast pain more like muscular in the lower part of breast and running up in to armpit. painful ... None
I am wondering if anyone has heard of or tried the bfst wrap to help heal an injury? it looks ... None
I was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma in right temporal lobe. surgery was on 8/14/15. i am ... None
Hello, i was diagnosed with hyperkalemia, and have started a round of antibiotics to treat an ... None
I have a pain in right arm and hand and pins and needles down to my finger tips. it's as if my ... None
I have been taking melatonin for a while and the potassium in my blood is too high. does someone ... None
Not really interested in personal experiences or anecdotes, but would appreciate an answer from ... None
Have been taking low-dose ativan (lorazepam) for over a decade. my counselor has just ... None
Read a research article by dr. david williams on the use of turmeric: "nutrient spotlight: ... None
I was on doxycycline for acne for roughly 12 weeks. during week 10, i was prescribed ... None
I'm tired of being in constant pain; just want to know how much to take to end it None
I have necrosis throughout my body. it is in my thighs, hips, pelvic bone, butt, stomach and ... None

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