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I have been taking norvasc 5 mg. daily for several years. now i have been diagnosed with ... Oct, 14, 2017
I just started taking a beta blocker(metoprolol 50mg daily) because of high blood pressure..i ... Jul, 29, 2017
Taking lamictal for silent seizures or sudden rush of memory! anyone else with the memory rushes! May, 02, 2016
I have carpal tunnel syndrome, pretty much under control with ibuprofen. the nurse practitioner ... Dec, 18, 2015
Will klonopin 2mg interact with my pacemaker that was just installed Dec, 09, 2015
I been sick sins 2014 walking nerve damage in legs one of my hand a numbness tingling burning ... Oct, 24, 2015
Is it ok to take lopressor and serequil together at night, never have taken the bp meds before Sep, 23, 2015
Doctor does not want to do a spinal or shunt because of pradaxa use. how will my condition ... May, 01, 2015
Husband diagnosed hep b. i'm waiting for my test results. doctor discontinued fish oil for ... Mar, 25, 2015

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