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Is it safe to take plaquenil, vinicius, and amlodipine with chaotic? Oct, 08, 2017
Has anyone experienced any side effects of taking rifampin 600mg and plaquenil together. Jul, 08, 2017
I recently started gabapentin for nerve pain and fibromyalgia however have been taking plaquinel ... Jun, 18, 2017
I have been sick seven years at first they told everyone it was fibromyalgia, then my ana was ... Oct, 20, 2016
Can humira or any immunosuppressive drug cause genital herpes as a side effect? i realize ... Jun, 25, 2016
I've had ra for 26 years. i was on methotrexate for 24 of those years. i've tried xeljanz for a ... Apr, 27, 2016
Has anyone figured out how to stop the hunger from taking plaquenil? i sure would appreciate ... Apr, 10, 2016
Very severe hives - itching - all over her body... followed by peeling all over her body. has ... Mar, 07, 2016
Currently on 600mg plaquenil for 13 months. hair loss is increasing Dec, 10, 2015
Am what they call a wine sampler a sip here a sip there, buy the end of the night it's about a ... Nov, 05, 2015
Is there an adverse reaction between lamictal & plaquenil? where plaquenil got added i could ... Oct, 02, 2015
It took the doctors years to diagnose me with lupus. i have always had low platelets. *cannot ... Sep, 25, 2015
I have had ra got 8 years and taking mild drugs which seem to have worked. however the last two ... Sep, 09, 2015
I have a uti and just started taking plaquenil for ra. will that drug be ok with keflix Aug, 29, 2015
I take plaquenil for lupus. i will travel to tanzania and need to take a preventive antimalaria. ... Aug, 26, 2015
I get enough sleep most of the time, but i'm always always so very tired ,forgetfull hair ... May, 13, 2015
I have noticed this year an increased loss of memory. i have told my family i feel like i am ... May, 11, 2015
I have tried steroid tablets, creams, ointments but nothing helps. i also have tried rubbing ... Mar, 13, 2015
I have been experiencing pruritus for 8+ years. this started a few months after i was diagnoses ... Mar, 09, 2015

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