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I've been taking 20 mg uloric for about 2 weeks. i've developed a skin rash in my arm pits and ... Oct, 18, 2017
Having skin rash from drinking ganga tea. don't want to stop the use of ganga. what to use for ... Jul, 06, 2017
I have been taking xyrem about 3 weeks. this week i started a facial rash. will it improve if i ... Apr, 13, 2017
I have been taking care about 3 weeks. this week i started a facial rash. will it improve if i ... Apr, 13, 2017
Have any of you with proctitis experience a rash on their neck and also rosacia on their checks? Mar, 05, 2017
A loved one has been diagnosed with chf and what we have come to know is with an elevated blood ... Jan, 29, 2017
Is there a home remedy for painful rash on face and ear after taking clarithromycin? Dec, 24, 2016
Hello, i'm a 63 y/o female who decided to wean off morphine (my decision) which was prescribed ... Nov, 16, 2016
I started taking 600 mg twice. after a week started mild rash like heat pricks. saw the dr after ... Oct, 07, 2016
What kind of reaction does someone have taking clonidine and hydroxyzine? i mean does anyone ... Sep, 08, 2016
I've had 3 ablasions in 6 years and i can't take a chance of this garcinia if it will react with ... Aug, 13, 2016
How do i get rid of the huge rash on my legs which i think is from metformin? the rash on my ... May, 13, 2016
Has anyone else experienced a rash from being on metoprolol? i have been on it for years and ... Mar, 17, 2016
Skin rashes for about a month now. bad on legs and arms. now spreading to stomach and back. Mar, 15, 2016
I have controlled high blood pressure, two stents in one artery, controlled asthma, about 20 ... Mar, 08, 2016
Recently developed frequent headaches and swelling in legs and ankles Mar, 02, 2016
A week after receiving im quinine i just started having rash on both thigh on the exact sites ... Feb, 11, 2016
My aunt is diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease 55yr old female ...ejection fraction is 65%, ... Jan, 07, 2016
While taking cymbalta i developed a severe sensitivity to sunlight. i stopped taking it almost 2 ... Dec, 11, 2015
Person moved to care home lethargic, sleeping all day, poor comprehension, poor fluid intake, ... Nov, 13, 2015
On my 5th week of nuvigil now. noticing an increase in a rash on my skin and increased bruising ... Aug, 24, 2015
Can anyone describe what the rash is like if they reacted to brilanta? Aug, 13, 2015
I have a blater infection want to no if it will be ok to take minocin with halldal Jun, 08, 2015
I got a red circle like patch on my stomic with tiny bumps no bigger then a pen tip. it does ... Mar, 23, 2015
Rash for one month. rash on neck, shoulders, upper chest and arms. one large blotch on shin. ... Mar, 05, 2015
Co-q-10,lutein, vit e, a, b complex, c, folic acid, flax oil, glucosamine/chondroitin, calcium, ... Feb, 19, 2015

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