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Can i take coreg and lasinipril hydrocloathazide and nabumtone together Sep, 17, 2017
Overweight want to know about lisinopril and apple cider vinegar Feb, 12, 2017
I took a urine and blood test in the afternoon, after a toradol injection at my doctors office ... Apr, 29, 2016
On cyclosporine 75mg x 2 daily for 5 weeks, now have migraine going on for third day, usual pk i ... Jan, 24, 2016
Experiencing great fatigue on coreg. should i expect the same reaction with digoxin? Jan, 20, 2016
I did not have restless leg syndrome (rls). i started taking zoloft and within 3 days, i had ... Dec, 29, 2015
Can xarelto cause liver damage within weeks when you resume taking it, after not taking it for a ... Dec, 13, 2015
Drug interactions and side effects with the coreg and sertraline taking at the same time Nov, 27, 2015
I took carvedilol 3.125 and had a niacin flush reaction. has anyone switched to coreg and not ... Jul, 14, 2015
I started taking b12 100mcg supplement a couple of days ago and started immediately having whole ... Jul, 12, 2015
I've suffered migraines off and on throughout life, but for the past few months (which is ... Jul, 10, 2015
I am a migrane patient on etilampro 20mg and i am diagnosed with endometriosis 2mnths back and i ... Mar, 25, 2015
Help. my head is still pounding. i took a 10mg nortriptyline about 90 minutes ago and have no ... Mar, 22, 2015
Is chronic bladder pain worsened by migraine medications ie maxalt? Mar, 06, 2015
Has anyone else in my age group or my condition (chronic uti's, ileostomy) experienced low bp ... Feb, 21, 2015

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