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Does it make sense to take ditropan (given for urinary incont./overactive bladder) and lasix ... Oct, 24, 2017
No urine is passing out. taken water more than adequate. but still two three drops are passing Apr, 28, 2017
After starting lasix, have been experiencing shortness of breath. i am 68, female and also ... Mar, 06, 2017
Is there any connection between taking a diuretic and experiencing muscle pain? i've been on ... Sep, 05, 2016
*adh test in the morning-will taking lasix produce false positive?* Mar, 22, 2016
Does lasix cause extra bowel activity Sep, 11, 2015
I noticed an increase in the frequency of headaches and also a noticeable increase in vision ... May, 18, 2015
Just finished 2nd zometa infusion (x 3 mos.) 2 weeks ago. severe nerve pain in hands that have ... Mar, 30, 2015
I eat a whole grapefruit almost every day when it is in season and taking the diuretic is not as ... Feb, 25, 2015

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