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I was lactose intolerant before i started on lisinopril and amlodipane. from the very begining ... Oct, 01, 2017
I've been taking lisinopril 20 mg for about two months. the past month i did start getting the ... Sep, 15, 2017
Just wondering if anyone that has had this, if it went away after stop taking the medicine and ... Feb, 23, 2017
I have wrinkled badly in the year i've been taking 20mg lisonopril daily. has anyone found ... Feb, 20, 2017
Three weeks after starting flecainide developed severe upper abdominal pain with violent ... Feb, 16, 2017
I've been misdiagnosed with drug induced lupus, yet take none of the meds they have on the list. ... Dec, 16, 2016
Earlier this year i developed out of nowhere a 3rd degree heart block w/ seemingly no warning. ... Oct, 23, 2016
Since starting sulfasalazine for joint pain, my depression is back and very bad. does ... Oct, 08, 2016
I lost 100% of my smell and taste may 2016. is it because i been on lisinopril 2 and half years? ... Oct, 01, 2016
Have gout cannot take ibuprofen can i take tylenol Sep, 02, 2016
High fever, chills, high blood pressure, high pulse, chest pains, cough: starts with feeling ... Jul, 28, 2016
Hello people ... seems we all have issues with prescribed mess :-( anyway, after bout with hb ... Jul, 10, 2016
Someone at the doctor's office changed the amount i was being given of the lisinopril from 40 ... May, 17, 2016
Since lisinopril causes a throat problem leading to a cough, i'm wondering if it also affects my ... May, 11, 2016
I am in pain everyday! my life sucks! i just want to know how to get some relief! most days i ... Apr, 28, 2016
Hi i have restless leg syndrome. have had it for over 10 yrs. the va treats it with 600mg 3 ... Apr, 28, 2016
I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid and high blood pressure in july of 2012. around ... Apr, 10, 2016
On vivitrol injection and wondering if phentermine may not be as effective because of the ... Mar, 25, 2016
I have been on lisinopril for about 5 years now. recently, i was going through some past lab ... Feb, 23, 2016
I have been put on lisinopril for high blood pressure. 1st day, tired by afternnon, 2nd day ... Feb, 21, 2016
After a few weeks of ibuprofen for foot pain, i developed hot spots, soreness and pain in lower ... Feb, 03, 2016
I am on morphine sulfate *sr* and oxycodone right now but they are taking me off these and ... Jan, 20, 2016
My cardiologist prescribed amlodipine after i had taken lisinopril for years.no body has told me ... Jan, 08, 2016
My doctor has recently taken me off lisinopril and put me on another medication as my kidney ... Jan, 08, 2016
I took only max 12.5 venlafaxine during cipro 10 days, sometimes nothing or less than 12.5 just ... Jan, 01, 2016
I want to know if i can take tylenol after taken lisinopril 2 hours earlier. Dec, 21, 2015
Drug interactions and side effects with the coreg and sertraline taking at the same time Nov, 27, 2015
Information hard to come by. can a weak heart become strong again? my measurement was done ... Nov, 20, 2015
I have a host of conditions. fibromyalgia for last 15 years or so. i have spinal arthritis. ... Nov, 08, 2015
Does anyone report having anaphylaxis even after no longer taking the drug lisinopril Oct, 11, 2015
I feel that my bp is very high at the moment & i don't have my lisinopril on me. can i take an ... Sep, 15, 2015
I experienced déjà vu while taking tramadol for 2 yrs for back pain. when i stopped taking it ... Aug, 26, 2015
I have a pain in right arm and hand and pins and needles down to my finger tips. it's as if my ... Aug, 10, 2015
I have type 2 diabeties, heart disease, (5 stents). and now diagnosed in may 2015 with diabetic ... Aug, 09, 2015
Wanted to know if it is ok to take these medications at the same time Aug, 09, 2015
Can your potassium lev else change while taking lisinopril? last night i believe i experienced ... Jul, 29, 2015
I always just feel completely rotten from all my body pain & even .45mg morphine daily does not ... Jul, 09, 2015
Starting to drink green tea and want to know how it effects the medication lisinopril Jul, 08, 2015
I had a heart attack on 4-17-15 and have had afib for 2-3 years. my current meds are ... Jun, 29, 2015
My health care provider does not believe i get a runny nose when i take lisinopril; she says ... Jun, 26, 2015
Do not want to start cancer treatments until i find the source of the cancer so this is urgent to me Jun, 20, 2015
L have filed a request for compensation for ptsd to the va.i was told i didn't have ptsd per ... Jun, 05, 2015
Mother had a nervous breakdown according to doctors in 2004. has been taking medications since ... May, 23, 2015
I'm taking crestor, lisinopril, omeprazole, bystolic and vitamin d and am experiencing loss of ... May, 22, 2015
I have lost 30 lbs, would like to lose 30 more, since i have been on crestor 5mg, 9 months. is ... May, 17, 2015
Had bp of 180/100, doc put me on 10mg of lisinopril a week ago. since then have developed ... May, 14, 2015
Hi doctor discovered i have highblood pressure 7 months ago and was put on lisinoprol 5mg.i have ... Apr, 01, 2015
Recent ischemic stroke. doctors are planning to prescribe wafarin, but eliquis sounds like a ... Mar, 14, 2015
Testicles swelling subsequent to starting. swelling started about 1 week after starting ... Mar, 11, 2015
I have had back issues for almost 3 years and recently my dr said i was a prime candidate for ... Mar, 10, 2015

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