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I am taking losartan as maintenance drug for high blood pressure for 3 years now, can i take ... Nov, 01, 2017
I have been on losartan for appro three years. i have had dry eyes for three years, also. the ... Oct, 06, 2017
I've had wegeners since 2003--13 years--and have used imuran for 11. i have neuropathy, bone ... Sep, 11, 2016
69 year old female been taking losartan for 9 months and have developed extreme dry mouth. have ... Sep, 10, 2016
I have stopped taking losartan 2 weeks ago, but my hair is still falling out in gobs. when will ... Jun, 18, 2016
I'd like to know the facts about l-lysine and losartan taking at the same time. any threats? Apr, 26, 2016
After drinking my medication plus vytorin i experience a strong dry mouth condition. is this ... Mar, 25, 2016
I'm trying to see if this is my problem. i started taking losartan about 5 years ago. i feel ... Feb, 21, 2016
I had a stroke (brain bleed) 12 1/2 yrs ago, and just had a craniotomy and removal of an ... Oct, 24, 2015
I have just run across steroid withdrawl symdrone: i am going through a lot of tests: upper gi, ... Sep, 12, 2015
I have a history of depression, but have overcome it pretty much. my bp has been high for the ... Aug, 12, 2015
I am in my second week of taking losartan, and i have been using edible medical marijuana for ... May, 20, 2015
I developed bells palsy after taking losartan for three weeks. wondering if anyone else did ... Apr, 26, 2015
I have been taking 50 mg atenolol for many years with no problems, now also taking 50 mg ... Mar, 09, 2015
I have taking a horsetail hair supplement for the last six weeks and i have noticed and increase ... Mar, 05, 2015

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