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Hey everyone my name is angela & i'm new to the group. i'm also new to latuda. i'm in desperate ... May, 30, 2017
I have often woken up with a feeling of slight compression in my head. taking brewers yeast on a ... Jan, 05, 2017
What and when and what dose you all have been try with modafinil... Nov, 07, 2016
Several years ago in 2013 i was"diagnosed" with ra. i went through every medication including, ... Jul, 19, 2016
I had blood work done because i've been feeling sick to my stomach a lot lately. my pancreatic ... Jun, 28, 2016
Eye twitch 24/7 for months Jun, 28, 2016
Had a ct scan for abdominal pain after a surgery feb 2016. was diagnosed with ovarian vein ... May, 21, 2016
Recently developed frequent headaches and swelling in legs and ankles Mar, 02, 2016
Hi i took diethylpropion 75ml for one week and i start having very bad headache from last night ... Feb, 18, 2016
My psych dr. took me off abilify and lexapro, and im now weaned on to latuda, and pristq. im not ... Sep, 25, 2015
On my 5th week of nuvigil now. noticing an increase in a rash on my skin and increased bruising ... Aug, 24, 2015
My daughter had a liver transplant in 2011 at age 2, three months ago at age 6 she was placed on ... Jul, 25, 2015
I always just feel completely rotten from all my body pain & even .45mg morphine daily does not ... Jul, 09, 2015
Been getting this for months now but doctor did not seam botherd by what i was telling him it ... Jun, 21, 2015

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